Sunday, 13 April 2014

dissertation dramzzz

(top - internacionale...jeans - ark*...trainers - topshop*...sunglasses - oliver peoples)

soo i'm a third year and currently buried under the stresses of my dissertation. alongside it, i have 2 projects in on the same day, and then an essay and 2 exams. not cool. because of this, my daily fashion is for comfort and 'whatever i found on the floor'. sick.

this is an example of my typical everyday outfit at the moment. i'm very monochrome. i don't really do colour. perhaps i am grieving my social life. anyway. wearing a GREY top is actually a wacky 'out there' choice for me. i love the mesh sleeves, and even though it doesn't really photograph nicely, i love the oversized look. (NB: im not actually shaped like a box.)

ripped jeans are everywhere atm, and not only am i buried with work - im also poor. so i cant afford to buy some nice already ripped jeans. so, i decided to do it myself. i think i've done an alright job, adding an edge to denim. i also absolutely adoreee these topshop slip on trainers. ultra comfortable and just so easy to update an outfit!

sending love to all the third years. remember to vote for my blog in the company blog awards :) best personal style category would be ace! until next time xo


  1. Cool outfit! I'm usually stuck in my ripped jeans, grey boyfriend t-shirt and converse, simple as :) xx

  2. Such a nice outfit - you look lovely, as usual! I'm pretty monochrome as well at the moment, but I think that I'll be getting a bit more colourful in the run up to summer!
    I've voted for you in the Company blog awards, got my fingers crossed!
    Soph x


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