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english student seeks fashion career...please?!

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this is a different kind of post to my usual outfit ones. i felt i wanted to try and articulate my feelings about wanting to embark in the world of fashion...armed with an english degree. it's daunting, i will admit. but it's something that a lot of people can relate to, and i truly think there should be more positive outlooks on this :) life is not your degree - it's what you make of it!

when i was choosing my degree back in year 13 (which was, scarily, 3 years ago...), i was told to do something i knew i was good at, and something that i knew i liked. so, seeing as i'd always been good at english and enjoyed it at school, i chose to study english with linguistics at nottingham trent. this post isn't to say i regret my choice, as i really love my degree, it's challenging but really interesting (linguistics is slightly better than the english, but never mind), and i'm glad i picked it. but, last year i started getting really into fashion. legit obsessed with it. and at my uni, there's an amazing fashion department with a thousand different aspects to study, and i wondered - why didn't i know about this??? i didn't realise it was possible to study anything other than design when it came to fashion, but had i known that a degree in fashion business existed, would i have chosen english? who knows. but i feel schools should offer more choices to students when they are choosing degrees - after all, at 18 i had NO CLUE what i wanted to do, and also had no idea subjects other than the bog standard ones existed at university level. there's a thousand degrees out there that i'd never heard of, but each just as credible as the next. i kind of wish i'd known more about the choice that's out there, rather than being told to stick to the stuff i know. (desperately trying not to sing 'status quo' from highschoolmusical....)

experience seems to be something that, to some employers, is more important than what degree you study. i've noticed that when researching 'how to crack the fashion business' (like it's that easy you can just google it...) the word EXPERIENCE comes up more often than not. i've found that having a lot of extra experience to add on my CV that relates specifically to the fashion industry has helped me when attaining internships, and also made me feel a lot better when explaining i have an english degree, BUT look at all this other stuff i've done!!! 

blogging has transformed the way i've thought about approaching the job market. i've seen fashion and beauty bloggers who study everything from fashion to physics, and every blog is just as informative and faahhbulousss as the next. it doesn't seem to matter what your degree is in if you have a genuine love for something else. every degree offers something an employer wants, as in order to get a degree, you have to be organised, prompt, articulate...and a number of other transferable skills that any employer would want to snap up! just because you study english or maths or anything else, doesn't mean that you can't study fashion (or anything else for that matter!) but, on the flip side, a degree isn't everything, and i've seen a lot of successful people in the fashion world have enviable careers with

i guess what i'm trying to say, and i'm not sure if i have, is there is hope for those of us who love fashion, but our degree may state otherwise. with a bit of experience under your belt, or just a chance at an interview to convey your real love for it, i think we have just a big a chance at making it in the fashhhbizzzzz as anyone else. maybe it's for my own piece of mind, but i really think it's possible. and maybe, in another world, i would have chosen that fashion degree. but i didn't. so i shall march on into the big scary world of fashion, armed with my english degree and a pair of vagabond boots, and convince everyone i deserve to be here.

until next time...xo


  1. Totally agree. When I was applying I thought the only degree you could do was designing if you wanted to get into fashion. I did a degree in marketing and got work experience, and I want to get into fashion. At the end of the day it's about experience not the degree.

  2. I REALLY hope there's hope as I study Arabic and French! I think I always knew I wanted to work it fashion, it just took me a looong time to realise it. I love my course and languages in general, I just don't want to necessarily work with them.

    Jodie Marie
    à la Jode

  3. I was in the same boat as you at college when I had to decide what degree to do I thought 'I'll just do English' because at the time I really enjoyed it and did really well in it. Three years down the line and I cannot wait for it to be over! I'd love a career in fashion and oh how I wish three years ago I'd taken the plunge and moved to London to study it. *sigh* xxx

    Sarah Nunn | UK Style Blog

  4. I am exactly the same! I always thought the only way I could get into fashion was through design. When I realised I wasn't very good at the making clothes side, I felt like I had to give it up! at 18 years old, it is unfair to expect people to decide. I am studying English lit at uni now (second year) And I love it, but I want a career in fashion- which I discovered, I can still have if I work hard and get experience in the industry! I do think there should be more help for people before they leave school, more awareness that it's not just design! Good luck with your career! I love your blog! Xxx


  5. I was in the exact same position when I was choosing whether to go to uni or not. In the end I didn'y, I started a journalism course down south at Brighton college and hands down it's one of the best decisions I've made in a long time! Experience is a massive thing to get nowadays, it's a pain to get too! Good luck with it all, you'll do fab :)

    Rhiannon xx

  6. Hello :)

    I just graduated from Nottingham Trent University this year,
    I studied Fashion Communication and Promotion which covered everything from branding, marketing, graphic design, styling to journalism. I think it would have definitely been up your street. I too felt there wasn't enough guidance when applying for courses for Uni. I only happened to apply for the course I did after randomly sitting in on their presentation during an open day! I agree that a degree is only so much! There are hardly any journalist and PR professionals that I have come across which actually studied a Fashion Degree. Most interned for a year and then got offered a job at the end of it. So, you are certainly on the track to securing your dreams but you'll always have a widely appreciated qualification to fall back on.

    Much Love,

  7. thanks for all your comments guys! sososo nice to get feedback about this topic and know im not alone, and that there is hope for us :D :D xxxxxxx

  8. I love this post! I'd love to work in fashion magazines when I've graduated and though I am doing a media degree I do get a little feeling of regret every now and then because I didn't properly research any fashion courses. Nice to know others feel the same way and it's possible to get amazing internships like you have without a fashion degree! Congrats on doing so well, and love your blog by the way, definitely following!
    Sara x


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