Monday, 28 April 2014

little bow peep

(jacket - ark* (sold out!) - topshop...jeans - ark*...trainers - topshop)

another week, another day in the library, oh the woes of being a third year. only 3 weeks left until i'm free! this is another example of third year fashion. aka, the outfit i wear pretty much every day...

first things first, we need to talk about this jacket. it literally hasn't left my back since i got it. it's from ark, and unfortunately sold out atm, but i'm sure they'll be getting some stock in soon. it's the perfect oversized jacket. it's just so perfect for chucking on, especially in this humid weather that doesn't require a coat. it updates an outfit instantly, showing that you don't have to be boring to be casual. 

whilst the rest of the outfit is, admittedly, kinda plain - i thought i'd brighten it up with my cute little bow i got from topshop a few months ago. i love the mustard colour, and it just makes me feel a lil bit cuteeeee - which is definitely the opposite of how i actually feel buried under all my work! seriously 3rd year, give a gal a break!

hope you're all ok! remember there's still time to vote for me in the company blogger awards HERE in the best personal style category :) xo


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  2. Pretty outfit! Can't go wrong with a grey t-shirt :) Good luck with all your uni work, only three weeks left! xx

  3. Aw cute bow, lovely pics!

  4. Lovely outfit - simply yet super stylish! The bow looks fab on you :)

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