Saturday, 22 February 2014

ootd: grey berit dress

i'm not a dressy person. i'm always in leggings or jeans, and on nights out i pretty much always wear shorts. but, every once in a while, i see a dress that i fall in love with. which is definitely what happened with this gorgeous grey smock dress from missguided.

i initially saw this dress on missguided's instagram and just knew i had to have it. it's such a gorgeous material, a type of chiffon that doesn't crease easily (which is handy because i don't have an iron...#classicstudent). i love the pale dusty grey colour, it's a bit different to my usual all black palate. the fit is loose but still super flattering, with a drop waist which is everywhere this season.

it'll be perfect to wear for an internship or a job interview, teamed with a blazer it's super smart and cute. i also think it'd be perfect for drinks or dinner, as it's formal but not tooooooo much for having fun in the evening. the kind of dress that you can just chuck on and feel great. kudos missguided, you've done it again!

until next time xo

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

let's make up

hey galzzzz (and guys, if you're here). bit of a different post today, i know this is predominantly a fashion blog, but guess what - everyday i plaster myself in make up. so i guess i'm interested in make up as well...anywayz, a few weeks ago i posted HERE about a shoot i did with my university magazine, and i thought i'd share the final images and talk you through the looks :) we had an amazing make up artist with us to achieve the looks, so i apologise if the descriptions are a bit amateur! 

this is the first look we shot. it's pretty basic, but it is centered around peachy cheeks. this look was achieved by having a clean base with foundation and powder, and then applying some cream blusher to build up the colour and produce a really pretty and natural flush of colour. i recommend using the topshop blush in flush cream blusher, it's super easy to apply for people who aren't really confident with make up (like me), and you can build up the colour gradually to create the peachy cheek look. this is perfect for a day to day look, or for drinks in the evening with friends. it's super healthy looking and makes a nice change from pink or red cheeks! 

apologies for looking like a bitchy cheerleader here... this was one of my favourite looks as it's so different, i wouldn't have tried this usually but it actually looks so nice! we achieved this look by applying a primer (i recommend urban decay, super good) first, to make sure the colour stuck, then used a barry m blue eyeliner pencil to create the cute lil flick. we also used some eyeshadow from mac (think it's called Atlantic Blue) to make the colour blend and look a little smudged, and also brighten the blue. this is so unusual but sooooo cute, i really love the overall look and think it'd really transform my normal evening make up. gotta embrace a lil bit of difference entttt yaaaa!

this one is alll about dem lipzz. i'm way too pouty. anyway...this look was achieved by actually mixing two different lip colours. predominantly, we used rebel by mac, which is an absolutely gorgeous colour. it's really rich and really perfects the purple shade that's so popular at the moment. we also used a topshop lippy called the damned, which is similar but a little lighter, almost creating an ombre effect. i am a massive fan of statement lips on a night out, so  i will definitely be wearing this more often. i think to really augment the look a lip liner would be amazing, as it would give really defined shape and just look gorgeeeeee. such a fan of this look. such a fan. 

now. i am aware that i kinda look dead in this shot. but it's the right kind of moody for the grungey eyes we wanted to portray. we used the world famous neutrals kit by the fabulous benefit, and stuck to the darker shades, ensuring they were properly blended in the corner to create a real smokey look. we also put a darker shade on the bottom of the eye to really personify the grunge. totes cool...  my eyebrows were backcombed and made super thick and bushy (well, as much as they could be. i had a threading disaster so they weren't as thick as i wanted...) and a heap load of mascara (which took a long time to get off). this is super intense, but i lovedddd it. perfect for nights out, and i will definitely need to try this a$$$$$$ap!

so i hope you enjoyed my beauty post! i'm not a make up artist so i do apologise for my less than detailed descriptions haha! until next time xo

Sunday, 16 February 2014

interning: benefit cosmetics

for the past week i've been interning in the PR department of beloved brand benefit cosmetics, and i know you're not supposed to have favourites, but this was definitely one of the best internships i've ever ever ever done. i'm sooo unbelievably sad that i have to return to uni and can't stay on carnaby street forever, but at least i can reminisce about my week with you all on here! also, i didn't get to take many pics so apologies!

i was lucky enough to be contacted to help out with the PR department in the build up to fashion week, as an extra pair of hands around the office at such a busy time is necessary! i headed to the flagship store on carnaby street on monday morning, eager to get started! i met the girls of the office, who are all sososo lovely and make me feel so welcome all week, chatting away to me and including me in all their convos (which doesn't always happen in internships, trust me). i was also lucky enough to meet lisa potter-dixon and laura hogsden a number of times, who are the head makeup artists for benefit! 

i learnt sososo much this week, it opened my eyes to a whole other world of the beauty and fashion industry. my previous internships have been fashion based, and mainly editorial, so returns/credits/shoots etc. this internship was a PR based placement, which allowed me to learn about the receiving end of all the returns i send out! 

my tasks varied throughout the week, and allowed me to really get stuck in. i had to prepare lots of bags of product to send out to magazines and journalists to review, which meant getting to know all the new products like the  back of my hand! i also had to spray each bag with the newest fragrance Noelle, so i smelt amazing all day (definitely recommend this scent ladies it's gorgeous.) alongside sendouts, i had to make sure all online and published coverage of products was logged in the system, which meant i got to sit and read/watch a lot of bloggers to see what you're all using! which was so much fun as this is what i normally do... blogging is so important to PRs, so never think no one is taking notice of what you're talking about - chances are someone from that company is reading and taking note! ;)

friday was a SUPER SUPER exciting day as this was the day i had to help prepare all the kits being used for london fashion week! benefit were sponsoring the matthew williamson show (which i cannot WAIT to see tonight!!!) with their miracle mascara 'they're real', therefore they needed to compile 8 kits full of all the products they needed for the models of that show. this was left to me! i had to make sure all the correct product was in each kit. i also got to see a sneak peek of the look that the models will be wearing, and let me tell you it's gorgeous. so so exciting, wish i was going to the show (next year. fo sho. front row.)

i was so so sad to have to leave on friday, felt like i learnt so much and was starting to get into my stride! i was also so sad to leave the girls in the PR Palace, they were all so welcoming and as obsessed with celebs and the kardashians as i am so i felt like i finally found my calling! i got them all cute little hummingbird bakery cupcakes to say thank you, and in return was SO SPOILT with an amazing goody bag (featured above). i cannot WAIT to use all of these products, and will deffo be purchasing a few more!

back to uni tomorrow and reality :( until next time xo

Friday, 7 February 2014

interning: the guardian fashion department

every time i intern in london, something seems to happen. in the summer, the heatwave and the birth of prince december, the roof of the apollo coming down...february? ridiculous tube strikes. just my luck, but it keeps it interesting! this week i've been interning at the guardian in the fashion department, so i thought i'd share my experiences :)

the guardian is based in kings cross (which excuses my tourist pic of me at platfom 9 and 3/4...), and my start time of 11am made it a pleasant commute as i beat the rush hour - even getting a place on the train! the offices are huge modern buildings, and as you walk into the offices there are just iMacs everywhere. which excited me,  as i like an apple product (but don't tell my windows laptop...). i was greeted on Monday by the lovely Sara, who is the fashion assistant for the guardian, and the week began!

what shocked me about this internship was i only did about 4 returns, which is absolutely amazing for a fashion intern as this is what my previous internships revolved around. this may have been because the guardian fashion is mainly online, so deals with high res photos rather than physical products. but, in true fashion, there was a messy fashion cupboard full of gorgeous clothes for me to lust over! speaking of the online website, it's absolutely crazy how many hits it gets in a day. at 3pm on wednesday i counted over 10 million!!!!!

my main duties were sorting out the weeks press clippings, so making sure everything was filed that had to do with fashion...calling in high res images and products for shoots (including super expensive watches)...sorting out credits and pricings... things that you'd expect! it was so nice to actually have my own desk, and not have to sit on the floor for once. also, because there weren't many returns, it was nice to have a computer to browse on when it got quiet. the reality of fashion is not glamglamglam all the time, sometimes you have to find things to do (in my case, when it was really quiet, doing university work!!)

all in all, i enjoyed my week at the guardian, despite not being as busy as i'm used to! everyone was so lovely to me, and i was praised regularly for my knowledge on miley cyrus and kanye west (my special subjects...) i've been invited back whenever i'm free for shoots, which is so lovely and i'll definitely take up! i left with a spring in my step and some bobbi brown goodies in my bag!

so that was my week! stay tuned as next week i'm helping out in PR at Benefit Cosmetics, and will definitely be posting about that! until next time xo
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