Friday, 23 August 2013

the tartan dress

(tartan smock dress - - new look)

i'm not a dressy person. you will probably be used to seeing me in a pair of leggings during the day, or a pair of shorts if i'm out in the night. but, recently something strange has happened - a few day dresses have creeped their way into my wardrobe. this one is a new addition, but is most definitely welcome with open arms.

i do this really annoying thing where i kind of make outfits up in my head. i may have an idea of where they're from, or where i've imagined them from, but never am actually sure if they exist. my bezzieeee gets very frustrated as i would drag her around the whole of town searching for an outfit that may or may not exist. this dress was no exception. i woke up one day thinking 'hmm, tartan is cool, so are smock dresses...i want a tartan smock dress'. and it was settled. i was to find a tartan smock dress. but, i was lucky, as tartan is the 'in thing' for this autumn, so i guess they were everywhere! i found this online at topshop, and bought it right away!

it's the most perfect day dress, as it's a really good length for wearing in the day without tights. it's a little longer at the back, which is good for protecting modesty. i also like the baggy fit of it - i bought a size 8 and it's a little loose around the waist, which i like - more room for eating yayyy. it's great for chucking on during a sunny day and feeling comfortable, but can also see myself wearing a little white top under it in the colder months with tights. it looks great with my big clumpy boots, but would also look pretty dressed up :) 

would you believeee it? another dress - it's almost like i'm a girl! xo


  1. Beautiful dress, really suits you

    lots of love

  2. You look gorgeous! I'm liking the blue tartan instead of traditional red too!

    Rosie xo

  3. Ahh super cute!

    Jenna xx

  4. Hey, I Love your style, you have some super cute outfits, including this one

    would love for you to check out my blog

    Mimi x.

  5. Love this dress.
    It looks super comfy.

  6. this dress is perfect! will be great to wear with tights and boots, your right! and a nice big parker! :-)

  7. super cute, I look and long for this dress every time I hit Topshop, super gorge missy!

  8. Lovely dress louisa, wish I was more confident wearing dresses in the day!


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