Saturday, 31 August 2013

not another smock: the missguided look

(smock hat all missguided*)

i have an obsession with smock dresses. as you can probably tell from my last few posts, they are becoming a huge staple in my wardrobe. i was given an amazing opportunity to build an outfit from the beautiful range at missguided, and couldn't resist this gorgeous smock dress - and the boots and hat!

this dress is actually called a trapeze dress, probably because of just how wide it is! i actually love the baggy fit, as although it is wide and really loose fitting, it's quite short which allows you not to feel like you're in a sack! i really like the length, i think it'll look awesome if you wanted to wear it out or to a dinner, as although it is pretty short, the bare leg dresses it up a bit. however, i am a student, and can see myself chucking this on a lot in the winter to wear to lectures. teamed with black tights and maybe a fur gilet this is a gorgeous piece that can transition through all the seasons :) 

i decided to pair it with these boots. i have got way too many pairs of black boots, but i figured i haven't got a pair EXACTLY like these... they're sososo comfy, and are going to be worn a lot during my uni year as they give you a little bit of height without feeling like you're wearing stilts. i love the buckles, they actually look topshoppy, and people have been pleasantly surprised when i tell them they're about half the price of a topshop pair! 

i've also been wanting to try out a bowler hat for a while now. i wasn't sure if it would suit me, as i have a very big head (bit like an egg...), and thought i might look a little more charlie chaplin than edgy fashionista... after getting this one, i've decided it doesn't look too bad - and i actually really really love it!! it jazzes up an outfit, and hats are an accessory i feel aren't worn enough in this day and age!!

i adore this outfit - can't wait to wear this to absolute death!! :) xo

Thursday, 29 August 2013

new hair (and i do care)

i've had bright blonde hair since i was 12. there was a brief spell when i went really dark, but that was a moment of stupidity i'd rather forget...anyway, i have always been a bleach blonde chick - but something in me was itching for a change. so...hello new hair!

whilst i have always loved blonde hair, it gets a bit samey after 8 years. styles change and people change, and i was itching for something different. blonde hair has served me well, and my new hair colour is still a darkish blonde - but i grew tired of roots and not realllyyy being able to wear the colour yellow. i decided after fangirling over cara delevigne's gorgeous natural blonde locks that it was time that i stepped down from the bright blonde podium, onto one that was a little more natural.

i won't lie - when the dye was on, it sure looked dark. in fact, it looked pretty black. alarm bells were ringing in my head - my little heart was going thumpthumpthump as i thought ohmygod i'm going to look like a goth, this is my horrible dark hair all over again! but, the hairdresser knew what she was doing, and when it was all dry it evolved into a gorgeous, dark ash blonde colour all over with blonde highlights underneath to lighten it up. i actually really really like it - it's a refreshing change to blonde all the time, and i wont have to worry about roots all the time :) 

i'm so glad i made the change for once in my liiiiifeeee (hope you're singing man in the mirror in your head now...) hope you like it! xo

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

grunge girl

(dress - queen of - new look...)

i don't know about you, but i cannot wait for the winter. i just love wearing jumpers, black tights and big black must be because i prefer layers and covering up than having my asssss out and having to worry about my lumps and bumps. and this dress is perfect for my more modest dress sense...

do you remember the era not so long ago where EVERYTHING was bodycon? yeah, me too - and it wasn't the most flattering fashion trend i've ever followed. so, to my absolute delight, when the shops started stocking floaty dresses, oversized tops and baggy jumpers - i did a little jump for joy! this smock dress is from an ASOS marketplace store called Queen of Threads (link above!) and was originally from Topshop. i love the length, as it is long enough to be able to wear without tights, but also won't look awkward in the winter when you do need to keep your legs warm. as you probably know, i'm a big fan of black, so the colour is perfecto - it allows more room to accessorise! i also adore the cute little leopard print peter pan collar, not my usual taste but it's so cute i couldn't resist. it's an effortless dress that makes you feel like you actually have made an effort - win win!

again, i have featured my gorgeous little boots. they've actually sold out in new look now, so i feel so lucky to have found them!! i wear them pretty much everyday, so i do apologise for all my recent posts featuring them! oops!

so just a short one today :) got sooo much to photograph so definitely follow to keep up to date :) follow me on facebook, twitter, bloglovin, or instagram (louisawh) if ya likeee :) xo 

Friday, 23 August 2013

the tartan dress

(tartan smock dress - - new look)

i'm not a dressy person. you will probably be used to seeing me in a pair of leggings during the day, or a pair of shorts if i'm out in the night. but, recently something strange has happened - a few day dresses have creeped their way into my wardrobe. this one is a new addition, but is most definitely welcome with open arms.

i do this really annoying thing where i kind of make outfits up in my head. i may have an idea of where they're from, or where i've imagined them from, but never am actually sure if they exist. my bezzieeee gets very frustrated as i would drag her around the whole of town searching for an outfit that may or may not exist. this dress was no exception. i woke up one day thinking 'hmm, tartan is cool, so are smock dresses...i want a tartan smock dress'. and it was settled. i was to find a tartan smock dress. but, i was lucky, as tartan is the 'in thing' for this autumn, so i guess they were everywhere! i found this online at topshop, and bought it right away!

it's the most perfect day dress, as it's a really good length for wearing in the day without tights. it's a little longer at the back, which is good for protecting modesty. i also like the baggy fit of it - i bought a size 8 and it's a little loose around the waist, which i like - more room for eating yayyy. it's great for chucking on during a sunny day and feeling comfortable, but can also see myself wearing a little white top under it in the colder months with tights. it looks great with my big clumpy boots, but would also look pretty dressed up :) 

would you believeee it? another dress - it's almost like i'm a girl! xo

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

dreaming in cheltenham

(sunglasses - queen of threads...shorts* - leafric...white vest* - - new look)

the summery weather was back today, and it made cheltenham look absolutely picturesque. i'm here visiting my chickaaa for a few days, and decided it was the perfect opportunity to take some blog photos in the gorgeous sun :)

this short and vest combo is a new favourite of mine, from asos marketplace boutique leafric. i adore the white vest top, it is something i feel that is going to go with a lot of my wardrobe. it's definitely paying homage to the current 90's trend, with it's wrap around front and the kind of cami-feel. i'm also quite relieved that it's white, as it's light relief in my pretty black wardrobe - an actually summery top! who knew i could do it! 

the shorts are also from leafric, and are just blady gorrgeeouusss! i had to have a LITTLE bit of black in there, after all, it's me... but the kind of painted on look is much lighter and the mix of black and white allows it to be summery. ofc, they had to be high waisted, as this is a style i truly don't think i will ever fall out of love it - it's just so darn flattering!! they can definitely be teamed with crop tops and camis for a going out look, but also i can see myself whacking on a shirt and a blazer with them for work or a smart event :)

so, i finally have a non-black outfit! i hope you love the photos as well, i'm super proud of them! thanks hannah for being a photographer for me xo

Thursday, 15 August 2013

velvet and gems: the hair turban

(hair turban - - primark...disco pants - american apparel...converse - primark)

i'm not gonna lie, this isn't the most exciting outfit in the world. but i am in love with my new hairband. it's kind of like the hair turbans that are everywhere atm, but i wasn't too sure i could pull off a full head turban - so i got this one instead! (also, props to my manager for taking these photos for me!)

i love hair accessories, especially slightly strange ones. the main ones i love are my furry hairband, my golden hair chain, my bandana - and now this! i got it from eBay for £1.99, and it was well worth it. i love the black velvet, which will go with everything, and the little gem makes it a little more exciting. it'll be great in the winter, and i think to dress it up a bit i could curl my hair and team it with a black dress. i guess i can't wear it with my new kimono, as i may look like a fortune teller...

i also really really really like my primark top, i'm chuffed with it. primark have really bought into the cami trend, and thank god they have as i don't think i could afford £18 each in topshop! i think it's really pretty, and i love the open back with the sheer material. this allows you to wear it with leggings and also out in the night :) i think they sell a white one too, which i may go and buy as well - might as well have them both, right?

so this was a little baby post, but i just wanted to show my new pretty hairband - that's what blogging's for, right? xo

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

turning Japanese: the kimono

(kimono - leggings - cami - new look... boots - new look)

i've had my eye on a kimono for ages now, but just haven't been able to find the right one. however, when i was shopping in westfields at the weekend i found the perfect one in the topshop sale - at the BARGAIN price of just £16! can't go wrong!

i'd been a bit picky with kimonos as i had a specific idea of what i wanted in my mind, i do this a lot and it normally leads to me being let down as i seem to make things that don't exist - leading to me being moody. oops. i wanted one that was somewhat oversized, and had huge slouchy sleeves, and all the ones i'd found had either been too short or a weird design. this badboy was just perfect though. i love the bright design, as it will enhance my black wardrobe effortlessly. it's great for just chucking on over leggings or shorts, and would be perfect for festivals etc (not that i'm going to any...wah).

another piece of this outfit that i adore is my boots. these are the dupes from new look,  and trust me were very very hard to track down! i rang everywhere in london, all sold out...and my local branches were as well. but, in a twist of fate,  i randomly decided to try milton keynes branch again, and lo and behold...they had one pair left in my size! hurrayyy for having huge feet! they were a bargain at just £26.99 with my student discount, and i just loveee them! i know they're a bit clumpy etc but they go with everything, and will be excellent in the winter with big tights and dresses or jeans :) love building my winter wardrobe!

so im pretty chuffed with my bargains! :) hope you like them too :) xo

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Week 4 - Fabulous Magazine Internship!

(outfits...beautiful clothes...sushi lunch!)

it's gone so quickly, but i have officially finished my internship at fabulous magazine! it's been a long 4 weeks, and it's gone by in a blur of sequinned dresses, lots of pairs of shoes, and a gazillion trains! i've loved every minute of it, and here's a little summary of my last week!

the week started pretty normally, with returns taking priority in my mind. i have been the only intern in the department for pretty much 3 weeks, so the returns pile has been pretty difficult to tackle by myself. but i did manage to get the pile down by a lot by myself, which felt so victorious as every fashion intern knows that the returns pile is sososo hard to get down! it's so important to try and get the returns out asap as it really does help everyone out when the cupboard is tidier, as everyone has work to do and if you can make that easier for them then you're a top intern ;)

i got to go on another shoot this week, which i was so happy about as i love assisting on shoots. it was for 2 different looks, one was animal print and another was a front row at a fashion show, such a creative idea and watching it all come together in the end was amazing! photographers and stylists are so clever! i love helping the models out, and getting all the clothes properly sorted out. i tell you now, there's some absolutely gorgeous pieces coming out! we also got sushi lunch from wasabi which was ridiculously yummy! the next day i had to make sure all the credits were typed up properly, which is literally vital as this is what will go in the magazine - it's probably one of the most important jobs you'll get given as an intern, so a lot of responsibility!!!
so, friday was my last day :( and to say thank you to all the lovely people in the fashion team i decided to bring in a giant millies cookie with 'thank you for having me' in icing on it. they really liked it and even put it up on their twitter :) i just wanted to give them something to say thank you for taking me on shoots and giving me such an amazing experience. i even got a goody bag in return so i am sososo grateful!

all in all, this internship has been an incredibly experience with people that i've learnt a lot from. i've loved helping on shoots and doing whatever i can to help out, it's really cemented the thought in my head that fashion and magazines is the world that i'd love to break into. let's hope i can be lucky and get more internships with equally as nice people :)

i hope you've enjoyed my internship series :) make sure you click HERE and check out my blog sale, all items are super cheap :) xo

Friday, 2 August 2013

Week 3 - Fabulous Magazine Internship!

( nails! heaven...gorgeous jacket...werk it...balloons...henry holland...posing)

apologies it's a bit picture heavy - a lot has been happening this week! so i can't believe i've finished my third week at fabulous, and next week is my last week. it's gone so quickly, i'm gonna be so sad when it finishes! anyway, on to this weeks activities..

this week i got my nails done for the first time ever - i know, hard to believe! i pottered along to a place near my nan's on thursday evening and decided on a gorgeous gel mint green - very summery and looks good against my wardrobe of mostly black! anyway - you don't care about that!! 

monday was the usual day, sending returns, tidying, post, anything else i could do...but on tuesday i got to go to a fashion shoot :) i had helped at the cover shoot last week, but a fashion shoot is very different. i went to shoreditch studios (fyi, shoreditch is a very hip place...not somewhere to be with a bright gold umbrella) in the pouring room, and found the studio. it was so cool, with its huge white backdrop and a platter of fruit to nibble on. i got to work asap, laying all the looks out and steaming the clothes so they were ready to model. it's so important to make yourself busy and just make life easier for everyone around you. the day did have lots of times when i didn't have anything to do, as they changed the background or the model had her hair/makeup done, but i didn't sit down and relax until i'd asked if there was anything i could do. i think it is vitalll to do this just to make sure everyone knows you're willing to help:) i loved helping out, getting the credits, dressing the model (sooo skinny wahh)...and the free thai lunch i got!
the rest of the week i have spent tackling the fashion cupboard. the returns pile seems to have grown and grown, and this week i really rolled my sleeves up and said let's do this. i left on friday thinking I HAVE DEFEATED YOUUU as the pile diminished a considerable amount, which left everyone pleased with the extra room they now had. my aim next week is to get it all out... let's see how that works out!

thursday morning was particularly exciting, as the mini heatwave bought a special guest to our office... the one and only henry holland!!! he parked outside the offices in his amazing custom designed House of Holland ice cream van, giving out zaps and promoting his new shop opening up in covent garden. i was sooo excited to meet him, but i had to play it cool. he was a nice normal guy, with exceptional hair! just another day in the office...

tune in next week as i recite my finalll week at fabulous :( wah let me stay forever!! xo
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