Sunday, 27 April 2014

Nike x Liberty Collection

when you get out of oxford street tube, take a turn down argyll street. staring you in the face is the stunning liberty london, a huge department shop almost hidden away in the capital, visible to those looking for it. the building itself is absolutely incredible, with the most amazing visual merchandising. it's hard to walk past without having a good long stare.

liberty london have some of the most iconic prints in the world, with incredible floral designs available in material to make your own creations with, or you can buy amazing scarves, curtains, blouses... near enough anything! so, you can imagine my excitement when i found out liberty had teamed up with nike to create a drop dead gorgeous collection of trainers and sportswear! everyone is wearing trainers atm, and with such an iconic and individual print, i definitely understand why most items have sold out! i thought i'd show you all a few of my favourite items, and just pray that they come into stock again soon (and i magically get some money i can spend!)

these are most definitely my favourite of the bunch. i am desperate for some roshe nikes, i think they're so cute and a little bit more lightweight than other trainers - making them perfect for summer. they're so cute, and the print is so individual. the navy blue colour also means that they'll go with so much. so technically, i need them...size 8, yeah?

i am still yet to own a pair of air maxes. i have pretty much every other type of nike, so it's shameful that i don't have any. these are so so so nice. i just can't get enough of the gorgeous print, it really creates a statement piece in your wardrobe, and they won't be around for long! with some skinny jeans and a cute white tshirt, maybe a denim jacket, these would look super on trend and chic. and that's for a trainer. congrats liberty and nike, you've cracked it.

recently i've got into going to the gym, and that is definitely unlike me (blame the depression of third year making me WANT to go out and exercise!!!), so if i'm exercising, i still want to look fashionable. these are perfect for this cause. the pattern is subtle but really quirky, with the two different patterns clashing in a pretty perfect way. i'm desperate to rock these at my local gym, and will have to save my pennies for them!

so i hope you enjoyed this different post. i'm finding it so hard to post OOTD's as third year makes it near enough impossible to have photos taken! BUT, this week i will make the time, and i have so many gorgeous things to show you! remember to vote for me HERE for best personal style blog! until next time xo

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  1. The style presented is just so inspirational it makes me want to go out and buy the outfit straight away. The angle of the photos, the contrast of the photos, the way the blog is written is just Sha-mazing, even the font gets me excited. This blog is the first thing i read in the morning and last thing i read at night, it is my one and only. A life without this blog would not be worth living, days when there aren't new posts end in me crying myself to sleep. I just can't even deal with this blog, even now whilst writing this i have tears streaming down my face because the blog is SO DAMN GOOD.


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