Friday, 14 March 2014

White Day in Association with New Look

today, march the 14th, is celebrate your man day. yes readers, a whole day dedicated to celebrating any man in your life who you think deserves a cheeky treat just for being fantastic. it's called white day, and is usually celebrated in japan, but the lovely people at New Look figured it'd be a bit of fun to start it over here! 

i decided to treat my boyfriend to a present, as he's often moaning that i get all these free clothes and he never does. so, be grateful. he chose a red parka jacket (link here), which is a bit redundant in this unusually warm weather, but will definitely be of use when it's colder. he very kindly agreed to let me take a photo of him, so naturally he now thinks he's a model. men, eh? i think it really suits him actually, and he usually styles things with a cap, which goes really well with this. he's happy, so i'm happy! 

so, whether its your boyfriend, husband, dad, brother, grandad, uncle, friend.... celebrate today with a man in your life who you appreciate :) until next time xo



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