Saturday, 27 July 2013

Week 2 - Fabulous Magazine Internship!

(once again, apologies for poor quality photos...photoshoot times - new mac lipsticks - outfits)

the weeks are just zooomminggg past - time flies when you're having fun! i've just completed my second week interning at fabulous magazine, and i was the only intern this week which meant a lot more work for me!

monday (which, btw, was an absolute SCORCHERRR!) was such an exciting day, as i was asked to assist on a cover shoot for next week's magazine. i helped the stylist with anything that she needed. this mainly consisted of laying out all the clothes, making sure the shoes/accessories are neatly out, steaming the clothes (which in the blistering sun isn't great), etcetcetc. i also got to help when the cover star was being photographed, ie. some shots they wanted her in the jewellery, in others they didn't - which is where i ran in and took them off her. pretty cool, huh?! this was a fabbb day, really chilled as well and the food spread was incredible. i pretty much demolished the brie. soz.

the rest of the week was back in the office, and sorting out the darn fashion cupboard! it feels like it just never ends! returns are my life atm, but in a strange way, im enjoying sorting it all out! i quite like tidying and making sure everything is getting prepared. i made a pretty good go of it, and think if i just keep hacking at it - soon the clothes might just disappear!!! also been doing other bits, like the post and call ins - but now i feel a bit more like i know what i'm doing and just get on with it when i get into work :)

one more thing that is a definite boon to work is the freebie table. this week has been exceptional - i felt bad at first taking bits, but i guess that's what it's there for!! i got....'mr loverman' by bernadine evaristo, which you should all read as it's an amazing read...spiky rings...cross rings...eagle necklace...lush bath dress... jumper... mac rebel lipstick...mac candy yum yum lipstick... rimmel kate moss nail varnish... no7 eyeliner...eyeshadow palate...and breathe!!!! so yeah. definite perk to the industry!

so, i'm still enjoying it and loving being a worker in london and i've still got another 2 manic weeks - let's hope that my life after uni mirrors this!!! :) xxx


  1. This internship sounds amazing especially the freebies ;)
    Really enjoyed readin this update and look forward to reading future ones and what you get up to!

    Natalie xx

  2. Hey, i spent 6 months in the newspapers fashion department before christmas, coming back on Tuesday to help out for a while!
    Such a great internship and the perks...Maybe see you around the office! x

  3. You've done really well to get an internship at such a fab magazine, I'm insanely jealous. Make the most of it and definitely pester them once you've's good to keep in contact with staff if you want to return there! Love all your outfits :)


  4. that freebie table sounds like heaven! i know what you mean though, i'd feel a little bit cheeky taking things too.

    Sophie |

  5. Look at that rail of clothes, pretty much heaven. Looks like you are having an awesome time:) Well done on getting the internship :D xx

  6. how did you apply for that?


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