Wednesday, 2 April 2014

fave thangs #1

so blogging in third year is difficult. finding the time to do outfit posts amongst writing a dissertation, 3 essays and also interning is nearly impossible. but, i miss blogging. so thought i'd share with you a few of my favourite thangs at the moment online. dreaming whilst i work. sigh. any other third years feeling my pain??

(left to right)
i'm allll about the crop top for a night out, or even a day look with highwaisted trousers. mesh is everywhere at the moment, and i think this is absolutely gorgeous and would suit pretty much everyone. easy to chuck on for a spontaneous night out (which they all are for me atm as im allllll about the work.)

i have been layering my necklaces recently to liven up a plain tshirt, and i just love this one from topshop which does the layering for you! sorted. it's got a real boho feel to it, and makes any outfit effortlessly cool.

tbh, i don't need any more beanies. i have way too many black beanies for one head. however, my addiction is growing, and this beanie may make an appearance in my collection...especially as it is in the sale!

i bought these the other day and i absolutely love them. they're so comfy and update a pair of jeans to an on trend look. topshop have so many colours in this style, and they're a really reasonable price- especially with a student discount thrown on top. wicked.

skinny, ripped jeans are everywhere at the moment and i want in on this trend. i'm a bit afraid to rip my own beloved black jeans in fear that i'll do it wrong (how you can rip jeans wrong i don't know...but i'm sure i'd be able to do it). they remind me of being 15 and a lil punk rocker, and a little nostalgia never killed anybody!

promise outfit posts are coming! until next time xo


  1. Love the mesh top <3 I remember my third year dissertation woes well I know your pain!! xx

  2. I love the beanie
    Rachel XX

  3. I'm a third year student and have just started my fashion blog, it is so hard to balance the two!
    Love the blog by the way!
    Charlie x


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