Friday, 9 May 2014

ways to wear: pale denim jeans

(all clothes courtesy of missguided...boxy top...jeans...sandals...crop top...heels)

fashion is becoming so versatile these days. it's very common for me to wear a pair of jeans for my daytime routine, the simply whack on a different top when i want to go out in the evening. denim in particular is becoming a staple of an evening outfit, which i LOVE as it means i'm comfy, woohoo! i chose a beaut pair of skinnys from missguided to show you all how easy it is to make this transition from day to night with denim :)

i'll have a chinwag about the casual outfit first, which is seen in the first few pics. firstly, i chose some pale blue mid-rise skinny jeans, which is a HUGE leap out of my high waisted-all black everything comfort zone - which i guess is a good thing. the fact they aren't high waisted scared me a little at first, as i like being able to hide my flab, but these are so comfy i didn't even notice! i teamed it with a gorgeous chiffon box top, which i got a little oversized, but it's such a great material it still looks like a nice fit. i also HAD to jump on the sandals bandwagon, and got some amazing metallic cage sandals that are EVERYWHERE at the  moment. i think they'll grace my feet a lot this summer... this casual outfit is perfect for day to day things like shopping, lunch, uni, and is super super comfy!

...and then for the evening outfit, i turn into sasha fierce. joke, but i did feel glam. this is where my awkwardness of not being high waisted kinda kicked in, as the crop top left me a lil bit exposed, so this outfit is in need of confidence! i absolutely have fallen in love with this crop top, i even bought it in black in the end. it compliments the blue jeans so well, and i think with an oversized blazer over the top it would look perfectly chic. the heels are G O R G E O U S, so classy and i just love the chain anklet detailing, adding a lil bit of interest. i feel that this outfit would be great for a night out on the town, or even just drinks or a date! :)

hope this shows just how easy it is to transfer a pair of denim jeans from day to night with the help of the right tops and shoes! :) until next time xo


  1. This is great! You can't beat a good pair of jeans. I would never put a crop top with anything but high waisted but you really pull it off!
    I just wrote a jeans post myself, check it out x

  2. You styled your jeans in a great way! A white top is a must in any shape :)

  3. So many ways to style them <3 love the crop top! xx


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