Friday, 7 February 2014

interning: the guardian fashion department

every time i intern in london, something seems to happen. in the summer, the heatwave and the birth of prince december, the roof of the apollo coming down...february? ridiculous tube strikes. just my luck, but it keeps it interesting! this week i've been interning at the guardian in the fashion department, so i thought i'd share my experiences :)

the guardian is based in kings cross (which excuses my tourist pic of me at platfom 9 and 3/4...), and my start time of 11am made it a pleasant commute as i beat the rush hour - even getting a place on the train! the offices are huge modern buildings, and as you walk into the offices there are just iMacs everywhere. which excited me,  as i like an apple product (but don't tell my windows laptop...). i was greeted on Monday by the lovely Sara, who is the fashion assistant for the guardian, and the week began!

what shocked me about this internship was i only did about 4 returns, which is absolutely amazing for a fashion intern as this is what my previous internships revolved around. this may have been because the guardian fashion is mainly online, so deals with high res photos rather than physical products. but, in true fashion, there was a messy fashion cupboard full of gorgeous clothes for me to lust over! speaking of the online website, it's absolutely crazy how many hits it gets in a day. at 3pm on wednesday i counted over 10 million!!!!!

my main duties were sorting out the weeks press clippings, so making sure everything was filed that had to do with fashion...calling in high res images and products for shoots (including super expensive watches)...sorting out credits and pricings... things that you'd expect! it was so nice to actually have my own desk, and not have to sit on the floor for once. also, because there weren't many returns, it was nice to have a computer to browse on when it got quiet. the reality of fashion is not glamglamglam all the time, sometimes you have to find things to do (in my case, when it was really quiet, doing university work!!)

all in all, i enjoyed my week at the guardian, despite not being as busy as i'm used to! everyone was so lovely to me, and i was praised regularly for my knowledge on miley cyrus and kanye west (my special subjects...) i've been invited back whenever i'm free for shoots, which is so lovely and i'll definitely take up! i left with a spring in my step and some bobbi brown goodies in my bag!

so that was my week! stay tuned as next week i'm helping out in PR at Benefit Cosmetics, and will definitely be posting about that! until next time xo


  1. Sounds like fun, i love your coat!

    Dani x

  2. That sounds great, glad it went well for you! Xxx

  3. This sounds like great experience, you're so lucky to get so many internships!

    Hayley | Taxi for Jackson x

  4. Sounds delightful! I love the fashion section of the Guardian. How did you go about applying for your internship if you don't mind me asking? :) x

  5. Sounds like a great internship - so worthwhile and helpful! Good luck for next week! xx

  6. This sounds like such a great experience - 11am start too, so awesome! Looking forward to your post on Benefit :) xxx

  7. How do you manage to land all these internships? you must have a great CV and cover letter.


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