Friday, 2 August 2013

Week 3 - Fabulous Magazine Internship!

( nails! heaven...gorgeous jacket...werk it...balloons...henry holland...posing)

apologies it's a bit picture heavy - a lot has been happening this week! so i can't believe i've finished my third week at fabulous, and next week is my last week. it's gone so quickly, i'm gonna be so sad when it finishes! anyway, on to this weeks activities..

this week i got my nails done for the first time ever - i know, hard to believe! i pottered along to a place near my nan's on thursday evening and decided on a gorgeous gel mint green - very summery and looks good against my wardrobe of mostly black! anyway - you don't care about that!! 

monday was the usual day, sending returns, tidying, post, anything else i could do...but on tuesday i got to go to a fashion shoot :) i had helped at the cover shoot last week, but a fashion shoot is very different. i went to shoreditch studios (fyi, shoreditch is a very hip place...not somewhere to be with a bright gold umbrella) in the pouring room, and found the studio. it was so cool, with its huge white backdrop and a platter of fruit to nibble on. i got to work asap, laying all the looks out and steaming the clothes so they were ready to model. it's so important to make yourself busy and just make life easier for everyone around you. the day did have lots of times when i didn't have anything to do, as they changed the background or the model had her hair/makeup done, but i didn't sit down and relax until i'd asked if there was anything i could do. i think it is vitalll to do this just to make sure everyone knows you're willing to help:) i loved helping out, getting the credits, dressing the model (sooo skinny wahh)...and the free thai lunch i got!
the rest of the week i have spent tackling the fashion cupboard. the returns pile seems to have grown and grown, and this week i really rolled my sleeves up and said let's do this. i left on friday thinking I HAVE DEFEATED YOUUU as the pile diminished a considerable amount, which left everyone pleased with the extra room they now had. my aim next week is to get it all out... let's see how that works out!

thursday morning was particularly exciting, as the mini heatwave bought a special guest to our office... the one and only henry holland!!! he parked outside the offices in his amazing custom designed House of Holland ice cream van, giving out zaps and promoting his new shop opening up in covent garden. i was sooo excited to meet him, but i had to play it cool. he was a nice normal guy, with exceptional hair! just another day in the office...

tune in next week as i recite my finalll week at fabulous :( wah let me stay forever!! xo


  1. Ahhh looks like you are having a sick time at fabulous!

  2. it looks like such an amazing experience if only everyday could be like that, enjoy your last week! (: xx

  3. Sounds like you're having a fab time! :) x

  4. I start my interneship at Fabulous Magazine on monday! these posts have been sooooo helpful, thank you so much!! i am so excited now :) x


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