Monday, 30 June 2014

shady lady: atelier sunglasses

you know when you're so excited about a product you wait anxiously for the post everyday? that's how i felt whilst waiting for these bad boys to arrive. call me materialistic, but i am head over heels in love - with a pair of sunglasses.

the sun is actually making an appearance, and i truly believe having a pair of quality sunglasses that last you year in, year out is really important. i've never had a pair of luxury sunglasses before, and was overwhelmed when i saw that i was getting a pair of Atelier Sunglasses. the brand is online, with a variety of gorgeous styles (and also includes optical frames) to choose from. the best thing about this brand is when you order a pair of frames, they engrave your name free of charge. this personal touch is what attracted me, as who doesn't want a pair of sunglasses with your name on??

i love the style and shape, they're a bit different to raybans which is really appealing to me as i like to be a little different. you can tell that these are a quality pair of sunglasses, just the feel of them gives you that impression. i will say that you do have to wait a little bit for them to arrive, as they are bespoke, but it is DEFINITELY worth the wait!

until next time xo

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  1. Your sunglasses are amazing!! I also loved your daisy chocker necklace!! Keep in touch :)
    Maria xox


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