Thursday, 5 September 2013

final days of summer

(playsuit - queen of - new look)

i feel like today marked the last day of summer. sure, it's was ridiculously hot, but it kind of seemed like a big final hurrah to the summer months, as we are now back in september - going back to school, college and uni, and ready for autumn! (well, i am anyway). i thought i'd pay tribute to the good old summer with this gorgeous playsuit from asos boutique queen of threads.

hopefully you'll all be proud of me as i'm not wearing black! i know. it's crazy. i love this playsuit, as it's sooo comfy as it's a silky material - kinda like pyjamas, but suitable to wear in the day. it's originally from urban outfitters, but i got it for a fraction of the price - huzzah! i love the big floral prints, which i think will go into autumn nicely as well. the best bit (in my opinion) about this playsuit is the open back. i love low backs and open backs, i think it offers something different to a garment - and this triangular shaped one really makes it stand out. i think it'd look good on a night out, or even with a white long sleeved top under it and tights for a crisp september day :) however i wear it, i am in love with it!

i still can't believe it's september! i soon start my FINAL YEAR AT UNIVERSITY what.the.hell. so so so scary, i've even been a bit of a nerd and started some dissertation work early! blogging shall be my escape from literature and tess of the d'urbervilles...

short but sweet :) enjoy the sun whilst it's out! xo


  1. This playsuit is so cute! You look great :)

  2. This playsuit is so so cute! I may need to get my hands on one (even if today was the last day of summer haha!).

    Lots of love, Alex from Bambella Blog xxx

  3. Love this so much! Yeah, I agree today felt like the last day of summer, can't say I'm sad about it.. I'm looking forward to the chiller days and wearing lots of layers ^-^ The playsuit looks amazing on you and I love the little bow! X

  4. Lovely look! Fabulous outfit!!

  5. That playsuit is gorgeous! Have a good last year at uni! I'm just starting my first year soon, so excited :D x

  6. Haha I couldn't agree more, I always feel like Summers over once we get to September haha :) Your outfit is so cute. Just love the cut out :D

    Ruth x

  7. This playsuit is actually so pretty - I want it! Love the bow in your hair too!

  8. I love your playsuit so very pretty.
    Love the back detail.
    And your bun and bow is perfect.

  9. I love this playsuit! Amazing print,


  10. Only just come across your blog and I really love your banner, it's adorable! The playsuit you are wearing is lovely too. Good luck with your last year at uni. I'm going into 2nd and can't believe how fast year 1 went!
    Sophie x
    The Style Picnic

  11. Such a cute playsuit!! Also loving the boots too :)
    Saadiya x

  12. I am in love with this outfit!! Xo

  13. Aw the play suit is gorgeous, I'm going to try and hold onto the floral trend throughout autumn and winter! I love the cut out at the back ,really chic x



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