Sunday, 8 June 2014

june favourites

i love reading about people's favourite things every month, and it's a bit weird that i haven't jumped on that bandwagon as i'm obsessed with different things every month. so, i figured better late than never, and introduce a few of my favourite things for this month :)

1 - Fake Bake Gradual Tan / Instant Tan
i am somewhat of a fake tan newbie. i never ever fake tan to go out, i've never owned a tanning mit, and i've never experienced the horror of a fake-tan mishap. but, i have started to feel a little pale next to my tanned comrades, and with my university ball coming up i wanted to feel bronzed. these are FANTASTIC for newbies, and come with gloves to apply. they're super easy to apply as well, and haven't left any streaks. they smell gorgeous, and leave you a gorgeous sunkissed colour rather than orange. i'll do a proper post asap but i DEFINITELY recommend these!

2 - The Fault in Our Stars / John Green
now that i've finished my english degree i am able to do this thing that i'd totally forgotten's called reading for pleasure. it's a strange concept to have to relearn, but i'm getting there. i got this book a while ago as i wanted to know what all the fuss was about. i'm making my way through it, and so far so good. i like how it's a realistic take on illness, not masking the sarcasm from the key characters. a favourite line is mocking how Hazel used her 'make a wish' wish on going to Disneyland, saying how cliche it was. i already know the ending, damn you twitter spoilers, but i can't wait to see how it's articulated. i intend to finish it ASAP as the film version is out this month, and i love reading the book before the film.

3 - Zoya Nail Varnishes in Rocha, Binx, Arlo, Tilda.
i never used to paint my nails, but recently it's become a favourite pass time of mine, and i love mixing/matching colours to my outfits (sad, i know). i recently got sent a few shades from Zoya's new collection, and i blooodyyy love them. the rocha shade (the first one) is a bright orangey red which really stands out, along with the green Tilda shade which is unusual but i kinda love it. of course, the magpie in me had to go for something glittery, and Binx and Arlo are the PERFECT glittery nail varnishes. the second i applied one coat i was in awe of how far it goes, you don't need much to produce a gorgeous colour. i will definitely be getting some more shades for the summer months!

4 - Topshop Joni White Jeans / H&M Stripy Top
these are my new O B S E S S I O N S. white jeans are EVERYWHERE at the moment, when i got these jeans the three girls behind the counter were wearing them. i love them as they're super soft and high waisted, which is a key thing for any bottoms i own as i can't deal with anything that doesn't hide my muffin top. i also love that i can still wear black but it breaks it up a little bit, although i'm not looking forward to how dirty they'll get so quickly... this stripy top was a steal at 6.99 from h&m, it's a little cropped but such a flattering neckline. i can tell i will be wearing this A  LOT.

so there we have it! my june favourites! hopefully i'll keep this up so stay tuned in july. follow me on instagram at @louisawh and twitter @FashionFumbling :) until next time xo


  1. I want to get on the TFIOS bandwagon as well. Love the crop top!

  2. Lovely blog you got there!
    Really enjoyed reading your posts. They're very interesting and the pictures you use are beautiful.
    You're a very pretty girl! Looking forward to read more posts from you.

    Have a nice day!


  3. I really, really want to read The Fault in Our Stars before I see the film! I love joni jeans too. Really must get a white pair! x

    Mapped Out | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

  4. I can't wait to watch The Fault in Our Stars! Love their OST by Ed Sheeran.


  5. Nice June favourites!! I am looking forward for my exams to finish so that I can read John Green too :) I just found your blog!! I loved it so you got yourself a new follower! Keep in touch :)
    Maria xox


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