Monday, 24 March 2014

a weekend in paris

(all images are my own)

the 21st of march was a special day, as it marked my 21st birthday. 21 on the 21st. woohoo. and for my big pressie, i was treated to a weekend away with joe to PARIS. it was so nice to visit a city i'd never been to before, and i thought i'd share a few of my fave bits for anyone interested in paris and what it has to offer!

first off, i have to say that my mother (hi mum) works in paris a lot, therefore the train there and back was free due to her points. i was also treated to the business class lounge when we departed as a special treat, which was incredible. allllll the gin. allllll the crisps. yum! the eurostar train is quite literally amazing. in 2 hours we were at gare du nord in paris - the same amount of time it takes me to travel to manchester! 

when we got to paris, we went and found our apartment which was situated in place d'italie, which was a little bit out of the center but very easy to get to. our apartment was literally  right next to a shopping centre which had a zara and a sephora....needless to say, i was excited. it was a gorgeous little apartment, and we enjoyed incredibly yummy meals in the restaurant next door. bon appetit. 

moving on to the sights of paris!! we were only there for 2 nights, so we had to cram as much as we could into that time! on the saturday, we were top tourists and went to visit the eiffel tower, and we went riiiiight up to the top! WORD OF ADVICE: book tickets for this online prior to your trip, the queue for non-tickets was absolutely massive compared to the teeny tiny queue for people with tickets. it'll make it a lot easier for you on the day! the view from the top was absolutely incredible, well worth the scary lift! paris looked like a little toy town, and it was amazing to be so high up!

we also checked out the arc de triomphe and champs elysees (again, home to sephora, mac and the biggest louis vuitton shop ive EVER seen), and we also had to go to the louvre and see the mona lisa! another word of advice, these attractions are FREE for students of the EU, so don't fork out for a ticket - just bring your passport! we also randomly bumped into the padlock bridge, which was amazing to see and sososo cute seeing all the padlocks!! on our final day, armed with our suitcases, we visited sacre coeur, which had amazinggg views but our suitcases prevented us from climbing all the stairs. we found ourselves a lovely little cafe and had crepes instead. oops.

i'll leave it there, as it's a very pic/word heavy post! but i definitely recommend Paris as a get away. until next time! xo


  1. Ahh, sounds like you had a lovely whirlwind trip! Paris is such a gorgeous city to visit and looks like you had the weather too :) Also, Happy Birthday!
    Rhiannon xx

  2. These photographs are beautiful. Celebrating your 21st by going on a whirlwind trip to Paris sounds absolutely perfect (happy belated birthday, by the way!)


  3. Awww sounds like the perfect 21st on the 21st :)
    Really lovely photos.


  4. Really lovely pics! Thank you for sharing. Happy birthday :-)

  5. your pics are fab looks like you had an amazing time!!

  6. Your pictures look amazing, makes me want to go back to Paris!

    Dina x



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