Thursday, 28 November 2013

a very nottingham christmas

(fedora - river island...gilet - topshop...jumper - primark...leggings - topshop)

christmas markets are VITAL in getting you in the festive spirit! i go to uni in nottingham, and just had to investigate the annual christmas market! i've gone everywhere, and it really illuminates the city, and gets everyone smiling as they cross market square and hearing a christmas song and smell mulled wine.

a couple of friends (who were excellent photographers, thanks guys) and i ventured into the christmas market to have a proper look around. i was there when the lights were turned on, but it was absolutely RAMMED and no way of having a proper look round. i personally love the lights everywhere, little twinkly lights...big santa lights... flashing lights... it just makes me feel so festive!! 

there are loads of fab stalls to have a nosey at, with burger and hog roast stands giving off some incredible smells everywhere. a soup stand always gets my attention when i walk through town in the day, as warm soup on a cold day is just beaut. when i visited the other night however, the pancake stall was my first point of call. love a good pancake! next time i will definitely be stopping off at the cadbury chocolate stand, as i am dying for a hot chocolate with marshmellows! i was also instantly drawn to the chocolate fountain, with chocolate kebab type skewers. as you can see in the pictures, attention to detail was essential, with some decorated as reindeers and snowmen! so cute!

i had to take some outfit posts near the carousel. i'm always drawn to the lights (again) and the colours. i managed to take a few sneakily before the ride started up again. i decided to debut my fur gilet for the first time this year. i managed to pick this beauty up for just EIGHT POUNDS at a car boot sale, never been worn and topshop!! don't think the lady knew what she had... anyway, it came to a good home! i also got a fedora FINALLY as an early xmas present (cheers mum), and i absolutely love it. it is so autumn/winter, and fits perfectly with the outfit. i felt a bit like millie mackintosh, without the gorgeous face, body and pro green as my husband, ofc...

hope everyone is feeling festive! :) until next time...xo

Thursday, 21 November 2013

english student seeks fashion career...please?!

(top to bottom: company blog awards...last day at fabulous,,,fashion shoots...runway frontrow...intern sheet...modelling...styling)

this is a different kind of post to my usual outfit ones. i felt i wanted to try and articulate my feelings about wanting to embark in the world of fashion...armed with an english degree. it's daunting, i will admit. but it's something that a lot of people can relate to, and i truly think there should be more positive outlooks on this :) life is not your degree - it's what you make of it!

when i was choosing my degree back in year 13 (which was, scarily, 3 years ago...), i was told to do something i knew i was good at, and something that i knew i liked. so, seeing as i'd always been good at english and enjoyed it at school, i chose to study english with linguistics at nottingham trent. this post isn't to say i regret my choice, as i really love my degree, it's challenging but really interesting (linguistics is slightly better than the english, but never mind), and i'm glad i picked it. but, last year i started getting really into fashion. legit obsessed with it. and at my uni, there's an amazing fashion department with a thousand different aspects to study, and i wondered - why didn't i know about this??? i didn't realise it was possible to study anything other than design when it came to fashion, but had i known that a degree in fashion business existed, would i have chosen english? who knows. but i feel schools should offer more choices to students when they are choosing degrees - after all, at 18 i had NO CLUE what i wanted to do, and also had no idea subjects other than the bog standard ones existed at university level. there's a thousand degrees out there that i'd never heard of, but each just as credible as the next. i kind of wish i'd known more about the choice that's out there, rather than being told to stick to the stuff i know. (desperately trying not to sing 'status quo' from highschoolmusical....)

experience seems to be something that, to some employers, is more important than what degree you study. i've noticed that when researching 'how to crack the fashion business' (like it's that easy you can just google it...) the word EXPERIENCE comes up more often than not. i've found that having a lot of extra experience to add on my CV that relates specifically to the fashion industry has helped me when attaining internships, and also made me feel a lot better when explaining i have an english degree, BUT look at all this other stuff i've done!!! 

blogging has transformed the way i've thought about approaching the job market. i've seen fashion and beauty bloggers who study everything from fashion to physics, and every blog is just as informative and faahhbulousss as the next. it doesn't seem to matter what your degree is in if you have a genuine love for something else. every degree offers something an employer wants, as in order to get a degree, you have to be organised, prompt, articulate...and a number of other transferable skills that any employer would want to snap up! just because you study english or maths or anything else, doesn't mean that you can't study fashion (or anything else for that matter!) but, on the flip side, a degree isn't everything, and i've seen a lot of successful people in the fashion world have enviable careers with

i guess what i'm trying to say, and i'm not sure if i have, is there is hope for those of us who love fashion, but our degree may state otherwise. with a bit of experience under your belt, or just a chance at an interview to convey your real love for it, i think we have just a big a chance at making it in the fashhhbizzzzz as anyone else. maybe it's for my own piece of mind, but i really think it's possible. and maybe, in another world, i would have chosen that fashion degree. but i didn't. so i shall march on into the big scary world of fashion, armed with my english degree and a pair of vagabond boots, and convince everyone i deserve to be here.

until next time...xo

Saturday, 16 November 2013

sheepish: urban outfitters jacket

(jacket - urban outfitters*...shirt - primark...leggings - - asos)

so as i explained in my last post about the ever so exciting opening of the nottingham urban outfitters (click HERE to see!!!), i was very generously allowed to have one item from the store to blog to you lovely people about. and here is the grand unveiling!

my eyes popped straight out of my head when i was told i could pick an item - i felt like a kid in a candy shop. everywhere i looked there was something i loved, boots... it was louisa heaven. but, after wandering around truly worrying i would end up leaving with a pair of socks as i was so indecisive, i popped my thinking cap on and concentrated on something i really wanted. 

i've wanted a new black jacket for a while now, as my leather jacket is pretty thin for the winter months and i feel it's going to die soon (sniffsniff). i searched around for another leather jacket, but couldn't see any that took my fancy... and then my eyes focused in on a black, sheepskin lined jacket. i stroked the sheepskin, and was amazed at how soft it was. the material of the coat is thick and sturdy, and quilted on the inside. once i tried it on, i knew it was love. it's ridiculously cosy, and i absolutely love the sheepskin. it is so different to anything else i have, and the rest - they say - is history!

thank you again urban outfitters! until next time...xo

Thursday, 14 November 2013

urban outfitters: nottingham launch

the first thing i said when i moved to nottingham for uni was 'oh, it doesn't have an urban outfitters', and i would have to find somewhere else to blow my student loan. HOWEVER, my dreams have been answered, as a gorgeous new store has finally opened in the heart of the victoria centre. i was lucky enough to go to the blogger preview before it opened to the public, and i can safely say, my debit card is no longer safe.

the store is absolutely hugeeee and with its huge lit up sign definitely attracts attention. as i waited outside for fellow blogger allie-may from thefridaygirl, i noticed how many people were stopping to stare at the new shop, mainly students squealing as they realised they'll have a new place to spend their cash. i met up with allie, and we were allowed inside (feeling super important as the doors locked behind us!!). the PR for UO was super super nice and friendly, and showed us over to an AMAZING breakfast spread. which was good for this student blogger, as i most definitely don't have croissants in my fridge...

after pigging out with amazing food, we were informed that we were allowed one thing that we wanted from the store. naturally, our jaws dropped. i literally could not believe how generous they were, and fully back Urban Outfitters as a brand! allie and i also made full use of the amazing photobooth, as any good blogger would, ofc...

we started having a nosey around, and let me tell you, there's a ridiculous amount of beautiful stuff packed in that shop!!! from sequin vintage dresses, big wooly coats, vagabond boots, to cute unicorn candles, there's something for everyone. christmas will be an easy affair this year for everyone - just get me something from there!!!! i ended up picking this super cosy black jacket, which i will do an outfit post on soon!

all in all, it was an amazing opportunity and i am sososo grateful to UO for their amazing generosity and friendly hospitality. until next time...xo

Monday, 11 November 2013

my first shoot

(female outfit: dress / H& / Missguided...socks,bag,bracelets / primark. male outfit: shirt / primark...trousers / zara..)

as much as i wish i could blog all day and just marvel at beautiful clothes, i do actually have to do things with my day, which mainly consists of going to university. so, i figured the next best thing would be to write about fashion for my uni magazine. i am actually the deputyeditor for fashion+beauty this year, so with that, i decided to do a proper fashion shoot.

ever since my internship at fabulous magazine, i've realised that styling and the creative side of fashion is definitely right up my street. i thrived in the studios on shoot days, really getting involved with styling the outfits and just observing the way it all worked. my uni mag, Platform Online, needed content for the Christmas edition, which is distributed all over my university. so, i figured what would be better than a christmas themed shoot!!!

now, seeing as i am merely one human and not a big time fashion editor (yet), this is actually much more difficult than i first imagined. i had, luckily, managed to get a fabulous photographer, who booked out one of the photography studios ready for the day, but the rest was up to me. 

i wanted to do 4 looks - a casual and an evening outfit for men and women. so, this meant i had to get the clothes. unfortunately, i can't get clothes sent free to me, so i had no option to buy the clothes myself - making sure the models left ALL THE LABELS ON so i could return them afterwards. this was pretty stressful, as my own money was on the line, but luckily it all ended up ok. i also used a few of my own clothes, but only items that i'd bought recently to ensure the shoot was up to date! i was so happy with the final looks, and can't publish them yet as they haven't been out in the mag yet, but i will! 

after observing editors at fabulous, i knew what was expected of me. everyone was relying on me to tell them how to pose, what the outcome was, and how i visioned the shoot going. it was important to be assertive, not bossy, to make sure that i got the shots i wanted - after all, it would only make me look bad if it ended up a bit awful! it was a really chilled atmosphere with music blaring, shoes off, and tesco meal deals being eaten. 

i also managed to get a make up artist last minute, which made everything so much better as she knew what she was doing! i ended up having quite a big team, with 4 photographers, 2 models and a make up artist. i felt so proud being able to get it altogether, and soooo relieved all of the looks ended up looking cute!!! it's something i'll definitely do again - perhaps with a proper backing from a label next time!

until next time...xo

Saturday, 2 November 2013

this is halloween

(playsuit - missguided*...shirt - ark*...hat - claires)

i absolutely love halloween. i love dressing up, and i think for halloween it's always best to go all out! you won't find me with a pair of cat ears on, i like to go spooky!

this year my house decided to have a house party, so naturally, i had to think of an amazing halloween costume to go with this. i don't have a lot of money atm (thirdyearproblems) so had to try to be thrifty. i already own this gorgeous leather playsuit and stripy shirt, and when teamed together i thought it was a sort of beetlejuice vibe to it, so i went with it! the little top hat hairband i've had for absolutely ages, i found it in my room the other day and figured it would be perfect for this outfit. it's actually really cute, i wish it was acceptable to wear all year round...

the make up was inspired by an amazing tutorial i saw in company magazine. i love the whole look of it, and decided to give it a go. it was actually really easy, just gotta be a bit patient when drawing the teeth on with liquid eyeliner (although i kinda messed up the bottom row, oops). i really liked the overall look, creepy but cool! you can't see too well here, but i also sprayed my hair silver - which i ended up falling in love with and now want to dye my hair silver for realzzz. oops.

farewell halloween! until next time... xo
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