Monday, 30 June 2014

shady lady: atelier sunglasses

you know when you're so excited about a product you wait anxiously for the post everyday? that's how i felt whilst waiting for these bad boys to arrive. call me materialistic, but i am head over heels in love - with a pair of sunglasses.

the sun is actually making an appearance, and i truly believe having a pair of quality sunglasses that last you year in, year out is really important. i've never had a pair of luxury sunglasses before, and was overwhelmed when i saw that i was getting a pair of Atelier Sunglasses. the brand is online, with a variety of gorgeous styles (and also includes optical frames) to choose from. the best thing about this brand is when you order a pair of frames, they engrave your name free of charge. this personal touch is what attracted me, as who doesn't want a pair of sunglasses with your name on??

i love the style and shape, they're a bit different to raybans which is really appealing to me as i like to be a little different. you can tell that these are a quality pair of sunglasses, just the feel of them gives you that impression. i will say that you do have to wait a little bit for them to arrive, as they are bespoke, but it is DEFINITELY worth the wait!

until next time xo

Sunday, 29 June 2014

festival hair - 3 styles

it's festival season again! a time for tents, music, cider, sun (hopefully), and for a whole load of instagrams showing festival style! i'm only going to wireless this year, (meggaaa excited), but i thought i'd show you 3 RIDICULOUSLY easy and low maintenance hair styles for your festival experience :) key: it's all in the accessories ;)

this is a hairstyle which is great for the first day of a festival, when your hair is still clean and can be worn down and carefree. the hair chain has been a favourite accessory of mine for a while, it's so different and instantly updates any outfit. i think this is the new alternative for the hair garland, which has been getting a bit of stick for being a 'cliche' at festivals. this is bang on trend, and can be worn so easily. team with loose curls for an ultimate boho effect.

for the second day, your hair is still relatively clean, and can still probably be worn down without feeling too gross. i think sticking a cute, bright and fun bandana over the top of your hair can be a real retro look that adds so much fun, also keeping your hair out of the way whilst you jump around. it also works well with day old hair as you can joozeeeee up the roots a bit for volume. can also be worn with a huge messy bun!

by the end of your festival experience, chances are you haven't risked using one of the showers, so your hair is a little mehhh, probably with a hell of a lot of dry shampoo in it. never fear, this can be used to your advantage. this is the infamous llymlrs updo from her channel, but i actually wore my hair like this a few months ago for a gatsby themed night. whilst it can look a little prim and proper, it's SO EASY to do and it looks incredible. all you do is stick a hairband on, and tuck your hair into it, leaving out the bits you want to achieve that messy look. this look works on just about anybody, and would look great with a leather jacket, denim shorts and boots!

i hope these help anyone gearing up for festival season! it's so easy, all you need is the right accessories! follow me on instagram @louisawh :) until next time xo 

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

something different: olivia burton watches

the trend these days is to have a gorgeous watch. a lot of my friends for their 21st got some absolutely beautiful watches, and it got me having a browse for a watch. i think it's incredibly personal, and is really down to style. when i came across olivia burton watches, my jaw dropped. 

if you're not familiar with the brand, let me give you a quick lowdown. olivia burton is a designer watch brand for women founded in 2012, featuring a more vintage style than the big blingy watches that are popular at the moment. it's super affordable, with prices being between £55-125, which i  think it amazing for such gorgeous pieces. 

all of the watches are so original, and i love the pastel straps in particular. there are a lot of different styles, and at the moment i would kill for a watch from the wonderland collection. there are a number of different collections, with a different theme for each. i am so so passionate about this brand, as i didn't pick a watch for my 21st as i simply couldn't find one that i wish i knew about this then, as i would now have a gorgeous olivia burton watch! maybe next year? 

i hope this helps as an alternative for a gorgeous watch. check out the website for the full collection. until next time xo

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

smockin' hot

(top to bottom...1 / 2 / 3 / 4)

I am not one for dresses. I’ve never been a dressy gal, always preferring to wear jeans opposed to a dress. But recently I feel I have been transformed by one creation – the smock dress. I marvel in its baggy glory, feeling oh-so-thin as it swamps me. I love the summer vibes of a smock dress, it’s cool enough for the hot weather that we’ve been having recently (yay!) but also would look super cute with a big snug jumper over the top, tights and boots in the colder months. Yay for smock dresses! Here are a few of my favourites at the moment, hope you think they’re as gorgeous as I do!

Until next time xo


Thursday, 19 June 2014

commuters book club: the fault in our stars / john green

So this is a little different. Since I’ll be spending most of my time on trains as I’m a little commuter these days, I thought I would start a little Commuting Book Club. Reading on the train makes it go so much quicker, and it’s lovely to be able to go through a few books a month as I am an absolute book worm! I’ll start with a book that is everywhere at the moment, and it’s the infamous John Green novel ‘The Fault in Our Stars’.

In a nut shell…Hazel Grace is a teenage cancer patient with a realistic (and slightly morbid) attitude. She meets Augustus Waters at a Cancer Support meeting, and two immediately become inseparable. Joined by their love of novels, sarcasm and each other, they fall deeper in love. The novel follows them as they fulfil a few burning wishes, shows that despite their illnesses, they’re just two teenagers in love.

So, what did you think…? Apologies for the kinda mushy description, but it’s so hard to not give anything away! All in all, I do think the book has been overrated, simply because of the huge hype around the film version coming out soon, which is definitely going to be weepy! I guess I knew exactly what I would be getting when I started reading, a story that will have a sad ending. I like to have no real idea of what’s going to happen, so the fact I expected the ending after reading about it everywhere was a bit of a shame. Perhaps that’s my own fault for getting into the hype too late!

I did enjoy the book. I felt it was really well written, and the voice of Hazel really shone through, despite clearly being written by a man. He encapsulated the personality, attitudes, pet-peeves of a teenage girl fantastically, so much so that I felt Hazel came alive in the pages. I found myself often sniggering at the book, laughing at her sarcasm. I loved how sentimental and meaningful moments were counteracted by a moment of laughter, sarcasm or a darker message – as life it’s all romance and sunshine, often after a beautiful moment someone makes a joke or lightens the mood. This all lead to it being very relatable, and what I found most heart-wrenching was imagining this happening to me, or how my own family would feel if I was in Hazel’ position.

I felt that the novel is a perfect, easy read for anyone really. It’s enjoyable, funny, HORRIFICALLY SAD in parts (do not listen to a sad song whilst reading this, you will get misty eyed on the train). I wanted to make sure I’d read the book before the film comes out, as I think it’s super important to know what the author really intended before you see the adaptation. I’ve heard the film is great, but NOTHING beats the book right?

Have you read this? Did you enjoy it? Let me know! I hope you liked this, something a little different, but different is good. Until next time xo

Sunday, 15 June 2014

friends forever: grad ball

(dress - (ariella chloe)*...heels - ebay...hoops - primark)

friday night marked one of the last social events of my university life: the grad ball. i've been so excited to come back to nottingham, see all my friends and party one last time together. it was like redoing prom, without the limos and the dodgy dresses. i rarely dress up, so this was the perfect excuse to step out of my comfort zone and try and look like a layyydeeeee for once.

first off, finding a dress is hard. you want one that feels like you, but also (for me) i needed one kinda cheap, and also one that i knew no one else would have (because let's face it, there's nothing worse than bumping into someone wearing the same dress as you!). i came across girlmeetsdress on twitter (@girlmeetsdress), and they SAVED MY LIFE. the premise is you can rent a designer dress for an absolute FRACTION of the price, wear it for one special night, then send it back with the postage covered for you!!!

this idea most definitely appealed to me, as i tend to only wear dresses once if it's for a special occasion so it's a perfect way to enjoy your night, without the burden of spending loads. i chose this GORGEOUS ariella dress, as i loved the whole gatsby feel to it. i also loved the light colour, which is so unlike me as i swear by black clothes - but there ya go! with this dress, i fully recommend going up a size if you are tall, as I got the size 10 and it was a little on the short side. 

i loved loved loved my outfit complete with my SKYSCRAPER heels (which i didn't wear much when i was dancing...) but i couldn't get over my hair. i had it done at the lee stafford training centre in nottingham and it cost a measly £6 to have it washed, blow dried and styled. they did such an amazing job, and i loved the twisted plait look. it felt so glamorous and dressy, and i felt so special for the night!

hope you like the pics <3 follow on instagram (louisawh) and fb ( for updates :) until next time xo

Sunday, 8 June 2014

june favourites

i love reading about people's favourite things every month, and it's a bit weird that i haven't jumped on that bandwagon as i'm obsessed with different things every month. so, i figured better late than never, and introduce a few of my favourite things for this month :)

1 - Fake Bake Gradual Tan / Instant Tan
i am somewhat of a fake tan newbie. i never ever fake tan to go out, i've never owned a tanning mit, and i've never experienced the horror of a fake-tan mishap. but, i have started to feel a little pale next to my tanned comrades, and with my university ball coming up i wanted to feel bronzed. these are FANTASTIC for newbies, and come with gloves to apply. they're super easy to apply as well, and haven't left any streaks. they smell gorgeous, and leave you a gorgeous sunkissed colour rather than orange. i'll do a proper post asap but i DEFINITELY recommend these!

2 - The Fault in Our Stars / John Green
now that i've finished my english degree i am able to do this thing that i'd totally forgotten's called reading for pleasure. it's a strange concept to have to relearn, but i'm getting there. i got this book a while ago as i wanted to know what all the fuss was about. i'm making my way through it, and so far so good. i like how it's a realistic take on illness, not masking the sarcasm from the key characters. a favourite line is mocking how Hazel used her 'make a wish' wish on going to Disneyland, saying how cliche it was. i already know the ending, damn you twitter spoilers, but i can't wait to see how it's articulated. i intend to finish it ASAP as the film version is out this month, and i love reading the book before the film.

3 - Zoya Nail Varnishes in Rocha, Binx, Arlo, Tilda.
i never used to paint my nails, but recently it's become a favourite pass time of mine, and i love mixing/matching colours to my outfits (sad, i know). i recently got sent a few shades from Zoya's new collection, and i blooodyyy love them. the rocha shade (the first one) is a bright orangey red which really stands out, along with the green Tilda shade which is unusual but i kinda love it. of course, the magpie in me had to go for something glittery, and Binx and Arlo are the PERFECT glittery nail varnishes. the second i applied one coat i was in awe of how far it goes, you don't need much to produce a gorgeous colour. i will definitely be getting some more shades for the summer months!

4 - Topshop Joni White Jeans / H&M Stripy Top
these are my new O B S E S S I O N S. white jeans are EVERYWHERE at the moment, when i got these jeans the three girls behind the counter were wearing them. i love them as they're super soft and high waisted, which is a key thing for any bottoms i own as i can't deal with anything that doesn't hide my muffin top. i also love that i can still wear black but it breaks it up a little bit, although i'm not looking forward to how dirty they'll get so quickly... this stripy top was a steal at 6.99 from h&m, it's a little cropped but such a flattering neckline. i can tell i will be wearing this A  LOT.

so there we have it! my june favourites! hopefully i'll keep this up so stay tuned in july. follow me on instagram at @louisawh and twitter @FashionFumbling :) until next time xo

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

life catch up

hey, remember me? i run this town...well, this blog. i've been a bit rubbish recently as i've had a LOT going on, so i thought i'd fill y'all in on what's been happening because i know you are all DYING to know (sarcasm alert). anyway let's chat....

1 // Finishing University... 
sooo about two weeks ago now i finished university forever. i had my last ever exam on monday the 19th, and was all moved out and ready to go on the tuesday. it's a bit mental how quickly this year has gone, which everyone tells you but you never quite believe until it happens to you. i find it MAD that this year i achieved so much in such a small amount of time, interning / projects / shoots / dissertation / exams...and the odd night out (cheeky). i'm going back for my grad ball and graduation ceremony, but then that's it for myself and education. i did school. sixth form, and university - now it's time to see what i learn in the real world! (and no more bibliographies HURRAYYYYY) if anyone would like a larger post about finishing university let me know :)

2 // A Trip to Nice...
literally two days after finishing my exam, i flew off to the South of France to visit my bezzieee who is currently on a year abroad there, and it was her birthday on the saturday so i was a good friend and visited! first thing that i realised when arriving in france is that i am SERIOUSLY PALE compared to my friend, who is basically mixed race these days. that's what you get when you're locked up in your room revising! Nice is absolutely gorgeous, the weather was crazy good and the place is generally beautiful. we visited Canne during the film festival, which was SO EXCITING and we saw so many amazing shops and even saw the red carpet!!! we also got to go round the french riveria on a boat for the day just stopping off at beaches etc, and we went to Monaco to have a little look at the Grand Prix - which was one of the most AMAZING experiences of my entire life. was such a fun little trip and i'm so jealous of my friend who gets to live there!

3 // Getting Shiz Sorted...
i then had a week 'off', but it wasn't really a week off as i had SO MUCH TO SORT OUT. unpacking all my stuff from university was a huge task, and resulted in me chucking out over 15 bags of rubbish. when that was all done, i had to make sure i went shopping OBVIOUSLY. i got some gorgeous smart trousers from Topshop and shoes from River Island, all ready for my first day at work! (will inform you on this in a sec....) i also was treated by the wonderful people at Specsavers to 2 new pairs of specs, i'm sure i'll do a better post soon but LOOK HOW COOL THEY ARE????? i just adore them and i'm actually wearing glasses a lot more these days!! as i am blind. as. a. bat....

4 // Big Girl Job in the City...
so. the big one. on Monday i started my FIRST EVER LEGIT job in London as a PR/Social Media Assistant for Ash Footwear/Wingfield PR. i was really nervous and ended up being an hour early (doh) and had to pace up and down Oxford Street for a bit, but it's all going well so far! it's so fun being in a job where your skills are really valued, such as my knowledge about blogging and social media which has proved to be really helpful! i'm really enjoying it so far and everyone is LOVELY. so i'll keep you all posted on that, let me know if you want a better post about this as well :)

phew! feel a lot more calm now, i love updating my little blog and hate neglecting it. follow me on instagram @louisawh and twitter @FashionFumbling for updates :) until next time xo
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