Monday, 28 April 2014

little bow peep

(jacket - ark* (sold out!) - topshop...jeans - ark*...trainers - topshop)

another week, another day in the library, oh the woes of being a third year. only 3 weeks left until i'm free! this is another example of third year fashion. aka, the outfit i wear pretty much every day...

first things first, we need to talk about this jacket. it literally hasn't left my back since i got it. it's from ark, and unfortunately sold out atm, but i'm sure they'll be getting some stock in soon. it's the perfect oversized jacket. it's just so perfect for chucking on, especially in this humid weather that doesn't require a coat. it updates an outfit instantly, showing that you don't have to be boring to be casual. 

whilst the rest of the outfit is, admittedly, kinda plain - i thought i'd brighten it up with my cute little bow i got from topshop a few months ago. i love the mustard colour, and it just makes me feel a lil bit cuteeeee - which is definitely the opposite of how i actually feel buried under all my work! seriously 3rd year, give a gal a break!

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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Nike x Liberty Collection

when you get out of oxford street tube, take a turn down argyll street. staring you in the face is the stunning liberty london, a huge department shop almost hidden away in the capital, visible to those looking for it. the building itself is absolutely incredible, with the most amazing visual merchandising. it's hard to walk past without having a good long stare.

liberty london have some of the most iconic prints in the world, with incredible floral designs available in material to make your own creations with, or you can buy amazing scarves, curtains, blouses... near enough anything! so, you can imagine my excitement when i found out liberty had teamed up with nike to create a drop dead gorgeous collection of trainers and sportswear! everyone is wearing trainers atm, and with such an iconic and individual print, i definitely understand why most items have sold out! i thought i'd show you all a few of my favourite items, and just pray that they come into stock again soon (and i magically get some money i can spend!)

these are most definitely my favourite of the bunch. i am desperate for some roshe nikes, i think they're so cute and a little bit more lightweight than other trainers - making them perfect for summer. they're so cute, and the print is so individual. the navy blue colour also means that they'll go with so much. so technically, i need them...size 8, yeah?

i am still yet to own a pair of air maxes. i have pretty much every other type of nike, so it's shameful that i don't have any. these are so so so nice. i just can't get enough of the gorgeous print, it really creates a statement piece in your wardrobe, and they won't be around for long! with some skinny jeans and a cute white tshirt, maybe a denim jacket, these would look super on trend and chic. and that's for a trainer. congrats liberty and nike, you've cracked it.

recently i've got into going to the gym, and that is definitely unlike me (blame the depression of third year making me WANT to go out and exercise!!!), so if i'm exercising, i still want to look fashionable. these are perfect for this cause. the pattern is subtle but really quirky, with the two different patterns clashing in a pretty perfect way. i'm desperate to rock these at my local gym, and will have to save my pennies for them!

so i hope you enjoyed this different post. i'm finding it so hard to post OOTD's as third year makes it near enough impossible to have photos taken! BUT, this week i will make the time, and i have so many gorgeous things to show you! remember to vote for me HERE for best personal style blog! until next time xo

Thursday, 24 April 2014

dying to be cher horowitz

(dress - glamorous... shoes - vagabond...bag - asos)

i am still absolutely obsessed with clueless. it feels like it's the voice of my generation, with all my gal pals knowing exactly what i mean when i say 'way harsh tai'. i tried to create an outfit that cher would be proud of. after all, i don't want to be a monet.

i've had this dress for a while now, i initially got it for interning but now i love it. i dont often wear dresses in the day, but this is perfect for summer. super casual and so so comfy! 

these shoes are my friends, but i felt they went with the outfit so well - i managed to squeeze my massive feet into them!!! vagabonds are ridiculously comfortable, i have a pair of the heeled boots and i can wear them all day with no problems at all. whilst they are a little pricey, they're definitely worth it!

soo a little short today! if i don't post regularly it's because i'm in the final stages of my third year at uni. just submitted my dissertation, so the end is nigh! remember to vote for my blog in the company blogger awards in the best personal style category :) until next time xo

Sunday, 20 April 2014

interning: my verdict

i've been interning in the fashion world for over a year now, and finally it's paid off as i have a job for next year. i thought it might be interesting or beneficial to you guys to note my personal experiences with the whole 'interning' thing, and show you it's not all doom and gloom and exploitation. if it's helpful to just one person i'll be a happy laydeeeee :)

firstly, i think it's really important to say that you shouldn't believe everything you read. the amount of times i've read articles condemning internships, branding them as exploitation and just would be enough to put me off, and when i landed my first internship i was absolutely terrified. whilst i'm sure there are bad experiences, i like to believe that the majority are NOT LIKE THIS. i've interned at 5 different places  so i'm no expert, but every establishment has been so helpful and lovely to me. there's no devil wears prada drama, you're not expected to wear designer heels (this is actively discouraged, as you need to be comfy) and the people are generally lovely. i like to think all the people in paid positions have been interns, so understand the nerves and the desire to please, so everyone has been lovely. 

i have a really strong opinion about interning as i believe it's really strengthened my CV, and i truly think that without this extra experience i wouldn't have got my job in PR. whilst a degree and education is important, you can't put a price on experience. it shows you have an insight into the industry, you've paid your dues at the bottom, and you're self-motivated enough to work for free. 

the whole working for free aspect of interning is really difficult. i've been really lucky in the fact that i have family in London. i understand though that this isn't the case for everyone, and commuting everyday from another city or town can be near enough impossible, as train fares are ridiikkk! even using the oyster everyday is tough, so the financial aspect of interning for free can be so tough. it's great when internships offer you expenses, but often these come at the end of your time with them, so financially it's really hard. BUT, as stressed as i've got with this and worried i'm going to max out my overdraft, i feel that the experience outweighs this sometimes, and even if you do a week somewhere - it's better than nothing, and gives you such an amazing addition!

in articles on internships, there are a lot of comments like 'it was a waste of time...i went to do journalism and all i did was transcribe...all i did was return was all admin' and this, personally, is irritating. you shouldn't expect to walk into a major magazine/PR firm/wherever and be presented with styling a shoot for Cara Delevingne, interviewing One Direction, or creating a major campaign for Topshop. you HAVE to do the menial work in order to get to where you want to be. sure, you're doing returns all day, but twist it on the positive - you'll learn all the PRs, and you'll get to yearn over beautiful clothes all day. yes, you might be scanning coverage, but improving your IT skills is absolutely essential to any job. transcribing an interview is KEY for the final edit, so don't knock it! everyone has to start somewhere, from small beginnings come great things, you'll appreciate it more when you get  to where you want to be if you've worked hard. heck, even Kanye West interned at Fendi!

i guess what i'm trying to say is, don't knock interning for all the bad press it gets. yes, it's hard work and can be expensive, but if you get the opportunity GO FOR IT. if it's at vogue or your local newspaper, it's invaluable experience that you'll never forget. i think interning has been one of the most important stages of my life, and i like to think that it's helped me understand the industry much more.

if you'd like to read about my internships at fabulous, elle, the guardian, benefit cosmetics and new look just click away!

hope this wasn't too longwinded, and it's helped at least someone! remember to vote for me HERE for best personal style blog :) until next time xo

Sunday, 13 April 2014

dissertation dramzzz

(top - internacionale...jeans - ark*...trainers - topshop*...sunglasses - oliver peoples)

soo i'm a third year and currently buried under the stresses of my dissertation. alongside it, i have 2 projects in on the same day, and then an essay and 2 exams. not cool. because of this, my daily fashion is for comfort and 'whatever i found on the floor'. sick.

this is an example of my typical everyday outfit at the moment. i'm very monochrome. i don't really do colour. perhaps i am grieving my social life. anyway. wearing a GREY top is actually a wacky 'out there' choice for me. i love the mesh sleeves, and even though it doesn't really photograph nicely, i love the oversized look. (NB: im not actually shaped like a box.)

ripped jeans are everywhere atm, and not only am i buried with work - im also poor. so i cant afford to buy some nice already ripped jeans. so, i decided to do it myself. i think i've done an alright job, adding an edge to denim. i also absolutely adoreee these topshop slip on trainers. ultra comfortable and just so easy to update an outfit!

sending love to all the third years. remember to vote for my blog in the company blog awards :) best personal style category would be ace! until next time xo

Thursday, 10 April 2014

daisy daisy

the sun came out for a few hours today, which made it perfect to take a few cheeky pics for my good oleee blog! feel like i haven't done an outfit post in ages, so it's time to stop neglecting this bad boy and get back on my game!

i got sent this absolutely gorgeous playsuit around my birthday, and i lovelovelove it. playsuits are a bit awks for me, i'm kinda tall so if i get an 8 sometimes they're a little bit small...but if i get a 10, it can be a little baggy. alas. i cut my losses and got the 8, and it's an absolutely perfect fit. it's a little short, but for summer it's perfectomundooo!

the pattern is so cute. i always wear black, and the white daisy's are a really nice break from my usual goth also makes it a little bit more feminine - a pretty little outfit for the summer ferrr sureeee!

now. we need to talk about these boots. they seriously haven't left my feet since i've got them, they're so comfortable and give you a little bit of height. they're really transferable, they're subtle enough to wear in the day, but the extra height they give you can make an evening outfit killerrrrr!
(big thanks to ma girl kitty for taking these photos btw xxx)
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Sunday, 6 April 2014

New Look PR Internship

soo! i've been a little bit AWOL recently, as i've been interning at New Look in their head offices helping with the PR department! it's been such a fun week, and i thought i'd fill you in on what i've been up to! as my interning diaries in the past have been quite popular :)

so, my week started at the head offices just off oxford street, which was exciting as oxford street is always so busy and everyone has such great style. i was shown to the PR department along with another intern, which was a nice lil surprise as usually i don't have a fellow intern buddy. New Look always have at least 5 interns at any one time, so i had some company and people who had been there longer to teach me what to do! :) it was so exciting for me as New Look is a brand i've been faithful to since i was super young, and to get an insight into how things work is absolutely amazing.

at head office, there are a few main jobs that the interns are in charge of everyday. in PR, it is absolutely integral to manage the press coverage for the brand. this involves going through daily newspapers, weekly, monthly and supplement mags and checking for any new look products involved. if there is anything, it has to be scanned and logged into the database so it can be used in future best of press reports. also, as per any internship, there are returns to go through! these are inevitable but so crucial to sort out, otherwise there would be a backup of clothes that no one could sort out!

as well as working in the head offices, i also got to work in the press office that is situated at the back of the flagship store on oxford street. this is where they suit out all the call ins from daily press and shortlead media, so people who have weekly deadlines...stylists on tv shows...and also celebrity gifting. this means getting a brief from a stylist and then going round the shop finding stuff that fits the brief. i actually loved doing this, as it was a little bit creative and styling is an area of fashion that i'd love to go into one day.

i've really loved doing this internship, and i'm back next week for a few more days :) it's such amazing experience in PR, and really useful for me because **ANNOUNCEMENT** i have landed myself a job next year with a shoe company/wingfield PR as a PR and social media assistant!!!!!! i can't believe it and it's so nice to know all these internships have paid off!

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Thursday, 3 April 2014

a request: company blogger awards 2014

(few of my favourite posts)

so. this is awkward. it's that time of year again when company magazine starts the nominations for their blogging awards, and i think it would be just dandy if i could be nominated for a second year in a row!

being nominated last year and then shortlisted was an absolute honour. my blog was only a lil baby, and to be in the same category as blogs such as inthefrow (who was the very deserving winner!) was amazing. the whole evening was so much fun, with sushi...champagne...clothes....a photobooth, and a handful of bloggers that i absolutely adore. i'd love to even be able to go to the ceremony again, so i need to get shortlisted!

i really think that my blog has come on in leaps and bounds since last year. i've immersed myself in the blogging community and the fashion world, with frequent outfit posts and interning advice and posts. i love blogging and would just love to be shortlisted by some of my lovely readers! if you would take 2 seconds to vote that would be ace.

i don't want to ram it down everyone's throats, as it's your decision who you vote for! but, if you do enjoy a cheeky read of this blog, pleaseeeee click the link HEREHEREHERE and vote for to be nominated in the best personal style category!  it's also linked on the side of my blog, and you can simply click the image :) would mean a lot :)

thanks guysssss hope i get lucky! until next time xo

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

fave thangs #1

so blogging in third year is difficult. finding the time to do outfit posts amongst writing a dissertation, 3 essays and also interning is nearly impossible. but, i miss blogging. so thought i'd share with you a few of my favourite thangs at the moment online. dreaming whilst i work. sigh. any other third years feeling my pain??

(left to right)
i'm allll about the crop top for a night out, or even a day look with highwaisted trousers. mesh is everywhere at the moment, and i think this is absolutely gorgeous and would suit pretty much everyone. easy to chuck on for a spontaneous night out (which they all are for me atm as im allllll about the work.)

i have been layering my necklaces recently to liven up a plain tshirt, and i just love this one from topshop which does the layering for you! sorted. it's got a real boho feel to it, and makes any outfit effortlessly cool.

tbh, i don't need any more beanies. i have way too many black beanies for one head. however, my addiction is growing, and this beanie may make an appearance in my collection...especially as it is in the sale!

i bought these the other day and i absolutely love them. they're so comfy and update a pair of jeans to an on trend look. topshop have so many colours in this style, and they're a really reasonable price- especially with a student discount thrown on top. wicked.

skinny, ripped jeans are everywhere at the moment and i want in on this trend. i'm a bit afraid to rip my own beloved black jeans in fear that i'll do it wrong (how you can rip jeans wrong i don't know...but i'm sure i'd be able to do it). they remind me of being 15 and a lil punk rocker, and a little nostalgia never killed anybody!

promise outfit posts are coming! until next time xo
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