Sunday, 15 June 2014

friends forever: grad ball

(dress - (ariella chloe)*...heels - ebay...hoops - primark)

friday night marked one of the last social events of my university life: the grad ball. i've been so excited to come back to nottingham, see all my friends and party one last time together. it was like redoing prom, without the limos and the dodgy dresses. i rarely dress up, so this was the perfect excuse to step out of my comfort zone and try and look like a layyydeeeee for once.

first off, finding a dress is hard. you want one that feels like you, but also (for me) i needed one kinda cheap, and also one that i knew no one else would have (because let's face it, there's nothing worse than bumping into someone wearing the same dress as you!). i came across girlmeetsdress on twitter (@girlmeetsdress), and they SAVED MY LIFE. the premise is you can rent a designer dress for an absolute FRACTION of the price, wear it for one special night, then send it back with the postage covered for you!!!

this idea most definitely appealed to me, as i tend to only wear dresses once if it's for a special occasion so it's a perfect way to enjoy your night, without the burden of spending loads. i chose this GORGEOUS ariella dress, as i loved the whole gatsby feel to it. i also loved the light colour, which is so unlike me as i swear by black clothes - but there ya go! with this dress, i fully recommend going up a size if you are tall, as I got the size 10 and it was a little on the short side. 

i loved loved loved my outfit complete with my SKYSCRAPER heels (which i didn't wear much when i was dancing...) but i couldn't get over my hair. i had it done at the lee stafford training centre in nottingham and it cost a measly £6 to have it washed, blow dried and styled. they did such an amazing job, and i loved the twisted plait look. it felt so glamorous and dressy, and i felt so special for the night!

hope you like the pics <3 follow on instagram (louisawh) and fb ( for updates :) until next time xo


  1. :D lovely dress and I am glad that you had it rented ... and the hair looks fabulous , elegant and classy but most of all those shoes are just stunning :D OMG !!! I am glad I am following you :D

  2. Such a gorgeous dress! xx

  3. you look stunning, hope you had a good time
    love your dress
    I'm definitely going to find out how to do that hair style
    Rachel XX

  4. You look absolutely gorgeous. While your dress and hair are amazing, can I just take a moment to express my utter leg envy?!


  5. The dress looked perfectly made for you, and you are definitely wearing it right! That's a fabulous idea of wearing it once and send it back; I might have to check that out (:
    ~Makaela at


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