Thursday, 30 January 2014

floral dreams

(floral tunic* - - vagabond...fedora - river island)

so, it's pretty darn chilly outside. the sun is out, but the warmth is no where to be seen...HOWEVER, this is no reason for you not to wear flowers!! 

sticking to my usual monochrome colour scheme, i've incorporated some flowers into my life! i don't usually wear dresses, but i had to make an exception for this gorgeeee dress from ark. it's a super cute little tunic dress, which is slightly longer at the back, making it perfect to wear in the day with tights! the only thing is it is slightly too short at the front for me to wear WITHOUT tights, as i'm pretty tall and it would be indecent... but, with tights or leggings, it's such a cute little number to worn in winter!

my fedora is my ultimate obsession at the moment. it's definitely a piece that goes with everything, and makes your outfit more dressed up even if you cba that day. deffo recommend people to get one this season! mine is from river island, and at £22, a definite steal.

until next time...xo 

Monday, 27 January 2014

how to bag that fashion internship: application tips!

so i get a lot of messages on twitter and emails about interning, so i thought i'd do a big post about applying as this is the most common question :) i'm no expert, but i have a few internships now, so it's always nice to hear what people have to say i guess! hope it helps!

the first thing i did before applying for any internships was make sure my CV was up to date and relevant for what i wanted to apply for. unfortunately, not everything you've done will interest people. for example, before i realised fashion was where it's at, i wanted to be a speech therapist, and spent a few months at a school. however, now i've changed my mind, this is no longer really that relevant apparently! it's frustrating, the CV is the worst thing ever, i hate being judged on a piece of paper! but, alas, it's needed. in terms of applying for fashion internships, make sure you try and include things that can directly link to this. that textiles GCSE? include it, and put it in bold. that time you helped out at the school play? include it, it's costume styling. this can really help augment your CV, and make it a little bit different from the rest. 

if you have an idea of where you want to apply to, then cater your cover letter to that specific company. you must have a certain interest in that publication/company already, so include knowledge you've acquired in the cover letter. a personalised cover letter shows passion and dedication, and companies can tell bog standard copy+pasted cover letter a mile off. it shows a little bit of pazzazzzzzz, and interest in the company, which everyone will love :)

this could come before the cover letter, but w/e. when applying to companies, it's important you know who you're writing to, and what the company stand for. make sure you know exactly what they do, and also state what you'd like to learn when you're with them. 

when finding email addresses to send your fabulous CV and cover letter, definitely send it to the email you can find on the website catered for work experience and internships. this is a great place to start. but, if it gets to a couple of weeks and you haven't heard back, get on the web! it's a great place to search for assistant's emails, as direct emails are more likely to get a response. however, DO NOT TWEET THE ASSISTANT ASKING FOR EXPERIENCE. this isn't what twitter is for, it's a bit unprofessional in some circumstances, and they probably don't want to be harassed on twitter when they're tweeting about their dinner or what's on tv. 

trust me, i know how frustrating it is refreshing your emails and waiting for a response. sometimes, you won't get one. sometimes, you'll get one and be super excited and then..... it's being let down. don't worry, it happens to everyone, it doesn't mean you're rubbish (like i felt for a long time). you just have to persevere, someone will want your help, especially if you're passionate and clued up on the company. good things come to those who wait (and try hard).

feels weird ending this list on 6 tips. but oh well. once you've bagged that internship (WOO HOO WELL DONEEEEEEEEE :D) make sure you make the most of it!!! there's been a few instances where i've felt like fellow interns don't want to be there, or don't realise how lucky they are to be there. take every opportunity, make everyone a cup of tea, get as many contacts as you can. and put your  internship experience at the top of your CV loud and proud - you deserve it, and with contacts you make, getting the next one will be easier :D

so i hope this was of some use :) i need to remind myself sometimes to just relax and enjoy and not get too stressed! remember to click HERE for my interning tips! until next time xo

Sunday, 26 January 2014

top tips for a fashion intern!

interning. it's a necessity these days. whether you want to be a lawyer, in IT, or (like me) in fashion - having experience is vital. i have interned at 2 major UK magazines, and have 2 more lined up at The Guardian and Benefit UK, and have learnt so much along the way that my degree would never have taught me. i wish someone would have told me a few things before my internships, so i thought this might help a few people out!

i have compiled a little list of top tips and handy little tricks which have helped me out on my interning career. i hope they come in handy to any of you out there!

as an intern, you have to juggle a lot of responsibilities and jobs at once, so it is absolutely vital that you have a pen and paper to hand at all times. it might sound a bit obvious, but sometimes you may THINK you'll remember the name of that PR you need to call at that place about that pair of shoes...but then get asked to send some post, and the name completely wipes your memory. no one will get angry at you for taking down a few notes, in fact they'll appreciate your organisation! and trust me, there's nothing more embarrassing than calling someone and completely forgetting why you're ringing.

there are a few terms in the intern world that will become common features in your vocabulary. the first being returns. everyone has to deal with them, from PRs to magazines. in my own experience at publications, returns are the clothes sent for shoots, and need to be sent back straight away. the second term is dockets. a docket is probably one of the most important files as an intern, as every return you do needs to have 2 dockets. 1 IN the bag, with the designer and item description, and 1 IN A FOLDER SAFE proving the item has been sent back. trust me these little buddies can save your life when you are asked if you have sent an item back, proof is always needed. another tip? FILE THEM AWAY AS YOU GO otherwise they go missing!! 

this is so important when you're handing out post, need to ask questions, or simply want to offer to make tea. the first few days can be spent learning, but then (in my opinion) you need to make the effort to remember. it shows consideration, and it can be super embarrassing to keep having to ask people who's who!

it's just polite and nice :)

at the end of the day, yes. you are working for free. yes. you are doing the same thing over and over again. but that's what an intern is for. without an intern, the daily routine of an office would literally fall apart, what you do is important! there's no point moaning, as there are 50000000 other people who would kill to have a fashion internship! also, don't get caught up in any gossip. it's ok for an editor or assistant to have a moan, but you're there to do your job and LEARN, not gossip.

nothing feels as good as being praised by an editor or stylist for using your head. offer your comments and thoughts, as they are valued and it's always good to get an outsiders view on things. obviously make sure the time is right though, nobody likes a know it all ;) (hope that isn't too contradictory...)

it's super scary on your first day. you don't know anyone, where anything is, or what to do. you have to ask questions, so don't feel bad! people expect it :) it is daunting when you think you're being a pain, but everyone would rather you asked a question and did the job correctly than guess and do it wrong! nobody minds so don't panic!

this final one is something i think we all need to do everyday!! don't mope around the office sighing because it's early, or you're getting coffee. plaster a nice smile on your face and look around - you're doing something so many people would love to do! it's all experience, and anything you do will go a long way for your future. you read these horror stories about interns who are 'paid nothing to do everything...just getting tea all day...ignored' and obviously everyone thinks working at a magazine will be like the devil wears prada! but it's not, and everyone is always lovely if you're lovely! having a bad attitude won't get you anywhere in life, and one day, when you're being paid to do something you love, you'll really cherish interning! also, don't panic too much about what you wear. sure, working in fashion has a little bit of pressure on what you wear, but as long as you don't turn up wearing a mini skirt, sequin boob tube and skyscraper heels everyday i'm sure you look fabulous! comfort is key in interning, as it's a lot of walking about :)

i'm DEFINITELY not an expert, but i hope these little tips helped out :) and give people a little bit of help if you are interning! don't be scared, take a breath, and enjoy yourself :D xo

Friday, 24 January 2014

got a love like denim

(denim jacket* - - topshop...leggings - zara...scarf* - forever* - ark)

shock confession: i have never owned a denim jacket. it's definitely been on my mind for a while, but i wasn't sure what kind i wanted to go for...tight or oversized? topshop or vintage? luckily, ark decided for me, and i was gifted this GORGEOUS jacket which i am now in love with!!

the fit of this jacket is absolutely perfect. i was worried it may be a little bit tight, so i couldn't wear a jumper underneath it if it got chilly, but luckily i didnt have to worry! it's definitely a perfect fit. i love the colour as well, the blue acid wash denim makes it a staple piece in any wardrobe, as it goes with everything and anything. as the weather starts to perk up a little and you don't need a huge coat, little jackets like this are essential!

i also absolutely loveee these little boots! i need to do a post on my black boot obsession, it's definitely getting a little bit ridiculous how many i have! these remind me of chelsea boots, but the little cut out aspect gives it a little summin summin extra which i love!

short but sweet! don't forget to follow me on bloglovin and facebook! until next time...xo

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

thursday clothing

(top* - thursday clothing...beanie* - thursday clothing...leggings...topshop...trainers* - schuh)

this is my ultimate student outfit. as i've said before, life isn't always about being glammed up and glittery. as a student who spends most of her time in the library, i need to be comfy. 

this top and beanie are from a company in nottingham run by trent students, so i deffo have to represent trent! it's called thursday clothing (follow on twitter HERE), and they do super cool tees, beanies and jumpers perfect for chucking on to go about your day. i love the design of this one, it's so unique and it's amazing to see the dedication that goes into creating a brand from scratch, and the talent behind the designers! it's also unisex, so perfect to get some gifts for your bf as well! i

i love a good beanie, and this one is sooo comfy and soft, i never ever want to take it off! it's simple, with the thursday clothing label the only thing on it, which is what i like about it - it goes with everything, and i can shove it on and go to a lecture and feel like i'm cool (unfortunately, then i start to speak and people realise im the opposite...)

thursday clothing have just uploaded all their new bits, and you deffo need to check them out before they sell out! until next time xo

Monday, 20 January 2014

catch up

(fedora - river island...turtle neck - eBay...jumper - new chain* - claire's accessories)

feels like i haven't just posted a little update in a while. uni has been so busy recently, and i've been doing a lot in my spare time which i guess you may be interested in... oh, and i dyed my hair brown. big changes man.

this is just a little post to catch up really. since last week, my hair has changed from ombre, to pink, to brown. bit weird. since getting my ombre in december, i have slightly fallen out of love with it. i was hoping it would blend together, but it just felt like i had two really blunt colours, that didn't blend together and were just.....there. to ease my unhappiness, i dyed the bottom of my hair pink (you can see that post HERE). i actually loved this look, but it washes out so quickly, and i am far too scared to go anymore permanent. so, a trip to the hairdressers solved my woes. they told me to go darker, with some highlights, and although i was scared - i did it. and i now have fallen back in love with my hair. phew. big change, but definitely the right one!

university is so busy at the minute. third year is ridiculous. so many deadlines, so many essays, so much readings. what else did i expect really? just feel like there is always something i HAVEN'T done. and on top of that, i am trying to enhance my CV to make sure when i leave uni i have a chance at a job! so much pressure. i have internships lined up at the guardian, benefit make up and have an interview this week for a PR internship at new fingers crossed with all that!

phew, feel better writing it all down...hope the next few weeks go to plan. hope you're all ok! until next time xo

Thursday, 16 January 2014

sometimes you just want to be comfy

(jumper - topshop...leggings - zara... boots - asos... necklace - claire's accessories*)

it's all very well wearing sparkly dresses and gorgeous skyscraper heels, but sometimes you just crave soft jumpers and stretchy leggings. this was DEFINITELY one of those days. it was windy, cold, i had work to it was the perfect day to shove on a huge jumper, whack my hair into a bun and feel the comfort!

apologies for my scowling face, but the wind was ridiculously cold, and i do not deal well with the cold!! regardless of its simplicity, i really love this outfit. it's perfect for going to uni, the library, into town, or just sitting about your room doing work (which is MY ENTIRE LIFE AT THE MOMENT... third years, can i get an amen?!?!) this jumper is actually a size 18, so i have to roll up the sleeves a little bit to make sure i dont look like i've been dressing up... BUT, it's the COMFIEST THING EVER, and the vibrant colour makes a change from my allblackeverything wardrobe.

i absolutely lovelovelove this necklace i was sent from claire's accessories. the lovely girls sent me a box of amazing stuff, and this necklace is a new staple of every outfit!! chain necklaces are everywhere at the moment, and adding detail such as this gorgeous gold lion head spices up any outfit. will deffo be teaming it with a black dress on a night out, or with disco pants and a crop top! love it!

back to the books! third year is eating away my soul, send help. until next time xo

Monday, 13 January 2014

unicorn hair: bleach london rose

(bleach london in look)

everyone has been harping on about bleach london colours for ageesss, it's all i saw on my twitter timeline so i figured i'd give them a shot. i love lilac/pink hair, and seeing as i'd already tried lilac (see here), i'd try and rock pink for a while! i legit feel like a unicorn, and i love it.

applying this was super duper easy, it's more of a putty than a hair dye, which means it doesn't feel like you're killing your hair. i simply washed my hair and shampooed it, towel dried it and then applied a thick layer all over the ends of my hair. i made sure that it was covered, because there's nothing worse than patchy hair!! then , leave for 15 minutes, wash out and HEY PRESTO! YOU'RE A UNICORN.

i absolutely LOVE this look. it's a fun way to spice up your hair, and it only lasts for 2-5 washes. it's not RIDICULOUSLY pink either, just a soft pastel colour that isn't too garish that it clashes with everything in your wardrobe. i love wearing it up and curled, so it all blends together. i will deffo be trying more bleach london products, as i thought it was an amazing product for the price (£5), and it actually shows up unlike some other products!

i shall try to enjoy my remaining time as a unicorn. do you like it? until next time xo

Sunday, 12 January 2014

behind the scenes: make up shoot

uni is full of amazing opportunities, and being deputy editor of fashion+beauty for the nottingham trent mag is definitely one of them! for the next print edition of Platform, myself and the editor decided to do a beauty shoot of new looks for 2014! i took a few sneaky shots of the day to share with you all :)

the night before i was absolutely buzzing, even if the call time was 9.30! our uni has amazing facilities such as numerous studios you can book out and run your own shoots, which is exactly what we did! although, it wasn't without difficulty. when we all arrived (me, the editor, make up artist and assistant) we were a little confused as to where the photographer was. after half an hour and still no show, we decided to take matters into our own hands and approach a random photography student - who turned out to be AMAZING! 

once the stress of that was over, we got down to business. as you may have seen, i was the model for these looks, simply because it's easier keeping as little people as possible in the shoot to be free from stress! we chose 4 key looks for 2014, dark lips, grunge eyes, blue eyeliner and peachy cheeks. the final images are SO GOOD and all the looks turned out amazing thanks to our super talented make up gally! will be posting them up later!

doing shoots is something i'm super passionate about, especially when you've come up with the ideas and arranged it yourself. makes you feel so creative and productive! i cannot WAIT to see these in print, as i feel they will really show the dynamics of a student magazine. you don't have to just use stock photos for articles when it's way more fun to shoot them yourself!

so just a quick post, but one i was so excited to share! stay tuned for the final images and looks :) until next time xo

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

girl, you a hot mess

(crop top - hot mess...shorts - hot - vagabond @ urban outfitters)

bit of a different post today as i actually, shock horror, went out! like a proper student! third year makes you forget that you should be enjoying yourself, and you can actually venture out of the library! 

i never normally blog about what i wear on nights out, but i had my good old photographer friend hannah with me getting ready, so i took advantage of having her back! this is SUCH a gorgeous two-piece set from Hot Mess, which you should all check out as it's getting HUGE! (links are above) i love a cheeky matching set, and this has such a cute floral pattern it was just perfect! and it's actually colourful? i know... me wearing colour!

it's really flattering as well, the shorts sit really nicely high waisted, and are floaty enough to hide a post-christmas belly you are harbouring. it's just a really handy little outfit to chuck on together, or even apart with other pieces to create numerous outfits! absolutely love it!

hope you enjoyed :) also, remember to follow me on instagram @ louisawh :) xo
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