Tuesday, 27 May 2014


(jumpsuit - IKRUSH*...heels - missguided*...fedora - river island)

i'm baackkk! had a bit of a blogging break as i finished uni and then was lucky enough to visit my best friend in the south of france, so i've been busy! this week is my last week of student life as on the 2nd of june i start my new job as a pr and social media assistant for a shoe company in LDN! so exciting :)

soooo moving on to the main event, the fashion!!!! this jumpsuit was sent to me by IKRUSH, and i absolutely adore it. this outfit is so so smart and stylish, i can imagine it being just perfect for drinks out on the town, and if you whip the fedora off you can have a party in it! i love the navy colour, it's different to my entire black wardrobe and i adore the belt that came with it. i just find jumpsuits so flattering and easy to merge into lots of different occasions, i adore it and can see it being worn ALOT :) word to the wise though - get some decent undies coz this thang is tiiighhhttttt and no one likes a VPL! :)

so i hope you loved this outfit as much as i do! if you fancy it, follow me on instagram at louisawh :) until next time xo

Sunday, 18 May 2014

dinner at long island american diner

my spare time recently consists of revisionrevisionrevision...so on saturday, which was a scorcher, i decided to give myself a little break! myself and my friend headed to a new diner in Nottingham called Long Island American Diner just near the theatre to sample their american menu. i can tell you now, we did NOT leave hungry! 

so, it's normal to start at the beginning! we each had a starter to start our trip down the long island menu! i decided to have corn dogs, as i've seen them eaten in all the films (cough, princess diaries, cough) and was just desperate to try them, whilst my friend chose a smaller portion of ribs to start. both dishes were at a reasonable £4-5, and you definitely got your moneys worth. the corn dogs came with ketchup and mustard, and you got three, with really meaty hot dogs covered in a yummy batter which had a satisfying crunch! the ribs were amazing, such a rich bbq sauce and the meat simply fell off the bone. you also got a lot of meat on the ribs, not scrimping on what you want! the ribs definitely are still in my dreams.

inbetween our starters and waiting for our mains, we decided to try a milkshake and a cocktail off of their diverse menu. the diner had a variety of milkshake flavours, but we chose strawberry. it had a classic american presentation, with whipped cream, sprinkles and a cute straw - with a hidden treat inside as it also had icecream! yummm! i chose to have a caribbean iced tea, which had a bit of  a kick to it! the diner are open everyday 12-12, and offer cocktails at 2 for £5, and a jug for £7.95 - an absolute bargain, perfect for the student life!

aahhh dinner. as a student, i don't tend to venture out of the 'pasta...chips...pizza' realms, so i was excited at the prospect of a PROPER dinner! i chose to get a steak, which came with chips, onion rings, tomato, mushrooms and a corn on the cob, all for just 13.99! this was definitely worth the price, as the steak was cooked to perfection, and was a very generous portion as well. there is a wide variety of mains ranging from hot dogs, macaroni cheese, steak, ribs, and burgers, so we also chose a classic american style burger called 'the sinatra', with bacon and cheese. it looked HUGE when we got it, with a hearty portion of seasoned chips - our eyes were definitely bigger than our bellies! the burger was succulent with the right amount of extras, and let me tell you there was none left over! absolutely delicious!

we surprised ourselves at wanting desserts, but you have to taste a little bit of everything, and besides...there's always room for dessert! it was super hard to choose, as there was everything from pancakes, chocolate cake, cherry pie... but in the end, i chose some churros with chocolate sauce (hot donut sticks) and we also picked the new york cheesecake. again, these cost £5, a very reasonable price for the amount you get. the churros were OUT OF THIS WORLD, i bit into one and my eyes opened wide at just how delicious they were! the cheesecake was super rich, and was complimented with the chocolate sauce and ice cream. you can tell they use top quality ingredients, which i like to see in a restaurant. 

the service was impeccable, with the waitresses chatting to us and making sure we were alright. it's a family run business, so you really feel at home with all the staff and your surroundings. it's placed in a beautiful building, with loads of room to bring groups and parties. speaking of parties, long island also doubles up as a club, so if you had a late dinner you could top yourself up on the 2 for £5 cocktails and  move upstairs to the fully licenced club with dancing podiums, dance floor and chill out area! perfecto!

i would definitely recommend giving the long island american diner a visit if you're ever in nottingham. the prices are beyond reasonable for the portions you get, and it's a little something different from the usual restaurant chain! let me know if you go - i recommend the ribs! until next time xo

*all food was complimentary for review purposes 

Thursday, 15 May 2014

big time stylist

a few months ago, i took on a pretty big challenge for my university magazine. i decided to style 2 looks for the print edition of Platform, sourcing all the outfits myself from PRs and the like. it was a massive task on top of all my uni work, and it was super super stressful, but i think the final images really showcase how it all came together in the end!

i wanted to do this to augment my styling portfolio, and show myself more than anything that i can do it. styling is an area of fashion that i'd love to get into in the future, as i love how creative it is and how pretty much anything goes! the idea of being given a brief for a current trend and sourcing the outfits yourself really excites me, so i hope in the future i can build up some really useful contacts in the industry and do a bit of freelance styling for some big names :)

i thought i'd share with you the final images! i had a fab assistant, make up artist and photographer on the day, as well as the gorgeous model. the theme for the shoot was floral fashion, with a day and a night outfit perfect for spring summer! i wanted to be innovative, but understand that my audience was student based, with limited funds...and not too edgy, as this doesn't really relate to everyone! i hope you like it!

(outfit one: kimono - ark...jumpsuit - ark...backpack - urbanoutfitters...sandals - ark...hair chain - claires)
(outfit two - playsuit - urbanoutfitters...bralet - urbanoutfitters...heels - urbanoutfitters...bracelet - claire's accessories...bag - claires accessories)

as you can see, they're pretty simple, relating to the everyday girl who just wants to look stylish in spring! whilst the day outfit is a little bit out there, i think it shows an awesome boho style which is everywhere at spring time, and each piece can be worn in its own fabulous right. the jumpsuit can be worn in a more glamorous way, and the kimono can be an amazing beach cover up! i adore the evening outfit, it's a lil bit sexy, and i love the bralet underneath it giving it a different layer and edge. the heels are MY FAVOURITE THINGS IN THE WORLD, super comfy and just so amazing! 

styling took place in my bedroom the night before, trying everything on and seeing what worked and what didn't work. i had a lot of other uni work to do alongside this, so getting all the pieces together and styling was an extra job for me to do. fortunately, i love doing this, so i didn't see it as a chore - but it was definitely stressful! i really recommend doing these type of extra curricular things at university as there are so many people willing to help you, and you usually have amazing resources you can use - like a full on photography studio!

when the photos are being taken, it's vital that every piece was shown in the best light. whilst i definitely wanted the model to look her best (and she does!) it was crucial that every piece of clothing was shown in the best possible way. this is where you kinda have to be a bit bossy and direct, telling the model where to place her hands to make sure the ring and the bag show, or how to position her feet to get the best possible angle of the shoes. i think it's turned out pretty well, but obviously in a more professional setting more angles can be taken and more shots of one outfit, something i have had experience with and was so exciting!

every PR was super helpful, from sending me lots of bits to work with or arranging me to go into store and pick up some bits - and gifting the pieces for future blog posts. it was really hard to keep pestering people as i felt really annoying, but that's the way forward sometimes - sorry to anyone i did annoy haha! it was such a useful skill, and one that will be so transferable in my new job - and hopefully in any future freelance work i get to do!

i hope this was useful in seeing how i styled the looks, and how much work goes into it! until next time xo

Monday, 12 May 2014

dreaming of the end

(dress...ark*...heels...urban outfitters*...earrings...claires*)

this week im mainly dreaming about what im going to be wearing a week today which i OFFICIALLY FINISH UNIVERSITY FOREVER! i miss dressing up and wearing something other than jeans/leggings.... 

this ark dress teamed with these ridiculously comfortable heels from urban outfitters is a definite maybe for my big night out. it's a pretty classy outfit, and i love the shape of the dress with the mesh detailing. i would definitely recommend getting a few sizes up if you are going to get this dress, as it comes up a little bit short. i got a 12, as im kinda gangly and don't want to embarrass myself! it's a great dress for day and night! all i need is a tan, some big hair and, er, to finish these exams...

back to revision! i can keep dreaming. until next time xo

Friday, 9 May 2014

ways to wear: pale denim jeans

(all clothes courtesy of missguided...boxy top...jeans...sandals...crop top...heels)

fashion is becoming so versatile these days. it's very common for me to wear a pair of jeans for my daytime routine, the simply whack on a different top when i want to go out in the evening. denim in particular is becoming a staple of an evening outfit, which i LOVE as it means i'm comfy, woohoo! i chose a beaut pair of skinnys from missguided to show you all how easy it is to make this transition from day to night with denim :)

i'll have a chinwag about the casual outfit first, which is seen in the first few pics. firstly, i chose some pale blue mid-rise skinny jeans, which is a HUGE leap out of my high waisted-all black everything comfort zone - which i guess is a good thing. the fact they aren't high waisted scared me a little at first, as i like being able to hide my flab, but these are so comfy i didn't even notice! i teamed it with a gorgeous chiffon box top, which i got a little oversized, but it's such a great material it still looks like a nice fit. i also HAD to jump on the sandals bandwagon, and got some amazing metallic cage sandals that are EVERYWHERE at the  moment. i think they'll grace my feet a lot this summer... this casual outfit is perfect for day to day things like shopping, lunch, uni, and is super super comfy!

...and then for the evening outfit, i turn into sasha fierce. joke, but i did feel glam. this is where my awkwardness of not being high waisted kinda kicked in, as the crop top left me a lil bit exposed, so this outfit is in need of confidence! i absolutely have fallen in love with this crop top, i even bought it in black in the end. it compliments the blue jeans so well, and i think with an oversized blazer over the top it would look perfectly chic. the heels are G O R G E O U S, so classy and i just love the chain anklet detailing, adding a lil bit of interest. i feel that this outfit would be great for a night out on the town, or even just drinks or a date! :)

hope this shows just how easy it is to transfer a pair of denim jeans from day to night with the help of the right tops and shoes! :) until next time xo

Monday, 5 May 2014

crazy for co-ords: the ark edit

(birthday tradition to rock a co-ord!)

it's no secret that i love a co-ord. for my 20th and 21st birthday i chose to rock a co-ord combo, as pictured above. i love the 1990's feel of a matching top and skirt/short, they're perfect for special occasions like birthdays or summer parties. they're really versatile to wear as singular pieces as well, i wish i could get away with it everyday!

one of my favourite shops of all time, ark, has got an incredible selection of co-ord outfits online and in store at the moment. i've spent precious revision hours staring at the gorgeous outfits, wishing they were all mine! i've picked a few of my favourites for you to all have a look at, and hopefully love as much as i do!

ark currently have 20% off atm for students for a limited time, so get on it! until next time xo 

Sunday, 4 May 2014

leapin' lizards

(top - new look (sold out but it's in a dress here)...jeans - ark*...sandals - daniel footwear*)

look how happy i am at blogging again! been a bit quiet on the western front recently, but prepare yourself for lots of outfit posts in the future, i've planned and shot loads of gorgeous outfits so stay tuned :) 

the first outfit i thought i'd show you all is another casual one that i would typically wear day to day. i absolutely love this top from new look, it's so summery and the floral print is really bright and unique. i don't usually do colour or prints but i couldn't resist this gorgeous little number. it's unfortunately sold out (other people must agree) but they have used the print and made some cute little skorts and an amazing dress which i may have to purchase...

now moving onto my new favourite obsession. these sandals from daniel footwear are summer essentials. as you've probably seen, birkenstocks are the new 'thing', and these sandals are my snazzy version of those (which, admittedly, i can see myself getting). they're quite literally the comfiest things i've ever worn, with a real cushiony sole which makes me think im walking on a cloud. massive massive fan of these.

so as i said stay tuned for more posts :) remember to follow me on instagram at louisawh :) until next time xo
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