Monday, 7 October 2013

tell em that it's my birthday....

(dress - missguided* - missguided*...socks - primark)

so, firstly, apologies are in order. i haven't blogged for what feels like forever. i'm back at uni in my third year, and i'm trying to work out a routine which allows me to blog and do the mountain of work that comes with this year! so - let's start again. i'm louisa, and i run fashion fumblings. 

the weekend that just passed was my boyfriend's 21st birthday - which naturally put a lot of pressure on me to look good. self centered, but very very true. we were going out in manchester on a saturday night, which is notoriously dressy - something i don't do very often. panicking, i turned to the lovely people at missguided, as if you want an amazing party dress you should most definitely go there first. i was sent this gorgeous black dress and A-FREAKING-MAZING heels, and they did the job absolutely perfectly.

i was drawn to the dress as it was black, ofc. i also loved it as it reminded me of the infamous marilyn monroe white dress, and looked super flattering. i loved it on, my smallest part is my waist so i wanted to bring that in whilst skimming over my bigger bits. i think the key to this dress is the low cut nature of it. the front was gorgeous as it dropped down, and i'm a sucker for a low back so this was perfect. i felt really dressy, especially as i got a cheeky spray tan to make me feel like i'd been on holiday!

now. the shoes. my god, the shoes. they are ridiculously tall, and at first i worried that i would be taller than my bf (not a problem, in the end!!) but it was genuine love at first sight. they remind me of topshop heels, but at less than half the price - absolute bargain. i put them on at 7pm, and took them off at 5am... and they didn't hurt AT ALL. seriously. it was an absolute miracle, baring in mind i walked half way across manchester. i would recommend these heels SO MUCH TO ALL OF YOU. buy them before it's too late!

i promise more posts are coming, and a whole blog redesign! stay tuned, until next time xo


  1. You look lovelllyyy. I'm jealous of your of the shoes, realllllly want them haha. xx

  2. I'm exactly the same! Darn third year.
    Lovely outfit, very pretty.


  3. That is the cutest LBD! I love the boots with frilly socks too <3

  4. Lovely outfit, simple and classy :)



  5. Hi!
    You look fab in this dress :] I have the same one from Missguided but mine comes down at the front much further than yours. I'm not sure I have the boobs for it but if it stopped a little higher like yours does it would be perfect. Have you adjusted it in any way?
    Thanks!! <3
    Michelle x

    1. heyyy yeah i got it sewn up :) super easy and makes the difference xxx

    2. Ahh brill thanks so much :] I'll try that! xx


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