Tuesday, 9 July 2013

under the apple tree

it's. so. sunny. and everyone is happy yayyy :) it's nice for it to be sunny and i can actually enjoy it, as i'm not suffocating under a mound of books or revision. i found out this week i passed my second year with a 2:1, and so this sunny weather shall be spent with friends and enjoying the heat!

this is a little spot at the bottom of my garden. it really comes alive in the sun, as you can just sit underneath the little apple trees and read a book/listen to music/natter with friends. it's a prime spot for sunbathing, although wasps and bees are a bit of a pain. having it at the bottom of my garden is a bonus :)

i'm wearing a really floaty summery top with a crochet back. i love the cute little pattern of flowers, and it's so summer appropriate with the tie at the front and the light colours. i got this from tesco (i know) for £5!!! such a bargain, and it's definitely worth looking through these kind of sales as you can find such cute little bits! teamed with light coloured leggings, it's a really nice summer's day outfit :)

hope you're all enjoying the sun:) remember i'm on bloglovin: www.bloglovin.com/fashionfumblings xo


  1. This is such a cute top and a steal at just a fiver!
    Love how you have an apple tree in your garden, as I had the exact same in my old garden and you would always find me under it in the summer!
    Just wanted to add that I love your blog and would love you to have a look at mine :)


    Sophy xx

  2. Well done on the results! Enjoy the summer :)
    Adela x


  3. Congrats with the results! I also got a 2:1 yay! That's such a lovely top for summer too, can't believe you got it for such a bargain!

    The Little Things

  4. Great photos!
    Congratulations on your results
    Rachel XX


  5. Beautiful photos, your outfit is super pretty! Never seen a top like that before, but I really want one now! *___*

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    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

  6. Gorgeous photos, love the top! Congrats on your results! xx


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