Monday, 16 September 2013

the cara delevingne plait

refreshing my twitter feed, all i see is 'oh cara, why you so perfect?...cara is sooo cool...i wish i was cara', and that's just my own tweets. girls of my generation are obsessed with miss. delevingne, and it's not difficult to see why. from her impeccable eyebrows, to her casual dress, to her showbiz pals, she's the girl you feel you could laugh with (whilst stealing Harry Styles' number from her phone). so, this is why i decided to try and recreate a hairstyle i loved from the great cara.

i recently had my hair dyed from a bright blonde to a more ash blonde, such like cara. i am proud to admit that i took in a photo of her in from the recent Vogue Met Ball, and just said 'make me look like that'. i realise that the hairdresser isn't a magician, but i'm really pleased with the results. i feel like i can do more with my hair now, and looks a little bit longer. from the same photo, cara had an amazing side braid, and it's a look that i've seen for quite a while now, most recently on llymlrs at LFW. i have always loved this look, as i've been tempted in the past to even get an undercut but been too scared... this braid is a prettier (and less drastic) solution to the undercut. and pretty simple to do...

1 - create a side parting with your fingers, and then separate these two sections, so you have a large section of hair on one side, and then the smaller section which you will braid.

2 - take a small section from the side you are going to braid, and separate into three. then, begin french braiding the hair. for a double braid, like i have done, simply leave a section underneath the 1st braid to plait again.

3 - once you have finished plaiting, pin the hair securely to the side. anddd you should have the complete look :)

i love the end result, if i keep practicing im sure it'll look sleeker. baring in mind i'm sure cara didn't do hers herself, i'm pretty pleased with my first try. definitely going to wear my hair this way for nights out in the future! 

until next time...xo


  1. That looks really cute on you! Love your hair x

  2. your hair looks gorgeous like this!

  3. I love these faux undercut hairstyles, I'm definitely going to try this out! Yours looks awesome! :D

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