Tuesday, 7 January 2014

girl, you a hot mess

(crop top - hot mess...shorts - hot mess...boots - vagabond @ urban outfitters)

bit of a different post today as i actually, shock horror, went out! like a proper student! third year makes you forget that you should be enjoying yourself, and you can actually venture out of the library! 

i never normally blog about what i wear on nights out, but i had my good old photographer friend hannah with me getting ready, so i took advantage of having her back! this is SUCH a gorgeous two-piece set from Hot Mess, which you should all check out as it's getting HUGE! (links are above) i love a cheeky matching set, and this has such a cute floral pattern it was just perfect! and it's actually colourful? i know... me wearing colour!

it's really flattering as well, the shorts sit really nicely high waisted, and are floaty enough to hide a post-christmas belly you are harbouring. it's just a really handy little outfit to chuck on together, or even apart with other pieces to create numerous outfits! absolutely love it!

hope you enjoyed :) also, remember to follow me on instagram @ louisawh :) xo


  1. I love the bright colours. The boots are lush! You look lovely :-)

    Olivia x

  2. I love this outfit, cutest two piece and those boots are awesome! xx


  3. you look incredible! such a stunning two piece, the colours look amazing on you! x

  4. you look amazing! i really love the print!

  5. This is so cute, I really love separates for a night out! x


  6. Stunning! Need to check out Hot Mess soon. Just wanted to let you know I've started a student blogger link-up party over on my blog. Would love to see your post up there!

    Oh Hey Kayspray! x

  7. You look truly stunning! I do have to say that the photos plus the outfit kind of reminds me of the 80s or 90s. I just need a fashion history project so that might be why too.
    ~Makaela at www.makaelassuitcase.blogspot.com

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