Monday, 20 January 2014

catch up

(fedora - river island...turtle neck - eBay...jumper - new chain* - claire's accessories)

feels like i haven't just posted a little update in a while. uni has been so busy recently, and i've been doing a lot in my spare time which i guess you may be interested in... oh, and i dyed my hair brown. big changes man.

this is just a little post to catch up really. since last week, my hair has changed from ombre, to pink, to brown. bit weird. since getting my ombre in december, i have slightly fallen out of love with it. i was hoping it would blend together, but it just felt like i had two really blunt colours, that didn't blend together and were just.....there. to ease my unhappiness, i dyed the bottom of my hair pink (you can see that post HERE). i actually loved this look, but it washes out so quickly, and i am far too scared to go anymore permanent. so, a trip to the hairdressers solved my woes. they told me to go darker, with some highlights, and although i was scared - i did it. and i now have fallen back in love with my hair. phew. big change, but definitely the right one!

university is so busy at the minute. third year is ridiculous. so many deadlines, so many essays, so much readings. what else did i expect really? just feel like there is always something i HAVEN'T done. and on top of that, i am trying to enhance my CV to make sure when i leave uni i have a chance at a job! so much pressure. i have internships lined up at the guardian, benefit make up and have an interview this week for a PR internship at new fingers crossed with all that!

phew, feel better writing it all down...hope the next few weeks go to plan. hope you're all ok! until next time xo


  1. I absolutely adore your hat, great look. Good luck on that interview!

  2. Wow! Good luck with your internships; I can't wait until I can do some! X

  3. I follow you on Twitter, and trust me your enthusiasm for fashion comes across really well. I remember when I was at your stage of uni and it's mega stressful especially trying to get work experience when you have loads of essays to write! It'll all pay off though...and your hair looks gorge :) Now following on Blog Locvin'


    1. thank you so much that means a lot! i try really hard so it's nice to see people see it too! haha xxxxx

  4. your hair looks great! it sounds all really stressful but those internships will be amazing!

  5. I adore that necklace!
    I keep seeing it everywhere - must get my hands on it :)
    Lovely photos - love your hat.


  6. love your hat! and that sweater is the perfect colour. Im co-hosting a huge giveaway with 9 other lovely brit bloggers, the prize is £100 asos gift card if you're interested xx

  7. I think the darker hair looks good on you and puts an emphasis on your eyes too!
    Hey I just followed you on Bloglovin since I've been commenting on a bunch of your posts since I really like your site. so maybe check out my site if you want.
    ~Makaela at


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