Sunday, 8 December 2013

winter warmth

(coat - ark*...fedora - river - office)

baby it's cold outside! i'm chuffed with the weather, been so excited to whack out the jumpers, chunky tights and boots for ages! the tartan trend is still rife, and i absolutely love my tartan coat from ark. very chic, and perfect to wrap up warm in!

i feel like i'm wrapped up in a big marshmellow! when i got it out of the parcel i gasped at how soft it is! it's thick and really padded, making you feel like you're being hugged all day! i haven't got any coloured coats, i tend to stick to black (not that you'll have noticed...) so i like that is jazzes up my outfit a little bit. giving me even MORE excuse to wear all black so i can wear my coat. excellent!!! the sleeves are slightly cropped, but i actually really love the fit. not too baggy, but enough space under it for a big jumper for winter nights :)

i had to include my fedora, i know i've blogged about it but i just love it. it really adds class to an outfit, and i need all the help i can get when it comes to class... im glad it fits properly as i have a huge head, and sometimes hats can be a bit small. bless me and my huge head. it's perfect for winter, but can't wait to wear it in summer with little dresses and boots!!

off to london tomorrow to start my internship at elle!!! wish me luck :D until next time xo


  1. Love this outfit!
    That coat is so lovely.
    Good luck with your internship.


  2. Gorgeous coat, really suit you. Hope you're getting on okay at ELLE, internships are always nerve-wracking for the first few days then you don't want to leave!



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