Thursday, 14 November 2013

urban outfitters: nottingham launch

the first thing i said when i moved to nottingham for uni was 'oh, it doesn't have an urban outfitters', and i would have to find somewhere else to blow my student loan. HOWEVER, my dreams have been answered, as a gorgeous new store has finally opened in the heart of the victoria centre. i was lucky enough to go to the blogger preview before it opened to the public, and i can safely say, my debit card is no longer safe.

the store is absolutely hugeeee and with its huge lit up sign definitely attracts attention. as i waited outside for fellow blogger allie-may from thefridaygirl, i noticed how many people were stopping to stare at the new shop, mainly students squealing as they realised they'll have a new place to spend their cash. i met up with allie, and we were allowed inside (feeling super important as the doors locked behind us!!). the PR for UO was super super nice and friendly, and showed us over to an AMAZING breakfast spread. which was good for this student blogger, as i most definitely don't have croissants in my fridge...

after pigging out with amazing food, we were informed that we were allowed one thing that we wanted from the store. naturally, our jaws dropped. i literally could not believe how generous they were, and fully back Urban Outfitters as a brand! allie and i also made full use of the amazing photobooth, as any good blogger would, ofc...

we started having a nosey around, and let me tell you, there's a ridiculous amount of beautiful stuff packed in that shop!!! from sequin vintage dresses, big wooly coats, vagabond boots, to cute unicorn candles, there's something for everyone. christmas will be an easy affair this year for everyone - just get me something from there!!!! i ended up picking this super cosy black jacket, which i will do an outfit post on soon!

all in all, it was an amazing opportunity and i am sososo grateful to UO for their amazing generosity and friendly hospitality. until next time...xo


  1. I am a hugeeee fan of UO! We have a pretty big store in Liverpool however this one looks amazingggg!
    Love your 'insider pics' and cant wait for you to show us your jacket!


  2. This looks incredible! I wanna go!! xo

  3. I hope they still have the unicorn stuff when i am back! love the primark top!! xxx

  4. I wish we had an Urban Outfitters. Looks like such a cool launch!

    Megan xxx
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty Blog

  5. looks sooo good! Can't wait to pay a trip to Notts and look round xx


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