Sunday, 27 July 2014

sunday catch up

so i figured i'd have a little catch up post, as i've had a super busy week with some exciting things happening :)

1 // Graduation.
So this week was pretty exciting because I graduated from University. That's right, I got to wear one of those massive gowns and crazy hats and get that bit of paper which says I know a little bit about English & Linguistics. It was one of the HOTTEST days of the year, so weighed down with that huge gown was a little bit uncomfortable, but it was amazing to finally wear and get y degree officially. I'm super lucky that i have a job, but it was so nice to go back to Nottingham and just remember student lyf for that little bit longer. I'm sure in a few months I will be hit with a serious amount of nostalgia for student living, and it's so so strange to know that I won't be moving back there in September :( but I'm sure all recent graduates can relate when I say how RELIEVED i am to be done with essays and exams!!!

2 // Hobbies and Friends.
So I've been such a busy bee recently. I work in London in an amazing PR & Social Media role, but I also commute, which means I am doing days starting at 6.30am and ending at 7.45pm. I know that so many people do this, but for a student who is used to lie ins and coming and going, it's been weird to get into this routine. Also, it kind of leaves me without a social week. So, I was over the moon that I got to see my university friend this weekend, and will be going to Manchester next week, and then seeing Les Miserables! It's so important to make time for yourself at the weekends, and not turn into the boring work girl at a mere 21 years of age.

Also, I have a new hobby. Looms. I'm BEYOND obsessed. Claire's Accessories sent me a HEUGE package of them, and it's safe to say I have been obsessed since I got them. I feel about 12 years old, at one stage doing a loom band and listening to One Direction... but hey, whatever floats your boat! it's satisfying to do and really relaxing, and just another fun craze I really think you should get on board with :):)

3 // Company Magazine & Blog Catch Ups.
Last week was really exciting as COMPANY MAGAZINE published one of my articles on their website!!! You can read The Truth about Interning HERE, it was such an amazing thing to see and I felt so legit ;) I hope you all like it :) there's been a lot of great OOTDS on my blog recently, especially this gorgeous pom pom outfit from Missguided that you can see HERE. also, if you fancy a break from fashion, read all about my trip to Bill's here or read my review of an amazing book on Edie Sedgwick here :) 

phew! nice to catch up :) remember to follow me on instagram :) louisawh. until next time xo

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

pom pomming along

(coord set - missguided*...sandals - topshop...fedora - river island)

the sun is out to play, and this gorgeous coord set from missguided is the perfect outfit to frolic about in during the beautiful heat. with its fun pattern and pom pom details, it is perfect for sunny days and sunny nights. matched with birkenstocks and a cute fedora, it's the chicest way to enjoy the sun :)

until next time xo

Monday, 21 July 2014

yummy times: bill's restaurant

(all food compensated for by Bills)

So, the other night myself and my boyf were lucky enough to have dinner at Bill’s restaurant in St Martins Courtyard just near Covent Garden. It’s almost like a hidden little spot just off the hubble and bubble of the busy West End, almost like a peaceful retreat just for those in the know. Just a little warning, this post is picture heavy, and will probably leave you chewing your own arm off at the end of it…….

For starters, I had the crispy lemon squid, which was out of this worldddd delicious. It was the perfect amount of batter to squid, if you get my drift. Joe had chicken in a jar, which was a sort of chicken pate with toasted bread. I don’t think he was a HUGE fan if I’m honest, but that’s probably down to personal preference and maybe ordering in a hurry (sorry Joe!)

I should also point out that I had the BEST WINE EVER HERE. It’s called the hedgerow fizz, which is wine, elderflower and blackberry. My gawwwddd it was delicious I could drink it every day just for the sugary sweet taste of elderflower – I definitely recommend this!

Our mains were DELICIOUS. I had the mac ‘n’ cheese, which has leek/asparagus/mozzarella and crisps on top. This is my favourite dinner of all time, and I was worried it wouldn’t quite match my Mums. But, don’t worry, it was DELICIOUS, so much cheesy goodness. The crisps were a fantastic little touch as well. Joe had the BBQ ribs, a personal favourite of his as well. They give you sososo much, and he demolished the whole plate – which was a sign that it was crazyyyy yummy. They offer all sorts of delicious mains, such as steaks, burgers, salads, pies…so there is definitely something for everyone on this menu.

Right. Now we need to talk about the dessert. It was out of this world.  Joe had the warm chocolate brownie, which was really rich in flavour and complimented perfectly with the ice cream served. A fine choice, and one that satisfied him. But wait until you hear about mine… I went for the special, which was a toasted brioche sandwich filled with MARSHMELLOW AND NUTELLA. Yes. MARSHMELLOWS AND NUTELLA. It was the most GORGEOUS delicious thing I’ve ever eaten. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. It was such a treat, as it’s not something you’d eat everyday (unfortunately), so this is what makes coming to restaurants like Bill’s so fun – something new and something different J

I would definitely recommend Bill’s to ANYONE, they’ve just opened a new one in Nottingham as well, which I may go to after my University Graduation next week J It’s also worth checking out St. Martin’s Courtyard in Covent Garden, as there are loads of other restaurants and boutiques away from the crazy London tourist traffic J

Until next time xo

Saturday, 19 July 2014

commuters book club: edie american girl / jean stein

so, i'm a fully fledged commuter these days, travelling from mk to london every day for work. listening to music is ok, but i like to have a book to read as well. this week i've been reading 'edie: american girl' by jean stein.

In a nut's a biography about the original superstar Edie Sedgwick. Edie Sedgwick was a 1960's it girl, and Andy Warhol's muse (for a time, anyway...) and had a turbulent life to say the least. the biography uses a lot of different sources, from family members/friends/partners who knew edie to get a full picture of her life. it documents her families history right through to Edie's tragic death at the tender age of 28. covering everything from her less than conventional upbringing, to her life as a superstar at the factory with Andy Warhol, and then life after the spotlight. 

So, what did you think?...i was initially interested in Edie Sedgwick's life after watching the film Factory Girl, which now i realise is COMPLETELY WRONG. whilst sienna miller played the part well, the film is not at all accurate with key things such as Edie and Andy's first meeting. but anyway... i found it SO interesting to read about what really went on in her childhood, how her families way of dealing with issues was simply to hospitalise the children, which actually caused more trauma for them. it was also heartbreaking to see that two of Edie's siblings committed suicide due to their own demons and their father's tough love, showing the contributing factors to Edie's own complicated relationship with her family.

actually reading about Edie's time in The Factory and her relationship with Andy Warhol was the most interesting aspect of the book. seeing how Edie was somewhat manipulated by the promise of film and stardom by Warhol is fascinating, how Warhol's character seemed to be to latch to those who are glittering and promising and then ditch them when they are no longer the 'it' person was really eye opening. it seemed that once Edie began to see other people (ie. Bob Dylan), Warhol started to get jealous, and phase her out. matched with Edie's own insecurities, this was a pivotal moment to her real downfall. and made me just get a lil bit angry at the ohsofamous Andy Warhol for using these women. 

the drug use of Edie Sedgwick is beyond shocking, i couldn't believe she survived until 28. she was pretty much doing every drug under the sun, it just seemed a chaotic mess of drugs, money, parties....all revolving around each other into one jumble of leopard print coats and problems. i really sympathised with Edie, her 'poor little rich girl' attitude actually being much more relatable than  initially thought. she was a little girl trapped in a woman's body, incredibly vulnerable and desperate to be loved and numb the pain of her past.

there were also some AMAZING photos of edie in the book. she was beyond stunning, with a really amazing style that you can tell has influenced fashion in a big way. she really reminds me of suki waterhouse, with a real innocent look about her. 

it's such a shame she died so young. it would have been fascinating to see how her career evolved, and the stories she would tell. i would definitely recommend this book to anyone, don't just watch the film.

until next time xo

Sunday, 13 July 2014

nautical nonsense

i'm all about the stripes at the moment. if it's got stripes on it, i'm there. this outfit is one that i would wear everyday if i could, and it's just perfect for this weather at the moment (except when taking these pictures it was a bit windy...). white jeans and white sandals were a brave choice, but i actually love the end resut. very chic and clean (let's see how long they stay white...)

 i also ADORE these sunglasses from glasses direct, the cat eye shape is retro and so different from anything else i own. i feel so Peggy Olsen in them! (kudos if you get that reference). i definitely recommend checking out the website HERE for a killer pair of summer specs :)

 until next time :) xo

Friday, 11 July 2014

sticking up for fashion interning

I know i've spoken about it a lot in the past, but i've been seeing a lot more about fashion interning and how bad it i thought i'd post another little something about it to just back it up :)

As I hurried around Oxford Street during the busy Christmas period carrying 5 massive bags of returns, I didn’t feel fury like Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada. I didn’t feel exploited like the newspapers blast every day. I felt elated, lucky that I was getting such an amazing opportunity (and a little hungry as I passed Lola’s cupcakes).

I have been interning in fashion for a year, and I think it’s time someone stood up for interning. Interning has got a bit of a bad name as of late, with many horror-stories saying how interns have been made to mop up their bosses sick…had items thrown at their head…and numerous other horrific tales of woe. I sympathise, truly I do. But, I want to offer a realistic view of interning.
Yes. It’s expensive. Yes. It’s tiring. Yes. Some jobs are a little mundane. But, this is what Drake meant when he said ‘Started at the Bottom now we here!’ Every fashion editor, assistant and stylist has been where you are, packing up returns and making tea. You have to start somewhere (unless you’re extremely lucky/ your parents own a magazine) and interning is the best way to earn your stripes. The skills you learn are transferrable into any career, and you gain a priceless insight into a notoriously hard industry to crack.

My experiences have always been amazing. I’ve been on shoots with celebrities, seen amazing clothes that I would never have been allowed near if I wasn’t an intern, been in lifts with editors who I adore, and was able to oh-so-pretentiously say ‘I’m just at Manolo Blahnik in Chelsea, I’ll be over to David Bailey’s studio in an hour’. True story.

Work experience is becoming critical to have on any CV. Having a degree is just not enough anymore, with employers wanting some real world experience before they hire you. Unfair? Yes. However, this is the real world, and that’s just what it’s like unfortunately. Interning during your university / school holidays is such an amazing way to get ahead, and also gain some contacts in the industry while you’re there. 

Bad internships are out there. I’ve been in places where I’ve been sat having nothing to do for over an hour, where no one gave me jobs even when I asked. Instead of moaning about it, use your initiative, go and tidy something up…search social media…or, if all else fails, do your Uni work on the sly (I finished a whole project once). They’re blessings in disguise, either showing you that this career path isn’t for you, or pushing you to do your best in a bad situation.

I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t judge a book by its cover. Fashion is not The Devil Wears Prada, and interns are not spat at. They’re often valued, and treated when cake comes to the office, which is often. If that’s not an incentive to get an internship then I don’t know what is.


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

date night

this is one of my favourite posts for quite some time. i am head over heels for this outfit, i feel like its exactly the style i want to encapsulate on my blog. i actually wore this on a date recently, and felt so comfortable that i just had to share it with you!

i like to look nice on a date, don't we all? but it just so happened that this date was straight after work with my bf. so i needed an outfit that was suitable for both. step forward, beautiful white dress. i don't usually wear white, but i made an exception for this gorgeous number. it fits like a dream, and is a really cool material for summer. teamed with the black chelsea boots and backpack, i felt that it was the epitome of casual chic.

until next time xo
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