Sunday, 16 February 2014

interning: benefit cosmetics

for the past week i've been interning in the PR department of beloved brand benefit cosmetics, and i know you're not supposed to have favourites, but this was definitely one of the best internships i've ever ever ever done. i'm sooo unbelievably sad that i have to return to uni and can't stay on carnaby street forever, but at least i can reminisce about my week with you all on here! also, i didn't get to take many pics so apologies!

i was lucky enough to be contacted to help out with the PR department in the build up to fashion week, as an extra pair of hands around the office at such a busy time is necessary! i headed to the flagship store on carnaby street on monday morning, eager to get started! i met the girls of the office, who are all sososo lovely and make me feel so welcome all week, chatting away to me and including me in all their convos (which doesn't always happen in internships, trust me). i was also lucky enough to meet lisa potter-dixon and laura hogsden a number of times, who are the head makeup artists for benefit! 

i learnt sososo much this week, it opened my eyes to a whole other world of the beauty and fashion industry. my previous internships have been fashion based, and mainly editorial, so returns/credits/shoots etc. this internship was a PR based placement, which allowed me to learn about the receiving end of all the returns i send out! 

my tasks varied throughout the week, and allowed me to really get stuck in. i had to prepare lots of bags of product to send out to magazines and journalists to review, which meant getting to know all the new products like the  back of my hand! i also had to spray each bag with the newest fragrance Noelle, so i smelt amazing all day (definitely recommend this scent ladies it's gorgeous.) alongside sendouts, i had to make sure all online and published coverage of products was logged in the system, which meant i got to sit and read/watch a lot of bloggers to see what you're all using! which was so much fun as this is what i normally do... blogging is so important to PRs, so never think no one is taking notice of what you're talking about - chances are someone from that company is reading and taking note! ;)

friday was a SUPER SUPER exciting day as this was the day i had to help prepare all the kits being used for london fashion week! benefit were sponsoring the matthew williamson show (which i cannot WAIT to see tonight!!!) with their miracle mascara 'they're real', therefore they needed to compile 8 kits full of all the products they needed for the models of that show. this was left to me! i had to make sure all the correct product was in each kit. i also got to see a sneak peek of the look that the models will be wearing, and let me tell you it's gorgeous. so so exciting, wish i was going to the show (next year. fo sho. front row.)

i was so so sad to have to leave on friday, felt like i learnt so much and was starting to get into my stride! i was also so sad to leave the girls in the PR Palace, they were all so welcoming and as obsessed with celebs and the kardashians as i am so i felt like i finally found my calling! i got them all cute little hummingbird bakery cupcakes to say thank you, and in return was SO SPOILT with an amazing goody bag (featured above). i cannot WAIT to use all of these products, and will deffo be purchasing a few more!

back to uni tomorrow and reality :( until next time xo


  1. Sounds amazing your goodie bag looks so good lucky!

  2. Sounds like you had such a good time and that goodie bag looks amazing!

    Millie x

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  4. Looks like a good internship, hopefully you can join them permanently when you finish uni.

  5. This sounds like the perfect internship! I would absolutely love to work for Benefit, and look at all those lovely products!

    Nicola xx

  6. Amazing! I had an interview for a PR job for Benefit when I'd just finished uni...couldn't believe it! Well done, so many people would love an opportunity like this...keep in touch with them for when you never know!


  7. Love all of your interning posts! At least going back to Uni means being closer to graduation! x

    Hannah |

  8. I always always look forward to reading any posts you write about your internships. Whenever I want to know about anything like that I always come on your blog.
    Dina (


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