Monday, 12 May 2014

dreaming of the end

(dress...ark*...heels...urban outfitters*...earrings...claires*)

this week im mainly dreaming about what im going to be wearing a week today which i OFFICIALLY FINISH UNIVERSITY FOREVER! i miss dressing up and wearing something other than jeans/leggings.... 

this ark dress teamed with these ridiculously comfortable heels from urban outfitters is a definite maybe for my big night out. it's a pretty classy outfit, and i love the shape of the dress with the mesh detailing. i would definitely recommend getting a few sizes up if you are going to get this dress, as it comes up a little bit short. i got a 12, as im kinda gangly and don't want to embarrass myself! it's a great dress for day and night! all i need is a tan, some big hair and, er, to finish these exams...

back to revision! i can keep dreaming. until next time xo


  1. good luck on your exams, and I love your outfit.

    Jess x

  2. the earrings are so unique <3 <3 and all the best in your exams ^^

    peace and love,

  3. Love the LBD :) Good Luck, the future ill be great I am sure! Reading this makes me feel so old, now that I have been graduated for about 5 years haha xxx

  4. love these shoess! hope the exams go well!
    Rose and Weston x

  5. I've had my eye on this dress! It's really perfect for dressing up or down.
    Congrats on finishing uni! I finish this year too, it's been very hard.



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