Wednesday, 4 June 2014

life catch up

hey, remember me? i run this town...well, this blog. i've been a bit rubbish recently as i've had a LOT going on, so i thought i'd fill y'all in on what's been happening because i know you are all DYING to know (sarcasm alert). anyway let's chat....

1 // Finishing University... 
sooo about two weeks ago now i finished university forever. i had my last ever exam on monday the 19th, and was all moved out and ready to go on the tuesday. it's a bit mental how quickly this year has gone, which everyone tells you but you never quite believe until it happens to you. i find it MAD that this year i achieved so much in such a small amount of time, interning / projects / shoots / dissertation / exams...and the odd night out (cheeky). i'm going back for my grad ball and graduation ceremony, but then that's it for myself and education. i did school. sixth form, and university - now it's time to see what i learn in the real world! (and no more bibliographies HURRAYYYYY) if anyone would like a larger post about finishing university let me know :)

2 // A Trip to Nice...
literally two days after finishing my exam, i flew off to the South of France to visit my bezzieee who is currently on a year abroad there, and it was her birthday on the saturday so i was a good friend and visited! first thing that i realised when arriving in france is that i am SERIOUSLY PALE compared to my friend, who is basically mixed race these days. that's what you get when you're locked up in your room revising! Nice is absolutely gorgeous, the weather was crazy good and the place is generally beautiful. we visited Canne during the film festival, which was SO EXCITING and we saw so many amazing shops and even saw the red carpet!!! we also got to go round the french riveria on a boat for the day just stopping off at beaches etc, and we went to Monaco to have a little look at the Grand Prix - which was one of the most AMAZING experiences of my entire life. was such a fun little trip and i'm so jealous of my friend who gets to live there!

3 // Getting Shiz Sorted...
i then had a week 'off', but it wasn't really a week off as i had SO MUCH TO SORT OUT. unpacking all my stuff from university was a huge task, and resulted in me chucking out over 15 bags of rubbish. when that was all done, i had to make sure i went shopping OBVIOUSLY. i got some gorgeous smart trousers from Topshop and shoes from River Island, all ready for my first day at work! (will inform you on this in a sec....) i also was treated by the wonderful people at Specsavers to 2 new pairs of specs, i'm sure i'll do a better post soon but LOOK HOW COOL THEY ARE????? i just adore them and i'm actually wearing glasses a lot more these days!! as i am blind. as. a. bat....

4 // Big Girl Job in the City...
so. the big one. on Monday i started my FIRST EVER LEGIT job in London as a PR/Social Media Assistant for Ash Footwear/Wingfield PR. i was really nervous and ended up being an hour early (doh) and had to pace up and down Oxford Street for a bit, but it's all going well so far! it's so fun being in a job where your skills are really valued, such as my knowledge about blogging and social media which has proved to be really helpful! i'm really enjoying it so far and everyone is LOVELY. so i'll keep you all posted on that, let me know if you want a better post about this as well :)

phew! feel a lot more calm now, i love updating my little blog and hate neglecting it. follow me on instagram @louisawh and twitter @FashionFumbling for updates :) until next time xo


  1. Oh my goodness, you have been a busy bee! MASSIVE congratulations on graduating from university and landing your first job (especially so soon!). I remember graduating a few years ago and it being an absolutely terrifying experience - I definitely had a few (a lot of) "Oh my GOD, what will I do now?!" moments!

    Nice looks absolutely stunning. The photos of you and your friend are so lovely - definitely keepers to look back on and smile :)


    p.s. welcome back!

  2. Wow, congrats on finishing uni and on your job and everything! I've got a year of uni left and I'm a bit scared!


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