Wednesday, 19 February 2014

let's make up

hey galzzzz (and guys, if you're here). bit of a different post today, i know this is predominantly a fashion blog, but guess what - everyday i plaster myself in make up. so i guess i'm interested in make up as well...anywayz, a few weeks ago i posted HERE about a shoot i did with my university magazine, and i thought i'd share the final images and talk you through the looks :) we had an amazing make up artist with us to achieve the looks, so i apologise if the descriptions are a bit amateur! 

this is the first look we shot. it's pretty basic, but it is centered around peachy cheeks. this look was achieved by having a clean base with foundation and powder, and then applying some cream blusher to build up the colour and produce a really pretty and natural flush of colour. i recommend using the topshop blush in flush cream blusher, it's super easy to apply for people who aren't really confident with make up (like me), and you can build up the colour gradually to create the peachy cheek look. this is perfect for a day to day look, or for drinks in the evening with friends. it's super healthy looking and makes a nice change from pink or red cheeks! 

apologies for looking like a bitchy cheerleader here... this was one of my favourite looks as it's so different, i wouldn't have tried this usually but it actually looks so nice! we achieved this look by applying a primer (i recommend urban decay, super good) first, to make sure the colour stuck, then used a barry m blue eyeliner pencil to create the cute lil flick. we also used some eyeshadow from mac (think it's called Atlantic Blue) to make the colour blend and look a little smudged, and also brighten the blue. this is so unusual but sooooo cute, i really love the overall look and think it'd really transform my normal evening make up. gotta embrace a lil bit of difference entttt yaaaa!

this one is alll about dem lipzz. i'm way too pouty. anyway...this look was achieved by actually mixing two different lip colours. predominantly, we used rebel by mac, which is an absolutely gorgeous colour. it's really rich and really perfects the purple shade that's so popular at the moment. we also used a topshop lippy called the damned, which is similar but a little lighter, almost creating an ombre effect. i am a massive fan of statement lips on a night out, so  i will definitely be wearing this more often. i think to really augment the look a lip liner would be amazing, as it would give really defined shape and just look gorgeeeeee. such a fan of this look. such a fan. 

now. i am aware that i kinda look dead in this shot. but it's the right kind of moody for the grungey eyes we wanted to portray. we used the world famous neutrals kit by the fabulous benefit, and stuck to the darker shades, ensuring they were properly blended in the corner to create a real smokey look. we also put a darker shade on the bottom of the eye to really personify the grunge. totes cool...  my eyebrows were backcombed and made super thick and bushy (well, as much as they could be. i had a threading disaster so they weren't as thick as i wanted...) and a heap load of mascara (which took a long time to get off). this is super intense, but i lovedddd it. perfect for nights out, and i will definitely need to try this a$$$$$$ap!

so i hope you enjoyed my beauty post! i'm not a make up artist so i do apologise for my less than detailed descriptions haha! until next time xo


  1. I love the first look with the peachy cheers, really suits your complexion! I am definitely trying that cream blusher next time I go shopping.


  2. love the first look :) and your hair in the plait.


  3. Love the last look on you, so jealous of your lips!
    Great blog also, love reading about your internships x

  4. so gorgeous! particularly love the purple lips :) you should definitely do more beauty post this one is so good :) xx

  5. these are lovely! I'm going to try and perfect my make up skills. Always go for really basic things; if I miss it up then no one will notice. I love your blog too. So glad I came across it. I've just started mine.

  6. You look gorg in them all but I think my favourite has to be the plum lip and fishtail/twisted side pony. I'd like to see some more beauty posts :) x

    Life of a Trainee Journalist

  7. This was a really cool post that I really enjoyed! I like the winged blue eyeliner the best (:
    ~Makaela at


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