Thursday, 12 September 2013

wrecking ball

(hat - boy london @ selfridges...dress - random shop in - new look...earrings - topshop)

i guess, when you look at it, this outfit isn't anything special. it's a black dress, with black boots, with a black hat. but - despite its simplicity - i think there's something quite striking about it...and i won't lie, i just love my boy london beanie, i don't care if it's hipster.

it's hard to discuss this outfit in much detail due to just how basic it is. this is the only midi dress i own, but i love it. it was an absolute steal from a random little shop in nottingham for a mere FIVE POUNDS! i know, crazy. i love that it has a slightly high neck, and it's super tight, so it's actually quite flattering would you believe. i think when dressed like this, if you chucked a bomber jacket on top, you've got a fab casual dress...but, teamed with a pair of heels and a statement necklace, BOOM - you can go out on the town!

i go back to university on monday, so i must search for a new blogging space as i'm moving house. hopefully there will be an excellent wall near my house i can use. i don't know about you, but ever since i started blogging, walls actually become a source of interest to me when i am looking for a good spot of photography. boring? yes. but that's just the kinda gal i am.

have a lovely day chumzzz :) xo 



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