Sunday, 15 December 2013

elle internship: week one

(pic1 - gorgeous dress/liberty of london and oxford circus...pic2 - poser/juicy couture bag/beautiful headpieces...pic3 - ootd/elle cupcake/carnaby street...pic 4 - ootd/sushi snack/returns queen...pic 5 - ME ON ELLE INSTAGRAM...pic 6 - elle photobooth)

well, this week has gone past in a big blur of beautiful clothes, tubes, and boots meal deals. interning at elle has been AMAZING, and goes so quickly. i'm there for 2 weeks, and thought i'd share my experiences day by day with you :) (warning: writing and picture heavy, but you will want to read it all, it's interesting!)

DAY 1: didn't start the greatest way i'd imagined, as i had about 3 hours sleep due to my body being an absolute moron during the night, and then decided to feel 100% better at 7am. when i had to get up. good one... anyway! onwards and upwards! after changing my clothes A THOUSAND TIMES, i decided on a smock dress and boots. i'd already been contacted on the sunday with my first mission.... go to MANOLO BLAHNIK to pick up some shoes, and take them to a shoot. i felt very devil wears prada. i got to chelsea to the head offices of MB earlier than expected, which was good as it's always a good idea to be early!! then, i zoomed on over to a shoot that left me absolutely amazedddd. i felt very unimportant and normal, and started to feel out of my depth....but then, i was zoomed back to the offices, to start proper intern life! it was back to the old returns, dockets, post trips...but the clothes!!! my goodness, i've never seen so many beautiful clothes in my life! i left my first day feeling confident, and excited to get back! oh... and did i mention, they have a PHOTOBOOTH in the office?????? 

DAY 2: today i felt much more at ease and like i knew what i was doing. it was a day full of returns, but that doesn't matter to me as it's what i expect to be doing all day, and i got to package up the  most BEAUTIFUL chanel pearl necklace - so i was pleased. one thing that breaks up the day is physically returning items to stores and PRs, as the elle offices are so central! i also got an amazing elle cupcake today - yummmmm. 

DAY 3: another day another stack of returns to get through! but i don't mind too much as i just can't get enough of the gorge clothes :) and as drake said, started at the bottom now we hereee (hopefully i'll be here one day...) interning is a real strain on the old purse strings, especially as you're travelling at peak times on the tubes. it panicked me a bit today, but then i remembered what an amazing opportunity this is - and i just gotta keep going until my CV looks amazing and one day i might be a fashion assistant myself! keep on swimming.

DAY 4: today was the best day so far by a mile! it started normally with returnsreturnsreturns, but then i was asked to help lay out all the clothes, shoes and accessories for a cover shoot! i was so chuffed to be able to help out, and lay everything out VERY NEATLY and hung everything with absolute precision, as i was told lorraine candy and anne marie curtis would be coming in to edit it and examine the pieces. when they came in, i stood very quietly out of their way, moving things when asked, but feeling ever so important and SOOO LUCKY to be in the same room with two amazing women!!! also, the accessories were to die for. best day so far!!!!!!!!!!!! i even got to have a sneaky cameo on the official elle uk instagram!!! 

DAY 5: today was pretty quiet, as the elle xmas do was the night before so people were either off, or quiet and hungover. just battled through the returns!!! one plus was, because it was quiet, i got to go in the photobooth yayyy :D:D:D:

week one over!!!! tune in next week to hear about my final week at elle :D until next time xo


  1. Wow it looks so fun, im so jealous :)

  2. Love love love that dress!

  3. This sounds like such a fun opportunity. XD

  4. So lucky!

  5. That looks so exciting. It sounds like the movies haha, so lucky xxx

    Verity | Life of Verity

  6. What an amazing opportunity Louisa! How did you manage to get it? x

  7. It's so interesting to hear about it day by day, thanks for posting all the details! I love your check trousers with the grey jumper, very nice. How did you get your internship? I'm looking at doing more work experience in the Summer.
    Daniella x


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