Thursday, 27 March 2014

polaroid instax mini 8: review

there's something kind of special about a physical photo. these days it's all very digital, you never go to boots and get your photos developed anymore (partially because it's bllaadyyy expensive). so, when my housemates bought me a polaroid camera for my 21st birthday, i  was over the moon. it's such an amazing product, and i know it's super popular in the blogging community, so i thought i'd review it for y'all!

first off, the obvious thing that i love about this camera is the colour. it's such a cute baby pink, which i think appeals to a lot of galz out there. it also comes in blue and white i think, so it's nice to have options! it kind of looks like a marshmellow, as it's quite compact. it's not a big chunky thang, it's small enough to fit into your bag, which is great for snapping moments on the go!

the camera has a few different settings, which is great as when it's super sunny or dark you can adjust it so you get the perfect photo! it also lets you know how many snaps you've got left on your film, which is really helpful as you know exactly when you run out - a nostalgic throwback to disposable cameras.

the actual film is pretty expensive. on amazon i think it's £15 for 20 shots. so you can't just take photos of everything... but i think that's what makes it special. you save the film for special moments or days out that you have. for instance, i saved all my film for my recent trip to paris, which created so many cute shots which i know i'll have forever! the photos come out of the top of the camera, and they're quite small, so perfect to create collages in a frame or even pop in your purse!

i really love this camera. yes, the film is expensive, but i think it's really worth it for such unique photos. the whole hype around polaroid is really coming back, and i think it's a worthy investment for creating a bit of magic around photography again!

hope this has helped! until next time xo


  1. i've had an instax mini for a while now, and they're so lovely! it's so nice to be able to keep a physical copy of the photo :)!

    followed you on bloglovin

    charlotte x

  2. I love this, the colour is so cute! I've had a 7s instax & now i've got a mini 90, i've reviewed them both on my blog :) xxx

  3. I've had my eye on my camera for ages and I think you've finally persuaded me to bite the bullet! I had no idea it had settings too, even more amazing! xx

    Adventures of an Anglophile

  4. OMG! This camera is fab - breaking my shopping ban and getting one, you lucky duck!

  5. Ahhh I want one so bad! Might have to go for it! xx

  6. Aw I used to have one and they are super cute, but I sold it to cut expenses. I shoot a lot of film though and I always go to Tesco because for development + your pictures on a CD it's £3. Not too bad.

  7. The pics from Paris came out so nicely! I'm definitely going to take mine on holiday with me :)

  8. i would love to get this camera, having only a limited amount of shots makes the photographer cherish each photo even more. it is really something special.x

  9. LOVE the colour of this camera, the shots look so cool and perfect for sticking around your room



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