Monday, 11 November 2013

my first shoot

(female outfit: dress / H& / Missguided...socks,bag,bracelets / primark. male outfit: shirt / primark...trousers / zara..)

as much as i wish i could blog all day and just marvel at beautiful clothes, i do actually have to do things with my day, which mainly consists of going to university. so, i figured the next best thing would be to write about fashion for my uni magazine. i am actually the deputyeditor for fashion+beauty this year, so with that, i decided to do a proper fashion shoot.

ever since my internship at fabulous magazine, i've realised that styling and the creative side of fashion is definitely right up my street. i thrived in the studios on shoot days, really getting involved with styling the outfits and just observing the way it all worked. my uni mag, Platform Online, needed content for the Christmas edition, which is distributed all over my university. so, i figured what would be better than a christmas themed shoot!!!

now, seeing as i am merely one human and not a big time fashion editor (yet), this is actually much more difficult than i first imagined. i had, luckily, managed to get a fabulous photographer, who booked out one of the photography studios ready for the day, but the rest was up to me. 

i wanted to do 4 looks - a casual and an evening outfit for men and women. so, this meant i had to get the clothes. unfortunately, i can't get clothes sent free to me, so i had no option to buy the clothes myself - making sure the models left ALL THE LABELS ON so i could return them afterwards. this was pretty stressful, as my own money was on the line, but luckily it all ended up ok. i also used a few of my own clothes, but only items that i'd bought recently to ensure the shoot was up to date! i was so happy with the final looks, and can't publish them yet as they haven't been out in the mag yet, but i will! 

after observing editors at fabulous, i knew what was expected of me. everyone was relying on me to tell them how to pose, what the outcome was, and how i visioned the shoot going. it was important to be assertive, not bossy, to make sure that i got the shots i wanted - after all, it would only make me look bad if it ended up a bit awful! it was a really chilled atmosphere with music blaring, shoes off, and tesco meal deals being eaten. 

i also managed to get a make up artist last minute, which made everything so much better as she knew what she was doing! i ended up having quite a big team, with 4 photographers, 2 models and a make up artist. i felt so proud being able to get it altogether, and soooo relieved all of the looks ended up looking cute!!! it's something i'll definitely do again - perhaps with a proper backing from a label next time!

until next time...xo


  1. Wow looks amazing

  2. Looks really cool, i love the atmosphere of working in a team at shoots! That must have been stressful buying all the clothes for it! Can't wait to see the final images:)


  3. You should be very proud it looks awesome- looking forward to seeing the shoot in platform!



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