Thursday, 31 October 2013

autumn leaves

(shirt - queen of threads...leggings - topshop... boots - new look...bag - primark)

just a quick one as i'm super busy being a boring third year :( this is another uni outfit, i love this oversized topshop shirt, the colours and design are so autumnal. it's also perfect for shoving on when you want to stay comfy and stylish.

until next time...xo


Wednesday, 23 October 2013

changes - khaki parka

(coat - topshop...jumper - primark... joni jeans - - asos...)

changes are everywhere atm, in the weather, at uni with my HEFTY third year workload, and here on my blog. i hope you all like my redesign as much as i do, i love the minimal vibe to it, bit more grown up and a lot cleaner. so yeah, i love it, and it's by the fabulous Steph. click here to go to her blog design site :) very reasonable! 

this is another autumnal post, and definitely another uni outfit. i actually wore this to uni today, and i wish it was acceptable to wear the same thing everyday because this is just the epitome of comfort. the black jumper is from primark, and something i've had my eye on for a while. i wanted a chunky knit jumper to chuck on in the winter, and i love the leather panels on the shoulders. love me a bit of leather! 

the joni jeans are also a bit of a dream. i live in my black topshop leggings, and was getting a bit sick of them. i wanted grey leggings, but they HAD to be high waisted as i can't stand my muffin top. i found these bad boys in topshop, and i fell in love with the fit. they are really easy to get on, and i love the skinny fit. gonna be wearing these a lot me thinks...

now. the coat. the main attraction. i needed a coat with a hood, and i've always loved khaki parkas and spent a lot of last winter dreaming of owning one from topshop, but they always were out of my price range. but, there is currently a sale on - yayyyy! and this bad boy was only £27 with student discount. it's pretty snug despite the jacket material, and the hood is just needed in this weird weather. love love it! if you do get one yourself, they are quite big in size, i had to get a 6 (secretly jumping for joy haha). 

so welcome to my new design blog! until next time xo

Sunday, 20 October 2013

my name is HOV: jay z concert outfit

(boots - asos... skirt - primark... top - eBay... necklace - primark... cap - jay z merch)

last week, i was a very very lucky girl. i got to see jay z at the o2 arena, not once...but twice. the day after each other. ridiculous. the first day (friday) was even more special, as me and my bf got to watch the gig from the luxuries of an o2 box - courtesy of his fantastic job. 

i wasn't too sure what to wear in a box. when i think about a private box at the o2 i think of celebs lapping it up and drinking champers. so, i tried to do a budget version of what i imagine that is like... the dress code said 'smart casual', and i like to think i managed it. i decided when having a browse in primark that i should give the maxi skirt a try. i've never been one for maxi dresses, not even in the summer, i just feel a bit uncomfortable in them. but, this skirt proved me wrong. the slit up the side gave it a different vibe, and i love the dark grey colour and the high waist. it's the right amount of smart and the right amount of grunge, and when teamed with my black asos boots i felt it worked perfectly. i ummed and aahed about the top, but settled on, you guessed it, a black crop top with a high neck. to give the outfit a lil bit of pazzazzzzz  i decided to chuck on my multi-chain necklace from primark. overall, i loved the look, and that skirt is one of my favourite purchases!

my bf was kind enough to buy me a cap from the merch stand (if you're reading joe, sorry i'm not wearing it far enough down my head, i forgot...) and it's perfect for shoving on when you're having a bad hair day. i loveee it :) 

the next day (saturday) when i saw jay z again i was standing, so i didn't dress as smartly as, let's face it, everything would have got ruined. i didn't get to do an outfit post on that outfit due to the top being joe's, but i wore a brooklyn nets jersey and my cap with leggings and nikes. standard, comfortable, and perfect for jumping about to TOM FORD in. 

until next time... xo

Thursday, 10 October 2013


(coat - label lab (charity shop) - new look...leggings - - asos...bag - primark)

it is officially autumn. the temperature has dropped, the leaves are falling, and i'm in my first term at university (in my final year, sob). i'm secretly relieved that i can crack out the jumpers and boots rather than have to show off skin, as i am definitely an autumn/winter girl!

i love the way these photos have come out, a perfect capture of autumn in nottingham, taken by the wonderful allie-may over at thefridaygirl blog. i have been wanting to blog about my coat for ages, but the weather has been too darn nice. i absolutely am in love with it. i was in a charity shop back home and just saw it hanging there, and grabbed it instantly! it's the exact style that i wanted for this winter, a kind of suit style, but it's still feminine with it's purple/black colour. it's originally from label lab, which is in house of fraser, and would have cost an absolute bomb. big up to oxfam for selling it to me for £10! 

this is a typical outfit that i would wear to a lecture, provided my lecture is at 11am or later. if you catch me at a 9am lecture, chances are my hair is up in a bun, my glasses are on and i'm wearing a hoody. oops. i love the top, it's from a little concession in new look and is a fantastic dupe for the popular floral topshop top that is everywhere atm. i literally wear black leggings everyday, and my asos boots LIVE on my feet. i also love my little black rucksack, which actually fits a lot of stuff in considering the size. a perfectly comfortable outfit for a lecture!

hope you enjoyed :) until next time xo

Monday, 7 October 2013

tell em that it's my birthday....

(dress - missguided* - missguided*...socks - primark)

so, firstly, apologies are in order. i haven't blogged for what feels like forever. i'm back at uni in my third year, and i'm trying to work out a routine which allows me to blog and do the mountain of work that comes with this year! so - let's start again. i'm louisa, and i run fashion fumblings. 

the weekend that just passed was my boyfriend's 21st birthday - which naturally put a lot of pressure on me to look good. self centered, but very very true. we were going out in manchester on a saturday night, which is notoriously dressy - something i don't do very often. panicking, i turned to the lovely people at missguided, as if you want an amazing party dress you should most definitely go there first. i was sent this gorgeous black dress and A-FREAKING-MAZING heels, and they did the job absolutely perfectly.

i was drawn to the dress as it was black, ofc. i also loved it as it reminded me of the infamous marilyn monroe white dress, and looked super flattering. i loved it on, my smallest part is my waist so i wanted to bring that in whilst skimming over my bigger bits. i think the key to this dress is the low cut nature of it. the front was gorgeous as it dropped down, and i'm a sucker for a low back so this was perfect. i felt really dressy, especially as i got a cheeky spray tan to make me feel like i'd been on holiday!

now. the shoes. my god, the shoes. they are ridiculously tall, and at first i worried that i would be taller than my bf (not a problem, in the end!!) but it was genuine love at first sight. they remind me of topshop heels, but at less than half the price - absolute bargain. i put them on at 7pm, and took them off at 5am... and they didn't hurt AT ALL. seriously. it was an absolute miracle, baring in mind i walked half way across manchester. i would recommend these heels SO MUCH TO ALL OF YOU. buy them before it's too late!

i promise more posts are coming, and a whole blog redesign! stay tuned, until next time xo
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