Thursday, 15 August 2013

velvet and gems: the hair turban

(hair turban - - primark...disco pants - american apparel...converse - primark)

i'm not gonna lie, this isn't the most exciting outfit in the world. but i am in love with my new hairband. it's kind of like the hair turbans that are everywhere atm, but i wasn't too sure i could pull off a full head turban - so i got this one instead! (also, props to my manager for taking these photos for me!)

i love hair accessories, especially slightly strange ones. the main ones i love are my furry hairband, my golden hair chain, my bandana - and now this! i got it from eBay for £1.99, and it was well worth it. i love the black velvet, which will go with everything, and the little gem makes it a little more exciting. it'll be great in the winter, and i think to dress it up a bit i could curl my hair and team it with a black dress. i guess i can't wear it with my new kimono, as i may look like a fortune teller...

i also really really really like my primark top, i'm chuffed with it. primark have really bought into the cami trend, and thank god they have as i don't think i could afford £18 each in topshop! i think it's really pretty, and i love the open back with the sheer material. this allows you to wear it with leggings and also out in the night :) i think they sell a white one too, which i may go and buy as well - might as well have them both, right?

so this was a little baby post, but i just wanted to show my new pretty hairband - that's what blogging's for, right? xo


  1. It is indeed! Love the hair band, really suits you, very cute and quirky :)

    Love Kate at prettylittleus


  2. Great post!
    really love the hair band
    Rachel XX


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