Thursday, 19 June 2014

commuters book club: the fault in our stars / john green

So this is a little different. Since I’ll be spending most of my time on trains as I’m a little commuter these days, I thought I would start a little Commuting Book Club. Reading on the train makes it go so much quicker, and it’s lovely to be able to go through a few books a month as I am an absolute book worm! I’ll start with a book that is everywhere at the moment, and it’s the infamous John Green novel ‘The Fault in Our Stars’.

In a nut shell…Hazel Grace is a teenage cancer patient with a realistic (and slightly morbid) attitude. She meets Augustus Waters at a Cancer Support meeting, and two immediately become inseparable. Joined by their love of novels, sarcasm and each other, they fall deeper in love. The novel follows them as they fulfil a few burning wishes, shows that despite their illnesses, they’re just two teenagers in love.

So, what did you think…? Apologies for the kinda mushy description, but it’s so hard to not give anything away! All in all, I do think the book has been overrated, simply because of the huge hype around the film version coming out soon, which is definitely going to be weepy! I guess I knew exactly what I would be getting when I started reading, a story that will have a sad ending. I like to have no real idea of what’s going to happen, so the fact I expected the ending after reading about it everywhere was a bit of a shame. Perhaps that’s my own fault for getting into the hype too late!

I did enjoy the book. I felt it was really well written, and the voice of Hazel really shone through, despite clearly being written by a man. He encapsulated the personality, attitudes, pet-peeves of a teenage girl fantastically, so much so that I felt Hazel came alive in the pages. I found myself often sniggering at the book, laughing at her sarcasm. I loved how sentimental and meaningful moments were counteracted by a moment of laughter, sarcasm or a darker message – as life it’s all romance and sunshine, often after a beautiful moment someone makes a joke or lightens the mood. This all lead to it being very relatable, and what I found most heart-wrenching was imagining this happening to me, or how my own family would feel if I was in Hazel’ position.

I felt that the novel is a perfect, easy read for anyone really. It’s enjoyable, funny, HORRIFICALLY SAD in parts (do not listen to a sad song whilst reading this, you will get misty eyed on the train). I wanted to make sure I’d read the book before the film comes out, as I think it’s super important to know what the author really intended before you see the adaptation. I’ve heard the film is great, but NOTHING beats the book right?

Have you read this? Did you enjoy it? Let me know! I hope you liked this, something a little different, but different is good. Until next time xo


  1. i've read the book and I loved it, but I agree that it was definitely a bit overrated - much hype kind of kills the mystery! going to see the film tonight so hopefully it's good!
    sara x

    1. ahh remember to pack your tissues! i have a feeling it's going to be a tearjerker!

  2. Great Review
    I really want to read this book
    Rachel XX

  3. I read this book a while back and I really enjoyed it - I've not seen the film yet though. I actually didn't expect the twist at the end, that was the part that really got me!



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