Sunday, 12 January 2014

behind the scenes: make up shoot

uni is full of amazing opportunities, and being deputy editor of fashion+beauty for the nottingham trent mag is definitely one of them! for the next print edition of Platform, myself and the editor decided to do a beauty shoot of new looks for 2014! i took a few sneaky shots of the day to share with you all :)

the night before i was absolutely buzzing, even if the call time was 9.30! our uni has amazing facilities such as numerous studios you can book out and run your own shoots, which is exactly what we did! although, it wasn't without difficulty. when we all arrived (me, the editor, make up artist and assistant) we were a little confused as to where the photographer was. after half an hour and still no show, we decided to take matters into our own hands and approach a random photography student - who turned out to be AMAZING! 

once the stress of that was over, we got down to business. as you may have seen, i was the model for these looks, simply because it's easier keeping as little people as possible in the shoot to be free from stress! we chose 4 key looks for 2014, dark lips, grunge eyes, blue eyeliner and peachy cheeks. the final images are SO GOOD and all the looks turned out amazing thanks to our super talented make up gally! will be posting them up later!

doing shoots is something i'm super passionate about, especially when you've come up with the ideas and arranged it yourself. makes you feel so creative and productive! i cannot WAIT to see these in print, as i feel they will really show the dynamics of a student magazine. you don't have to just use stock photos for articles when it's way more fun to shoot them yourself!

so just a quick post, but one i was so excited to share! stay tuned for the final images and looks :) until next time xo


  1. This look like so much fun, I'm looking forward to seeing the final images :) x

  2. Man it does look like a ton of fun! I wish I could've been there. I want to be a model, but I have to wait and go off to college before I start following that dream. I love the blue eyeliner look on you...very fierce!
    ~Makaela at


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