Monday, 23 September 2013

white trash

i won't lie, i'm a little bit obsessed with miley cyrus atm. from her 'idontcareimjustbeingmiley' attitude, to her twerking, to her catchy tunes, i can't get enough. and this outfit made me feel a little less louisa, and a little more miley - which is just fine by me.

so playsuits normally aren't my thang. i'm quite long on top, and sometimes the fit is just a weeee bit tight or way too short on the bottom half. but this playsuit from missguided fits like a dream. it's the perfect length on the bottom so you're not exposing yo' ass to the world, and on top it's the perfect amount of baggy - so you could even wear a shirt underneath it or a cute top in the day. i think it's a really different outfit for a night out - you don't see a lot of stuff out there like this atm, and i'm in love with it. i decided to team it with my asos boots (yes i copied llymrls oops), to give it a biker/punky look. works like a dream!

i'm back at uni now for my third year (ew), so hopefully i will be posting loadssss :) gotta get back into the game - missed blogging and the community :) 

until next time...xo


Monday, 16 September 2013

the cara delevingne plait

refreshing my twitter feed, all i see is 'oh cara, why you so perfect?...cara is sooo cool...i wish i was cara', and that's just my own tweets. girls of my generation are obsessed with miss. delevingne, and it's not difficult to see why. from her impeccable eyebrows, to her casual dress, to her showbiz pals, she's the girl you feel you could laugh with (whilst stealing Harry Styles' number from her phone). so, this is why i decided to try and recreate a hairstyle i loved from the great cara.

i recently had my hair dyed from a bright blonde to a more ash blonde, such like cara. i am proud to admit that i took in a photo of her in from the recent Vogue Met Ball, and just said 'make me look like that'. i realise that the hairdresser isn't a magician, but i'm really pleased with the results. i feel like i can do more with my hair now, and looks a little bit longer. from the same photo, cara had an amazing side braid, and it's a look that i've seen for quite a while now, most recently on llymlrs at LFW. i have always loved this look, as i've been tempted in the past to even get an undercut but been too scared... this braid is a prettier (and less drastic) solution to the undercut. and pretty simple to do...

1 - create a side parting with your fingers, and then separate these two sections, so you have a large section of hair on one side, and then the smaller section which you will braid.

2 - take a small section from the side you are going to braid, and separate into three. then, begin french braiding the hair. for a double braid, like i have done, simply leave a section underneath the 1st braid to plait again.

3 - once you have finished plaiting, pin the hair securely to the side. anddd you should have the complete look :)

i love the end result, if i keep practicing im sure it'll look sleeker. baring in mind i'm sure cara didn't do hers herself, i'm pretty pleased with my first try. definitely going to wear my hair this way for nights out in the future! 

until next time...xo

Thursday, 12 September 2013

wrecking ball

(hat - boy london @ selfridges...dress - random shop in - new look...earrings - topshop)

i guess, when you look at it, this outfit isn't anything special. it's a black dress, with black boots, with a black hat. but - despite its simplicity - i think there's something quite striking about it...and i won't lie, i just love my boy london beanie, i don't care if it's hipster.

it's hard to discuss this outfit in much detail due to just how basic it is. this is the only midi dress i own, but i love it. it was an absolute steal from a random little shop in nottingham for a mere FIVE POUNDS! i know, crazy. i love that it has a slightly high neck, and it's super tight, so it's actually quite flattering would you believe. i think when dressed like this, if you chucked a bomber jacket on top, you've got a fab casual dress...but, teamed with a pair of heels and a statement necklace, BOOM - you can go out on the town!

i go back to university on monday, so i must search for a new blogging space as i'm moving house. hopefully there will be an excellent wall near my house i can use. i don't know about you, but ever since i started blogging, walls actually become a source of interest to me when i am looking for a good spot of photography. boring? yes. but that's just the kinda gal i am.

have a lovely day chumzzz :) xo 


Thursday, 5 September 2013

final days of summer

(playsuit - queen of - new look)

i feel like today marked the last day of summer. sure, it's was ridiculously hot, but it kind of seemed like a big final hurrah to the summer months, as we are now back in september - going back to school, college and uni, and ready for autumn! (well, i am anyway). i thought i'd pay tribute to the good old summer with this gorgeous playsuit from asos boutique queen of threads.

hopefully you'll all be proud of me as i'm not wearing black! i know. it's crazy. i love this playsuit, as it's sooo comfy as it's a silky material - kinda like pyjamas, but suitable to wear in the day. it's originally from urban outfitters, but i got it for a fraction of the price - huzzah! i love the big floral prints, which i think will go into autumn nicely as well. the best bit (in my opinion) about this playsuit is the open back. i love low backs and open backs, i think it offers something different to a garment - and this triangular shaped one really makes it stand out. i think it'd look good on a night out, or even with a white long sleeved top under it and tights for a crisp september day :) however i wear it, i am in love with it!

i still can't believe it's september! i soon start my FINAL YEAR AT UNIVERSITY what.the.hell. so so so scary, i've even been a bit of a nerd and started some dissertation work early! blogging shall be my escape from literature and tess of the d'urbervilles...

short but sweet :) enjoy the sun whilst it's out! xo

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

sheer madness

(dress - internacionale...leggings - - barratts*...hat - missguided*

i was sososo surprised when i found this dress in internactionale for a mere £5!! i will openly admit i don't normally go in there, mainly because it's really dark in the one near me...but saw they had a sale on, so thought i'd have a nosey. anyway, i found this cami type dress and just fell in love with it! 

unless you've been living under a rock (or, you know, just aren't that into fashion. that's cool) you'd have noticed that cami's are everywhere at the moment. i have certainly bought into the trend, as they're super quick and easy to chuck on and feel fashionable - especially when you team it with a statement necklace. so when i saw this dipped hem cami style dress i was very interested! it's unlike anything i've seen before, and as it's black obviously i liked it (note to self: buy more colour). it is very see through, so a little bandeau under it is a must. i think with some highwaisted shorts under it, it'll look great on a night out!

i thought it would go perfectly with my new barratts boots. i was kindly given these to blog about, and i actually love them. chelsea boots are fantastic in any season, and these are also incredibly comfy - meaning they can be added to my growing 'boots i can wear on a night out and not want to chop my feet off' list! yayyyy!

so just a small blog today :) remember to follow if you enjoyed the read :) xo
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