Monday, 27 January 2014

how to bag that fashion internship: application tips!

so i get a lot of messages on twitter and emails about interning, so i thought i'd do a big post about applying as this is the most common question :) i'm no expert, but i have a few internships now, so it's always nice to hear what people have to say i guess! hope it helps!

the first thing i did before applying for any internships was make sure my CV was up to date and relevant for what i wanted to apply for. unfortunately, not everything you've done will interest people. for example, before i realised fashion was where it's at, i wanted to be a speech therapist, and spent a few months at a school. however, now i've changed my mind, this is no longer really that relevant apparently! it's frustrating, the CV is the worst thing ever, i hate being judged on a piece of paper! but, alas, it's needed. in terms of applying for fashion internships, make sure you try and include things that can directly link to this. that textiles GCSE? include it, and put it in bold. that time you helped out at the school play? include it, it's costume styling. this can really help augment your CV, and make it a little bit different from the rest. 

if you have an idea of where you want to apply to, then cater your cover letter to that specific company. you must have a certain interest in that publication/company already, so include knowledge you've acquired in the cover letter. a personalised cover letter shows passion and dedication, and companies can tell bog standard copy+pasted cover letter a mile off. it shows a little bit of pazzazzzzzz, and interest in the company, which everyone will love :)

this could come before the cover letter, but w/e. when applying to companies, it's important you know who you're writing to, and what the company stand for. make sure you know exactly what they do, and also state what you'd like to learn when you're with them. 

when finding email addresses to send your fabulous CV and cover letter, definitely send it to the email you can find on the website catered for work experience and internships. this is a great place to start. but, if it gets to a couple of weeks and you haven't heard back, get on the web! it's a great place to search for assistant's emails, as direct emails are more likely to get a response. however, DO NOT TWEET THE ASSISTANT ASKING FOR EXPERIENCE. this isn't what twitter is for, it's a bit unprofessional in some circumstances, and they probably don't want to be harassed on twitter when they're tweeting about their dinner or what's on tv. 

trust me, i know how frustrating it is refreshing your emails and waiting for a response. sometimes, you won't get one. sometimes, you'll get one and be super excited and then..... it's being let down. don't worry, it happens to everyone, it doesn't mean you're rubbish (like i felt for a long time). you just have to persevere, someone will want your help, especially if you're passionate and clued up on the company. good things come to those who wait (and try hard).

feels weird ending this list on 6 tips. but oh well. once you've bagged that internship (WOO HOO WELL DONEEEEEEEEE :D) make sure you make the most of it!!! there's been a few instances where i've felt like fellow interns don't want to be there, or don't realise how lucky they are to be there. take every opportunity, make everyone a cup of tea, get as many contacts as you can. and put your  internship experience at the top of your CV loud and proud - you deserve it, and with contacts you make, getting the next one will be easier :D

so i hope this was of some use :) i need to remind myself sometimes to just relax and enjoy and not get too stressed! remember to click HERE for my interning tips! until next time xo


  1. Im just in the middle of securing an internship for may! So i completely relate to this post! xo

  2. I am going to be looking for a year's work experience for my gap year at university so this really helped, thank you for sharing these useful tips! :) xx

  3. These were super helpful. I'll definitely be returning when I start applying for internships. (:
    ~Makaela at


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