Thursday, 11 July 2013

love at first blush - soap and glory blusher: review

i have chubby cheeks. it's something i am willing to admit. so, as a girl struggling through life with chubby cheeks, i might as well make them look as rosy as i can. i have a mac blusher and a cream topshop blusher, but as soon as i saw this soap&glory blusher in boots, i knew it had to be mine.

i was first attracted to it because, like most bloggers, i'm obsessed with soap&glory products. i love their body lotions, body scrubs, hand creams, but had yet to venture into the land of soap&glory beauty products. but, on this particular day shopping, i decided to go for it. first of all ,i adored the packaging. kind of a benefit-esque vibe, very chic and cute. it opens up and has a handy little mirror attatched, which is very convenient for applying it on the go! 

the blusher itself is a spectrum of colours, ranging from almost plum to a beautiful pearl colour. each colour has a shimmer in it, which gives your skin a glow and shine which will make people think 'blimey, she's healthy'. when blended together, it produces a gorgeous pinky colour which sits perfectly on my skin tone, as it's not too pink or heavy, but still noticeable. it's a really soft blusher, not too harsh, and you don't need to continually build up the colour as it picks up enough on the first swirl of the brush. 

it's just a gorgeoussss blusher, i can't get enough of it, it's a firm favourite in my make up bag. i shall definitely be venturing into more soap&glory products! at £11, i think it's a reasonable price to pay for a fantastic product that is sat firmly in the middle of high street and high end, a niche that soap&glory have perfected! i'd recommend this product 1000 times over :)

anymore soap&glory products i should purchase? xo


  1. Such a lovely blusher with such lovely shades! Great buy (:

  2. I love soap and glory
    this sounds great and will have to try it
    Rachel XX

  3. This blush looks lovely on you!
    Ive not tried many of the S&G make up products other than their concealer and mascara but i definitely want to try this!

    Natalie xx


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