Sunday, 29 June 2014

festival hair - 3 styles

it's festival season again! a time for tents, music, cider, sun (hopefully), and for a whole load of instagrams showing festival style! i'm only going to wireless this year, (meggaaa excited), but i thought i'd show you 3 RIDICULOUSLY easy and low maintenance hair styles for your festival experience :) key: it's all in the accessories ;)

this is a hairstyle which is great for the first day of a festival, when your hair is still clean and can be worn down and carefree. the hair chain has been a favourite accessory of mine for a while, it's so different and instantly updates any outfit. i think this is the new alternative for the hair garland, which has been getting a bit of stick for being a 'cliche' at festivals. this is bang on trend, and can be worn so easily. team with loose curls for an ultimate boho effect.

for the second day, your hair is still relatively clean, and can still probably be worn down without feeling too gross. i think sticking a cute, bright and fun bandana over the top of your hair can be a real retro look that adds so much fun, also keeping your hair out of the way whilst you jump around. it also works well with day old hair as you can joozeeeee up the roots a bit for volume. can also be worn with a huge messy bun!

by the end of your festival experience, chances are you haven't risked using one of the showers, so your hair is a little mehhh, probably with a hell of a lot of dry shampoo in it. never fear, this can be used to your advantage. this is the infamous llymlrs updo from her channel, but i actually wore my hair like this a few months ago for a gatsby themed night. whilst it can look a little prim and proper, it's SO EASY to do and it looks incredible. all you do is stick a hairband on, and tuck your hair into it, leaving out the bits you want to achieve that messy look. this look works on just about anybody, and would look great with a leather jacket, denim shorts and boots!

i hope these help anyone gearing up for festival season! it's so easy, all you need is the right accessories! follow me on instagram @louisawh :) until next time xo 


  1. aw this is lovely! the up-do is so elegant!
    i cant wait for your next post!

    check out my blog if you want :)

  2. Lovely styles - I am in love with the updo!
    I might have to pop into Primark and pick up a headband for the festival season this year.

    Rachael at


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