Sunday, 11 August 2013

Week 4 - Fabulous Magazine Internship!

(outfits...beautiful clothes...sushi lunch!)

it's gone so quickly, but i have officially finished my internship at fabulous magazine! it's been a long 4 weeks, and it's gone by in a blur of sequinned dresses, lots of pairs of shoes, and a gazillion trains! i've loved every minute of it, and here's a little summary of my last week!

the week started pretty normally, with returns taking priority in my mind. i have been the only intern in the department for pretty much 3 weeks, so the returns pile has been pretty difficult to tackle by myself. but i did manage to get the pile down by a lot by myself, which felt so victorious as every fashion intern knows that the returns pile is sososo hard to get down! it's so important to try and get the returns out asap as it really does help everyone out when the cupboard is tidier, as everyone has work to do and if you can make that easier for them then you're a top intern ;)

i got to go on another shoot this week, which i was so happy about as i love assisting on shoots. it was for 2 different looks, one was animal print and another was a front row at a fashion show, such a creative idea and watching it all come together in the end was amazing! photographers and stylists are so clever! i love helping the models out, and getting all the clothes properly sorted out. i tell you now, there's some absolutely gorgeous pieces coming out! we also got sushi lunch from wasabi which was ridiculously yummy! the next day i had to make sure all the credits were typed up properly, which is literally vital as this is what will go in the magazine - it's probably one of the most important jobs you'll get given as an intern, so a lot of responsibility!!!
so, friday was my last day :( and to say thank you to all the lovely people in the fashion team i decided to bring in a giant millies cookie with 'thank you for having me' in icing on it. they really liked it and even put it up on their twitter :) i just wanted to give them something to say thank you for taking me on shoots and giving me such an amazing experience. i even got a goody bag in return so i am sososo grateful!

all in all, this internship has been an incredibly experience with people that i've learnt a lot from. i've loved helping on shoots and doing whatever i can to help out, it's really cemented the thought in my head that fashion and magazines is the world that i'd love to break into. let's hope i can be lucky and get more internships with equally as nice people :)

i hope you've enjoyed my internship series :) make sure you click HERE and check out my blog sale, all items are super cheap :) xo


  1. Well done on your internship!
    Where is your top from in the first photo, it is so nice. I love the straps!


  2. I am so jealous that you got to do this. My dream!!

  3. Aww sounds amazing!! I also love your first outfit and that sushi looks bloody incredible! xx

  4. I am glad you had a great time and realised that this was the career for you!

  5. Sounds like an amazing opportunity.. Congrats on doing so well! The first outfit you posted is amazing.




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