Thursday, 15 May 2014

big time stylist

a few months ago, i took on a pretty big challenge for my university magazine. i decided to style 2 looks for the print edition of Platform, sourcing all the outfits myself from PRs and the like. it was a massive task on top of all my uni work, and it was super super stressful, but i think the final images really showcase how it all came together in the end!

i wanted to do this to augment my styling portfolio, and show myself more than anything that i can do it. styling is an area of fashion that i'd love to get into in the future, as i love how creative it is and how pretty much anything goes! the idea of being given a brief for a current trend and sourcing the outfits yourself really excites me, so i hope in the future i can build up some really useful contacts in the industry and do a bit of freelance styling for some big names :)

i thought i'd share with you the final images! i had a fab assistant, make up artist and photographer on the day, as well as the gorgeous model. the theme for the shoot was floral fashion, with a day and a night outfit perfect for spring summer! i wanted to be innovative, but understand that my audience was student based, with limited funds...and not too edgy, as this doesn't really relate to everyone! i hope you like it!

(outfit one: kimono - ark...jumpsuit - ark...backpack - urbanoutfitters...sandals - chain - claires)
(outfit two - playsuit - urbanoutfitters...bralet - urbanoutfitters...heels - urbanoutfitters...bracelet - claire's accessories...bag - claires accessories)

as you can see, they're pretty simple, relating to the everyday girl who just wants to look stylish in spring! whilst the day outfit is a little bit out there, i think it shows an awesome boho style which is everywhere at spring time, and each piece can be worn in its own fabulous right. the jumpsuit can be worn in a more glamorous way, and the kimono can be an amazing beach cover up! i adore the evening outfit, it's a lil bit sexy, and i love the bralet underneath it giving it a different layer and edge. the heels are MY FAVOURITE THINGS IN THE WORLD, super comfy and just so amazing! 

styling took place in my bedroom the night before, trying everything on and seeing what worked and what didn't work. i had a lot of other uni work to do alongside this, so getting all the pieces together and styling was an extra job for me to do. fortunately, i love doing this, so i didn't see it as a chore - but it was definitely stressful! i really recommend doing these type of extra curricular things at university as there are so many people willing to help you, and you usually have amazing resources you can use - like a full on photography studio!

when the photos are being taken, it's vital that every piece was shown in the best light. whilst i definitely wanted the model to look her best (and she does!) it was crucial that every piece of clothing was shown in the best possible way. this is where you kinda have to be a bit bossy and direct, telling the model where to place her hands to make sure the ring and the bag show, or how to position her feet to get the best possible angle of the shoes. i think it's turned out pretty well, but obviously in a more professional setting more angles can be taken and more shots of one outfit, something i have had experience with and was so exciting!

every PR was super helpful, from sending me lots of bits to work with or arranging me to go into store and pick up some bits - and gifting the pieces for future blog posts. it was really hard to keep pestering people as i felt really annoying, but that's the way forward sometimes - sorry to anyone i did annoy haha! it was such a useful skill, and one that will be so transferable in my new job - and hopefully in any future freelance work i get to do!

i hope this was useful in seeing how i styled the looks, and how much work goes into it! until next time xo


  1. These look amazing, well done! I am in love with the first outfit and want every single piece of it! I wish my uni had a magazine, I want to get into styling but don't know where to start if I have no one to style for..any tips? And if you don't mind me asking, which PR company did you work with? They sound very helpful for students :)

    1. awwhhh im so glad you like it thank you :) i worked with ark, urban outfitters and clares :) xx

  2. I'd love to do this! Has given me the idea of using crop tops under some dresses and playsuits. What company did you work with? Also, what do you do at uni? x

    1. it's a really cute little idea which really transforms an outfit! :) i worked with ark, claires accessories and urban outfitters :) i actually do english and linguistics are uni! :) xxx

  3. So cool! Love the outfits. Where did you get all the equipment from, like the white background? I'm looking to start a shop soon and need a white background like yours..

  4. I like the playsuit and the heels with it.

  5. In love with the first outfit- that kimono was the right call!


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