Thursday, 27 March 2014

polaroid instax mini 8: review

there's something kind of special about a physical photo. these days it's all very digital, you never go to boots and get your photos developed anymore (partially because it's bllaadyyy expensive). so, when my housemates bought me a polaroid camera for my 21st birthday, i  was over the moon. it's such an amazing product, and i know it's super popular in the blogging community, so i thought i'd review it for y'all!

first off, the obvious thing that i love about this camera is the colour. it's such a cute baby pink, which i think appeals to a lot of galz out there. it also comes in blue and white i think, so it's nice to have options! it kind of looks like a marshmellow, as it's quite compact. it's not a big chunky thang, it's small enough to fit into your bag, which is great for snapping moments on the go!

the camera has a few different settings, which is great as when it's super sunny or dark you can adjust it so you get the perfect photo! it also lets you know how many snaps you've got left on your film, which is really helpful as you know exactly when you run out - a nostalgic throwback to disposable cameras.

the actual film is pretty expensive. on amazon i think it's £15 for 20 shots. so you can't just take photos of everything... but i think that's what makes it special. you save the film for special moments or days out that you have. for instance, i saved all my film for my recent trip to paris, which created so many cute shots which i know i'll have forever! the photos come out of the top of the camera, and they're quite small, so perfect to create collages in a frame or even pop in your purse!

i really love this camera. yes, the film is expensive, but i think it's really worth it for such unique photos. the whole hype around polaroid is really coming back, and i think it's a worthy investment for creating a bit of magic around photography again!

hope this has helped! until next time xo

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

kimye on vogue: the debate

first off, I should say that I 100% keep up with the kardashians. i'm rooting for rob to lose that weight, I grieved over the divorce of Lamar and Khloe, and yes, I fancy Scott Disick a little bit. also, i should also say that I am a massive fan of Kanye West's music. Yeezus is an absolute banger. so, . when I write this, remember that this is merely my opinion so no haterz plz.

it hasn't come as a massive shock that their recent American Vogue cover has rocked the fashion world to its fabulous core. Kimye are a somewhat controversial couple, what with Kim's claim to fame being a sex tape and hanging out with Paris Hilton, and Kanye's infamous rants and fights with the paparazzi. they don't hold the same prestige that Jay Z and Beyonce have, perhaps due to to Kim's reality TV career. my question is simple: why is it such a big deal?

on the one hand...i can perfectly understand the somewhat horror over the fact a woman famous from reality television has graced such a prestigious fashion magazine that has been home to power house women for years. incredible women such as michelle obama, adele, beyonce (and that's only this decade) have been gifted the front cover of Vogue, all having changed the course of their career in some way. what ground breaking work/talent does Kim K really have? she is not a singer, actress or politician. she is merely a personality with a fabulous wardrobe. surely this doesn't warrant a cover of the world's most talked about cover?  I can imagine Grace Coddington seething as she was told of this decision. models work and work and starve and starve for years to get even a shot of their ankle in Vogue, and Kim sells out her personal life and gets a cover.

on the other's not just Kim on the cover. Kanye West is clearly a talented musician who understands fashion and art, he's an extremist ready to push the boundaries. talent is rewarded in Vogue, and I honestly believe Kanye deserves his spot on the cover any day of the week. additionally, you have to admit, the world is obsessed with them. from what Kim's wearing, to a new shot of Baby North, to what Kanye is ranting about now, every move is documented. so, why not give an exclusive interview with intimate details to the world's most famous magazine, which amazing family shots photographed by the incredible annie leibovitz? vogue is a business, and Anna Wintour knows exactly what she's doing. she's groundbreaking, and her decisions may seem shock-worthy at times, but the woman is a force of nature. it's an incredible stunt for the magazine, which will rake in publicity in its millions. my final point be honest, Kim honestly is fashionable these days. she looks incredible, and Kanye has reigned in her fame-whoring to a minimum (much to Kris Jenner's disgust, I assume). so, why not?

personally? I think the photos are gorgeous, and I (admittedly) love reading about Kanye West - so any personal interview with him is a winner in my books. I think we should try and forget Kim's past, and embrace her high fashion future. but next time, I'd rather see Kendall. #obsessed.

until next time...xo

Monday, 24 March 2014

a weekend in paris

(all images are my own)

the 21st of march was a special day, as it marked my 21st birthday. 21 on the 21st. woohoo. and for my big pressie, i was treated to a weekend away with joe to PARIS. it was so nice to visit a city i'd never been to before, and i thought i'd share a few of my fave bits for anyone interested in paris and what it has to offer!

first off, i have to say that my mother (hi mum) works in paris a lot, therefore the train there and back was free due to her points. i was also treated to the business class lounge when we departed as a special treat, which was incredible. allllll the gin. allllll the crisps. yum! the eurostar train is quite literally amazing. in 2 hours we were at gare du nord in paris - the same amount of time it takes me to travel to manchester! 

when we got to paris, we went and found our apartment which was situated in place d'italie, which was a little bit out of the center but very easy to get to. our apartment was literally  right next to a shopping centre which had a zara and a sephora....needless to say, i was excited. it was a gorgeous little apartment, and we enjoyed incredibly yummy meals in the restaurant next door. bon appetit. 

moving on to the sights of paris!! we were only there for 2 nights, so we had to cram as much as we could into that time! on the saturday, we were top tourists and went to visit the eiffel tower, and we went riiiiight up to the top! WORD OF ADVICE: book tickets for this online prior to your trip, the queue for non-tickets was absolutely massive compared to the teeny tiny queue for people with tickets. it'll make it a lot easier for you on the day! the view from the top was absolutely incredible, well worth the scary lift! paris looked like a little toy town, and it was amazing to be so high up!

we also checked out the arc de triomphe and champs elysees (again, home to sephora, mac and the biggest louis vuitton shop ive EVER seen), and we also had to go to the louvre and see the mona lisa! another word of advice, these attractions are FREE for students of the EU, so don't fork out for a ticket - just bring your passport! we also randomly bumped into the padlock bridge, which was amazing to see and sososo cute seeing all the padlocks!! on our final day, armed with our suitcases, we visited sacre coeur, which had amazinggg views but our suitcases prevented us from climbing all the stairs. we found ourselves a lovely little cafe and had crepes instead. oops.

i'll leave it there, as it's a very pic/word heavy post! but i definitely recommend Paris as a get away. until next time! xo

Friday, 14 March 2014

White Day in Association with New Look

today, march the 14th, is celebrate your man day. yes readers, a whole day dedicated to celebrating any man in your life who you think deserves a cheeky treat just for being fantastic. it's called white day, and is usually celebrated in japan, but the lovely people at New Look figured it'd be a bit of fun to start it over here! 

i decided to treat my boyfriend to a present, as he's often moaning that i get all these free clothes and he never does. so, be grateful. he chose a red parka jacket (link here), which is a bit redundant in this unusually warm weather, but will definitely be of use when it's colder. he very kindly agreed to let me take a photo of him, so naturally he now thinks he's a model. men, eh? i think it really suits him actually, and he usually styles things with a cap, which goes really well with this. he's happy, so i'm happy! 

so, whether its your boyfriend, husband, dad, brother, grandad, uncle, friend.... celebrate today with a man in your life who you appreciate :) until next time xo


Tuesday, 11 March 2014

you're a virgin who can't drive: clueless inspired fashion

like every other 20 something year old girl out there, i live my life by the words spoken by cher horowitz. clueless is as current today as it was when it was released in 1995 (eh???), and its fashion still has me wishing for a wardrobe that picks my outfits for me. sigh. here are a few pieces out in the high street today which i think would grace cher and dionne proudly. enjoy xo

(from top to bottom)


Friday, 7 March 2014

brow arch march: brows with benefit

it's brow arch march people! sound the alarm, it's time to sort out your brows for a good cause! benefit and debenhams have teamed up to support 'look good feel better', and they are waxing eyebrows for a mere £5 donation, with all money going to a charity which treats the visible side effects of cancer for women. click the link here to read more

i am all for taming brows. when i was younger, and everyone was plucking their eyebrows off into thin lines, i went the other way. i didn't do anything to mine. it was monobrow city. horrific. i sorted this out, but it was only at university i started to colour them in and actually embrace eyebrow maintenance. brow arch march is a fantastic way to get your own eyebrows in shape! 

the babes at benefit counters across debenhams all over the UK are ready and waiting to sort out your brows for a mere £5 donation! it's normally double this, so you're getting an amazing treatment for cheapcheapcheap! everytime i've got my brows done at benefit, i've always felt amazed at just how great they look. they really do know how to do the perfect arch, and for me, i like mine thick, and they always keep them so thick that cara would be proud! 

i also use benefit browzings to  heighten the drama of my brows. i absolutely adore this product, and i use it pretty much everyday, feeling naked without it! the product comes with 2 mini brushes, one for angling and one for blending, and a cute little tweezer. there's a coloured wax that you put on first, ensuring all the hairs are in place, and then using the blending brush you go over your brows in the powder included. easy peasy! 

i really urge everyone to go and get your brows done at a benefit counter near you. it's for such a good cause, and paying £5 for an expert to do your brows is absolutely necessary! tell your friends, mums, aunts, cousins, grandmas....... anyone and everyone!!! 

until next time xo

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

ready for the afterglow

(hat - boy london...coat - - ark*...jeans - ark*...bag - ark* - office...)

uni is getting more intense as i prepare for my final months. but, just because i spend all my time in the library doesn't mean i can't try and look nice!

this outfit is something i wear all the time to uni. it's really easy to chuck on and feel comfy in. i love a good striped top. i have about 5 now, and they're all the same but as high school musical said - stick to the stuff you's a really comfy and flattering fit as well, and i'm probably gonna wear it everyday. soz guys. i absolutely loveeeeee this coat as well, it's from eBay and was a steal at £20. 

i finally got a new bag! my old backpack is falling to pieces, and i feel that it's time to move on from the back pack and have a grown up bag. this bag, as you can see, is white. now. this is different to anything i've ever had before. but, i kinda love it. it looks great with all black outfits, and can also be worn as a backpack if i feel like regressing to my former bag.

so! super cute outfit. hope you liked it! until next time xo
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